Khamanei's Nuclear Ruse

President Obama and the Democrats touted Hassan Rohani as a moderate and the right person to make a deal with on the nuclear program of the Islamist State in Iran (ISI). However, they all knew that Rohani has no authority and that the real power of that regime is wielded by none other than the supreme leader, Ali Khamenei. The president has been writing letters to him, as far back as his 2008 campaign days, and has continued a one-sided correspondence that has, presumably, never received a reply.

Khamenei, with the support of the Western Europeans, Russia, and China, has strung three American presidents along and Obama’s time, according to his own (ever-extending) timetable, will be up on November 24th. 

Reportedly, Obama is still hopeful that Khamenei will miraculously comply, though Khamenei has refused plenty of opportunities to do so. An example of that is the 2006 package full of economic incentives offered by the United States and approved by all his allies, was refused after months of delay with new negotiations.

The Iranian-American community is worried that Obama would sell America and Iran out to the insidious Khamenei, for partisan, political, and ideological reasons, but also to score a foreign policy coup at home.

Agence France Presse reports: “The U.S. has put forward a ‘framework’ plan to meet Iran's energy needs, President Obama revealed Wednesday.” However, Iran does not need a nuclear energy plant and a majority of Iranians are opposed to any and all nuclear installations under an Islamist-controlled regime.

Khamenei is not concerned about Iran and Iranians, he wants his bomb as leverage for his power play in his clearly stated plan to be the controlling force behind a global Islamic pole.

A number of shallow analysts pontificate ways the administration can meet the energy needs of the Iranian regime while cutting off Iran's path to a nuclear weapon. But to that end, Iranians have a simple solution: solar energy.

It is surprising that President Obama is pushing solar energy in America but not for Iran. Iran has vastly sunny expanses; it also has two deserts in the center that can supply more solar energy to Iran than it needs. The people of Iran are vocally concerned about their environment and there are plenty of capable scientists to establish a forest of solar energy in the desert. However, America is not looking at the easy and safe energy for Iranians.

Khamenei wants nuclear bomb, not nuclear energy. 

In reality, President Obama’s financial incentives to Khamenei have been nothing but a payoff. Obama’s decision to return billions of dollars of frozen Iranian assets that legitimately belong to the people of Iran that were invested in the United States during 1970s is proof.

John Kerry tells us that this is the first time the United States has put a complete framework on the table. Actually, this is exactly what was said in 2006 about the incentivized package that Secretary Condi Rice had put together.

President Obama claims: “It would be ‘a progressive step-by-step verifiable way’ which would allow them to get out from under sanctions so they can re-enter as full-fledged members of the international community." 

To the Islamist character, patriotism is anathema, because other than the Islamic creed, which is their modus operandi, nothing else matters or has any right to exist.

Khomeini said that Iran is only a tool, a first base, and the platform for the establishment of the worldwide Islamic Empire, as per the prophet’s system. 

The 1979 Khomeinist revolution was none other than a full-on confrontation with the U.S., the Great Satan, and they will never give in to the country that they kicked out of Iran.

Khamenei wants to keep Iran isolated, and will never allow Iran to join the western international community.

Russia is supporting the regime of Mullahs; they handpicked and trained Khamenei in their Patrice Lumumba People’s Friendship University in Russia during the Cold War era. Interestingly, Russia has been considered an enemy of Iran by a huge majority of Iranians for two centuries.

There is a question that this administration refuses to answer: Why are they so against a progressive Iran and the people who are willing to stand up to the Mullagarchy, in order to make that happen? The administration has never responded as to why Obama addressed the 2009 Iranian uprising as meddling in a country’s internal affairs, while he encouraged the Egyptians, Libyans, and others of the so-called Arab spring.