Henry Louis Gates Finds His Roots: America-Hating Leftism

This is the second season of a PBS program hosted by Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates called Finding Your Roots. I watched a bit because I was staying at a motel with a limited cable selection. Professor Gates' choice of subjects for ancestry exploration reminded me again of the indelible contempt PBS has for the beliefs, values, and ideals of the American people. PBS can be counted on to disrespect the American public and to shun the great and brilliant people whom Americans actually admire in favor of “folks” who habitually insult them.

Professor Gates starred in the incident of July, 2009 that led to the “Beer Summit.” He served up a heaping helping of the most scrumptious delicacy for America-haters – the brutal, racist policeman. The president, who adores the frisson of a pseudo-racist fracas, joined in with a half-cocked insult to the police, fueling disrespect for law enforcement officers and racial hatred in the United States. What fun!

Because Professor Gates is an excellent historian who happens to be black, he has been showered with honors and awards which never would be accorded to a white Ivy League history professor of comparable skills. This inflated admiration alone warps the personality and leads to the smallness which Professor Gates demonstrated in his infamous confrontation with the cops. Overblown adulation from the left has also worsened the ideological narrowness in his ancestry studies on PBS.

So, when Professor Gates chooses guests from politics and media, he finds Anderson 'Teabagger' Cooper, George Stephanopoulos, Valerie Jarrett, Patrick DeVal, Linda Chavez, David Sedaris, and others of their stripe. A glance here reveals the smothering bias in his selection of guests. 

Imagine a world – it’s easy if you try – where the western intellectual boundary of the USA is not the Hudson River, where there is no need to relentlessly propagandize for gay or progressive interests. In that world, the most famous professor would naturally want to sit down with the most famous political analyst in the land. That would be Rush Limbaugh. Professor Gates would never feature Mr. Limbaugh. His and PBS’ horror of Limbaugh, who is a thousand and one times more admired than Anderson Cooper, obtains not merely in the dread of discovering Limbaugh is brilliant and not a racist. Professor Gates’ work always has the touch of the Gruber about it, a whiff of the notion that Americans are too stupid to know what is good for them.

From the field of entertainment, Professor Gates chooses the actor Ben Affleck, a man so far left he has to turn right to see Friedrich Engels. At a time when Americans of Affleck’s generation are being beheaded by Islamists, Dr. Gates highlights an actor who is especially vocal in admiring and protecting Islam. Affleck is so extreme, he accused leftist icon Bill Maher of being an Islamophobe.

Imagine all the people living life in reality. Imagine Henry Louis Gates dedicating a show to the soldiers of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Not just female, gay, minority, or minority gay soldiers, but an unbiased sample of the people who went to those wars, who still endure the feeling of desert sand in their eyes and mouths. Imagine if Henry Louis Gates said to them, “I am an accredited genius and the world’s greatest professor. I understand that if American slavery had ended later due to advances in agricultural methods rather than by the blood of your ancestors, the soul of America would have been lost forever. I also understand I am free to be me, and have Oprah and her legions kiss my butt all the time and… and once… there was a man in my house with a gun, and he didn’t kiss my butt so I became disoriented and -- but I digress. I understand that whether or not Vietnam was the right place to spill American blood against Communism, or whether Iraq should have been the place to create an American military presence in the Middle East has nothing to do with my debt to you. I am free today because every American generation included men like you.” He will never speak these truths.

And no religion, either. Of the many forms of hating America, the most psychologically destructive is disrespect for Christianity. America herself can be seen as a spiritual and moral experiment in the purified practice of Christianity. Professor Gates chooses to research the roots of the writer Stephen King, who is known for denigrating Christianity throughout his work. His villains and themes of small-town evil are often explicitly Christian. Any novelist who would have cast, for example, homosexual people in the same negative light that King casts Christians would be excommunicated from American culture. When will Professor Gates study the roots of Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, the authors of the hugely popular novel and film series Left Behind?

Professor Gates is imprisoned by identity politics, so he puts on Jew Night, selecting the most Jew-hating circumcised citizen available, the despicable Tony Kushner. Vuh den? Hating Israel is an important theme within hating America. The “gay fantasia” playwright is disgraced among Jews for his diatribes against their homeland. Kushner has said the creation of Israel was a terrible mistake. He is a flaming MMP ingrate, an apologist for Jew-murdering terrorists. Kushner is a Jew-hater because the fulfillment of God’s promise to bring the Jewish people home places a moral obligation upon all Jews. People like Tony Kushner don’t just reject moral responsibility, it enrages them.

If Professor Gates wanted a playwright for his Jew Night, he might have chosen David Mamet, who runs artistic rings around Kushner. In Mamet's screenplay, The Spanish Prisoner, a character says “…if they are indebted to you morally but not legally, my experience is they will give you nothing, and they will begin to act cruelly toward you.” This perfectly summarizes Kushner, Gates, and PBS. But Mamet describes himself as, “No longer a brain dead liberal,” so he and Professor Gates will meet-up never.

There is also a psychodiagnosis for the American taxpayer: abuse adaptation syndrome. Because of the sacrifices of the defenders they do not thank, the worshipful wealthy on the left are free to fund Henry Louis Gates if they choose to. But it is long past time for every public penny to be pulled from PBS and NPR, forever.