Now Fire the Media

Today, twenty years after the fall of the Soviet Empire, the Left still runs the Western media. Such a monopoly guarantees massive corruption, uniform indoctrination, constant media lies, and toxic politics. It shuts the voters out of power. The result is near-suicidal policies, like Europe’s importation of forty million Muslims.

The European Union is a monolith that enforces self-sabotaging policies on nations like the UK, precisely the way Obama wants to impose a centralized bureaucratic diktat in this country. Obama is an open Eurosocialist of the Third World (Leninist) variety.

A single U.S. election victory is therefore only one small step toward reversing the new totalitarians. We can’t proclaim victory and walk away. The crumbling of the Soviet Union around 1990 gave us the illusion of victory, while the Left burrowed deeper and deeper into the vital organs of our society.

Today the Left still has a stranglehold on our mainstream media and education, Karl Marx’s “Organs of Propaganda.” Marx was a third-rate philosopher and economist, but he was a first-rate agitator. Conquering the Organs of Propaganda really works. If conservatives do not regain control of American culture this election will only be a temporary rest in a headlong decline. 

Conservatives take pride in individualism, as they should. Even during the Obama years, the growth of medical travel, genomic medicine and electronic health monitoring allow us to take advantage of free medical markets outside of Obama’s reach.

But we can learn political tactics from the Left. The conservative media revival is now presenting formidable competition to the Leftist media. Five or six major Crony Corporations now run 90% of our media, far more than thirty years ago. Centralized power destroys freedom.

The conservative revival is worldwide. Without a central command, the New Media have been flourishing like wildflowers in the Sierras. Strong conservatives have won in Australia, Canada, India, and Israel.  Think tanks like the CATO Institute and the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies recognize the need for acting globally. Remarkably, Christian denominations, a great support for individual initiative and hard work, have been spreading rapidly in China and Africa. We hear about slave-taking Muslim gangs like Boko Haram in Nigeria, but so do millions of Africans, and they are making their own choices.

If we elect a principled conservative as president next time, the United States can once again lead a coalition of free nations -- but this time including the developing world. India is the biggest electoral democracy in the world.

Like the Left, we can think globally and act locally.

We have the most effective political ideas in the world, as shown by the rapid growth of freer economies and the continued immiseration of tyrannies like North Korea. The self-labeled “progressive Left” is really a throwback to the past, to the Prussian kaiser of 1848. The Left is not progressive but reactionary. There is a reason why Obama gave his first foreign speech in Berlin, in front of the Prussian Victory Monument celebrating the conquest of Paris in 1871.

When you see Obama you should be reminded of Lenin, Stalin, Bismarck, Hitler, and Mussolini. As someone said when the Left rose in Europe, “These people think they are the physicians of society, when they are only the disease.” That is still true.

With the spectacular growth of the web as a source of reliable news and scholarship, we can defeat the Crony Media. The battle for control of the web and radio is going on full force, as the Democrats on the FEC tried to censor conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and web sources like this one in the days before the election. They will try and try again. They must be beaten back, and sunshine is still the best disinfectant.

There is only one reason why conservatives do not run the U.S. media as we used to: the Left has built monopoly control over the Organs of Propaganda, contrary to the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. They continue to try to do so.

To pay for the New York Times is to support Enemy Central. The web has made the UK Daily Mail more than just a tabloid -- it is now a serious, conservative outlet in breaking political news in the United States. If the consumer demand exists, conservative media abroad, unregulated by Obamanismo, will serve the purposes of freedom and individualism. We are not alone in the world.

I make a personal point of paying no money to the major media or their corporate owners. The Left has no compunction about picking targets for commercial boycotts, and we should not hesitate either. Economic boycotts are legal and ethical when corporations betray our values. The same goes for unions and especially universities, which exercise their own monopoly over college accreditation. Hollywood has effective monopoly power by controlling movie distribution channels. All those monopolies are in bed with the Feds to keep their power.

We need a new trust-busting administration, like Teddy Roosevelt’s presidency a century ago. There should be no exceptions for monopolies. Free speech is much too important to leave to the Crony Media.

If you haven’t fired the media yet, I hope you will do it tomorrow.