Why it's time for Libertarians to Vote for Republicans

A nearly lifelong libertarian, I was among those who split with the libertarian wing from Young Americans for Freedom in the late 1960s. My disdain for so-called conservatives and the Republican Party was cemented on August 15, 1971, when President Nixon imposed wage and price controls and abandoned what was left of the gold standard. From then until 2008, I voted only for libertarian candidates, except twice. I have no regrets for having voted for libertarian-Republican Congressman Tom McClintock. I profoundly apologize for helping to elect Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. This experience helped me to “re-learn” that voting Republican was a waste. In 2010, a sea-change in politics occurred. I watched the Democrats steal or barely win three Senate seats in 2008, giving them a super-majority. This led to statist legislation of the sort that should only be found in countries like Venezuela. Worse, the most destructive of the new laws, the grotesquely misnamed...(Read Full Article)