Save the Secret Service: Remove it from the Department of Homeland Security

Recent Secret Service security incidents and the resignation of its Director have triggered Congressional calls for a top-down management review.  Inasmuch as Secret Service reports to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), one would hope that DHS does not manage that review.  There is a clear need for competence and objectivity.  The review should conclude that moving Secret Service back to the Treasury Department is essential to restoring its effectiveness. Examples of DHS incompetence are legion. In a recent speech before over 200 chemical industry managers, a DHS senior executive advised the audience to note that he is the only speaker that does not have a PowerPoint presentation.  He stated that no one can get a PowerPoint approved in DHS, and, that never have so few been managed by so many. One of DHS’s major responsibilities is chemical and petroleum security.  It took DHS nearly four years to produce a risk assessment model.  Never...(Read Full Article)