Race and Reaction

The Democrats have committed themselves to flushing generations of progress on race down the toilet. That is, flushing the progress whites willingly made toward perceiving and treating all persons as equals. It’s not so clear that any other groups even got the memo that equality and peaceful coexistence were the supposed goals of racial “justice”. Indeed, one now wonders if we got different memos entirely 

Growing up in the 60s, 70s and 80s in the Boston area, my upbringing was fairly typical, from what I saw. We were white middle-class kids who were raised to respect others, regardless of skin color, to respect the property of others, and to behave kindly toward others. We gave up our seats on the train to women who stood, white or black. We held the door for everyone. If someone was in need, and we could help, we helped. My parents were kind and generous to all they encountered. Now my children do these things.

In that time, with the message of the ‘60s and Martin Luther King, Jr. still fresh, we saw no difference or inferiority in other races and were not taught to see them. All were the same, working hard, trying to do well for themselves and their families and, we thought, pulling toward the same outcomes when it came to creating one big, peaceful melting pot of Americans.

My earliest memory of a realization that this might not be completely true was in the late 80s and early 90s, when I became aware of Democrats publicly claiming that Republicans didn’t like blacks, or children, or the sick, or anyone. I thought this was ridiculous, and that sensible people would dismiss this tactic. Then, in 1995, I watched with shock as black students and others celebrated the verdict in the Simpson case, because a black man literally got away with murdering two whites, and the light came on that all my assumptions and benefits-of-the-doubt might be misplaced. Of course, I knew nothing about Black Liberation Theology, or Black Power, or any of the movements that preached dissimilation, self-segregation, and hatred toward whites, merely because they were white.

And here we are now, with the nation led by a president who went to a Black Liberation Theology church in Chicago, and a first lady whose thesis was on Black Power, and an attorney general who whines about his treatment as the most powerful law-enforcement figure in the nation, and we find ourselves fully under attack because of the color of our skin. The left has racialized every single thing that occurs in the country, and in each instance, it is non-liberal whites who are evil and blacks or Hispanics who are victims. It is pointless to try to rebut the claims with an accuser, since they’ve conveniently decided that one can never disclaim the racism that is inherent in the essence of a white non-Democrat.

While we understand that this is political, and is increasingly prevalent when the Democrats have once again failed while in power, there is more potential damage here than merely the lies themselves. As Newton noted, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. It might be wise for the race-baiters and hate mongers on the left to stop and consider for a moment the effect they are having on the very things they pretend to fight against: racial conflict and misunderstanding.

Though the left’s efforts might motivate those conditioned to Pavlovian responses, it is causing some of us to question whether we’ve been suckered into a myth of equality and sameness of purpose. Some are questioning whether we’ve all been pulling the oars in the same direction toward a common purpose, or we are actually getting nowhere because half the oars are going one way, while the others are going in the opposite direction. We seem to be simply stuck in one place, going in a circle, because those against whom we feel no racism feel it toward us. 

I can’t speak as to whether this has always been the case, and we were simply oblivious to it, or it is a condition that has been fostered and promoted to the exclusion of all others by this president and his corrupt party. Regarding the former, the existence of Black Liberation Theology churches, and Black Power subscribers, suggests that this is a belief system that is well funded and well attended, at least by the elite, promoting racism and hate but under the radar, like some mosques where followers are radicalized. On the other hand, most minorities are probably trying to get by and make ends meet with less in our disastrous economy, and have neither the time nor the inclination to subscribe to such conspiracy doctrines. 

That is where the president and his followers come in. If blacks won’t come to Black Liberation Theology and Black Power, he and his friends in media, entertainment, and politics will bring it to them, and will do so 24/7. What is troubling to those of us who are targeted by these attacks, in part, is the eagerness with which so many appear to accept the lies, based on nothing more than our skin color. In other words, it is disturbing to recognize the extent to which actual racism is still a problem in this country, but in ways and to degrees that cannot be honestly confronted.

It is becoming clear that in minimizing racism, and in eradicating it from our lives, whites may have been acting largely alone, at least when one considers the enormity of the appeal to blacks to perpetuate racism toward whites, and the pervasiveness of that conviction in so many blacks who are given the soapbox of cable news. We know they don’t speak for all blacks, but we can’t help but presume that they speak for many, and depending upon the success of their efforts, perhaps more today than yesterday.

Though the left seems unconcerned about the fallout from this crusade, since the acquisition of power is all that matters, the racism, the insults, and the offensiveness of it all is having an effect.  We who have never been racist, and who will still not be racist, are beginning to wonder why we shouldn’t adapt to this new reality and accept the fact that perhaps we are not all alike in our desire for peace, that we do not all want the same things, and that what is wanted from us is our surrender and conviction for crimes we have not committed.  What is being lost is the heretofore beneficial presumption that we are more alike than we are different. 

Though Democrats believe they are helped by laying the groundwork for racial conflict, the country is damaged, perhaps irreparably, by the attack upon those who have been conscious and diligent in seeking peace among races. We are beginning to wonder, if not conclude, that maybe we have been in this alone. Some are asking whether, by accepting the wisdom of Dr. King for a generation, they’ve been duped into a lack of awareness of how many have not. Hearing ourselves slandered every day, we are forced to reconsider our assumptions accordingly. Those who have worked against racial strife are getting it anyway, and are being blamed for it all. The ground being lost will take generations to reclaim, if it ever is.  Thanks, Democrats, for your poison.

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