New Year 5775: Obama undoes the New Deal and Great Society

For me, the New Year began on a sour note. Time spent on the internet has convinced me that more Christians -- especially fundamentalist and traditional Christians -- were more staunchly pro-Israel than the J Street-infected rabbis at some of the richest, most influential synagogues on the East and West coasts, and their congregations. So blinkered had these anti-Israel Jews become that they ignored the danger that their true guiding lights -- Barack Obama and his party -- had created for their country, their coreligionists abroad, and themselves.

I opened the front door to water some plants on the front stairs when my neighbor Chaim Tsedrait stopped pacing back and forth, approached me, and started crying. Chaim is what would be a Democrat ward heeler in any city other than the one-party and no Congressional representation Washington D.C. His walls are covered with pictures of himself as a kid shaking hands with both Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt -- the inspiration for his lifelong fealty to the party.

“Why are you so agitated today?” I asked.

“It’s obvious Obama fooled us,” he answered.

“How’s that?” I asked, trying to hide my surprise.

"He’s really a right-winger who is destroying everything we built.” He cried out in anguish.

I invited him in for a drink and as I was pouring us both some vodka on the rocks, he continued his sad plaint without any interruption from me.

“We had persuaded most Americans that the federal government was their friend and savior. It could be counted on to provide efficiently needed services that we wanted. With Roosevelt and then his successors and the civil rights movement, we instilled a disdain of federalism in people -- taught them to believe big government, not local control, was better, and local control led inexorably to lynching and incompetence that was so bad it endangered everyone’s rights and livelihood. Even on k-12 education we got most people believing that if we left curricula to local school boards our kids would be ignoramuses who believed unscientific nonsense.

“Obama’s upset the applecart. He pushes unworkable Rube Goldberg contraptions midwifed through Congress by those crazies Reid and Pelosi. When it doesn’t work, he jerry rigs it in ways that make it only worse and more patently partisan.

“His people tell outrageous lies that only morons could believe -- like simultaneous accidental destruction of IRS records under subpoena, and that the murders of our ambassador and his defenders were because of a video no one saw or cared about, a lie shamefully repeated over the caskets of the murdered men. This, after on his own -- with no Congressional approval -- he upset the order in Libya which was hardly a threat, and destabilized it. Then he supported the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt until they were finally thrown out. He is critical of and dismissive of our allies -- like Israel -- while cozying up fairly publicly to Iran,

“Admitting he doesn’t bother much about intelligence briefings so that ISIS takes over much of Iraq and Syria before he realizes it ,and claiming over and again that all the important news he gets is from the newspapers.

“He wasted billions on green energy projects to nip global warming which there hasn’t been any of in 18 years. My physics professor son laughs at me because of what he calls my party’s obeisance to the ‘Sky Dragon’.

“His State Department spokesmen sound like Valley Girls as they spout incredible defenses, posing with idiotic sorority girl type hash tags as the world starts to disintegrate on his watch.

“His Attorney General stirs up racial division and abets vote fraud. He clearly was involved in handing off weapons to Mexican gangs and then stonewalled and ignored Congress when it investigated this incompetence.

“The economy stinks and all his wealth redistribution policies are only making the middle class poorer.

“But as bad as that is, the incompetence and inattention is what’s killing us Democrats. I mean, putting in charge of the Secret Service someone with no law enforcement experience who thinks the White House team should make the presidential residence more like Disneyland!

“Allowing open borders so people, many with substantial needs and rare diseases, stream in and are relocated all around the country, bankrupting local governments and spreading illness and death! Then he fails to cut off travel from Ebola-stricken countries and asks us to have faith in the CDC whose head is best known for advocating taxes on soft drinks and wiping trans fats off the menus of New York City.”

He was shouting so loudly I was afraid for his welfare. I pushed his vodka closer to him so he might take a sip.

“Why do you think he’s a ‘right-winger’?” I asked as soon as the redness had faded from his face.

“C’mon. I wasn’t born yesterday. All this stuff has to be on purpose. He wants to drive the party into the ground and destroy everything we started with the New Deal. This week he proved it in spades,” Chaim added, his voice rising again. “We’re in a tough fight to hang on to the Senate and incumbents are distancing themselves from him. So what does he do?  He makes a speech saying the mid-term elections are a referendum on his policies. Senator Roberts has already done a thirty-second ad linking his opponent to Obama’s hated policies.

"It’s an inexpensive 30-second ad that is very devastating to us and you can bet that similar ones will run in every state electing a senator this year, with the Obama policies named in each one of them being those most hated by the  state’s voters.

“So you think Congressional democrats should join Republicans in impeaching him and removing him from office?” I asked.

“Are you kidding? That would be racist! “

“I suppose so,” I   disingenuously commiserated with him. I had just read that virtually everything is.

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