Judge Richard Berman Needs His Head Examined, Not Dinesh D'Souza

In the course of his Bolshevik hammer-and-sickling of Dinesh D’Souza for campaign finance violations, U.S. District Judge Richard Berman sentenced Mr. D’Souza to mandatory “therapeutic counseling.” It is a well-known method of socialist totalitarian states to declare political dissidents mentally ill. Judge Berman’s sentencing is another example that the USSR didn’t close, it moved west and rebooted as the USSA -- Union of Socialist States of America. In view of his recklessness toward the irreplaceable Constitution, Judge Berman needs to have his head examined, not Dinesh D’Souza.

There are two basic forms of treatment provided by mental health “helping professionals.” Therapy implies treatment for a mental disorder such as depression or anxiety; counseling is generally understood to be non-clinical and involves assistance in making major life decisions. In using the word “therapeutic,” Judge Berman implied he suspected Mr. D’Souza had a mental disorder. The judge did not order a qualified psychiatric examination of Mr. D’Souza, which he had a duty to do if he suspected such a mental defect had impaired Mr. D’Souza’s judgment. Instead, the Bolshie on the bench explained he “couldn’t comprehend somebody would do something foolish at the pinnacle of his career.”

A federal judge in Manhattan cannot imagine that a famous millionaire would bend financial rules to serve his own purposes? Unimaginable! It has certainly never happened before that a rich man cheated a bit, and certainly not in New York City! Mr. D’Souza must be mentally ill to do such a thing! Imagine Judge Berman saying to a Wall Street crook (the folks who call D’Souza’s misattributed $20,000 lunch money), “I can’t understand why you broke the rules, you’re already rich.” It is true that Judge Berman virtually never sees cheating committed in the service of patriotism rather than greed. To love America and falsely designate a campaign contribution for a friend might seem crazy to Judge Berman. But it is the leftwingers who have lost their minds.

Few mental disorders directly cause criminal behavior (except in the minds of socialist totalitarians). The anti-social and paranoid disorders have symptoms that underwrite crime. I have never met Mr. D’Souza, and do not offer an opinion regarding his mental condition. But the psychological elements of his offense as reported in the news generally correlate with mental effectiveness and social connectedness rather than mental disorder. D’Souza is a brilliant man who uses his education and intelligence to produce successful pro-American media. He used what psychologists call functional capacities to help a lifelong friend in a political campaign. This scenario suggests a mentally competent person living a meaningful life.

D’Souza does not seem to be mentally ill, but he does seem to suffer what I call the Christian liability: the tendency to focus more on sin than on forgiveness. The way pro-moral rightwing Christians castigate themselves for mistakes creates a huge advantage for anti-moral leftwing Americans.

D’Souza is so caught up in Christian liability he appears to have lost a sense of his own human and legal rights. He is “happy” to comply with capricious, mandatory psychotherapy, to have his mental fitness called into question before a national audience? He is “grateful” Judge Berman carefully considered the sentence. Aware that he could have been sentenced to years in prison, almost certainly he feels relief at the comparatively mild (no prison rape in therapy) sentence. But in embracing the notion he may be mentally defective, D’Souza sounds like a black man before a Jim Crow judge. He is grateful that a federal judge gave the appearance of fulfilling a sworn duty to provide equal protection before the law? D’Souza’s freedom of movement and association have been taken away for eight months and he is “so relieved?” He was sentenced to teach English one day a week for five years, a job for which he is not trained. Convicts usually are given community service that suits their aptitudes. D’Souza should not be tutoring speech, he should be teaching about free speech. Why does D’Souza think this sentence is “remarkable” fairness?  A brilliant conservative intellectual with an audience of millions compelled to spend 20% of his working days away from his work. Why is he “happy” to be underemployed? Imagine if Judge Berman barred Michael Moore from filmmaking one day a week for five years? Would Moore be “happy” about this?

Like many newly minted Americans, Mr. D’Souza is a bit starry-eyed about what is going on in America. For example, he soft-pedaled Barack Obama’s resolute refusal to allow either a functional Constitution or borders as resulting from his father’s anti-colonialism. Mr. D’Souza clearly adores America, but this formulation is an underestimation of the destruction we are watching.

The sentence Judge Berman imposed is not only selectively based on political bias, it also derives on an unconscious level from an exploitation of their different spiritual orientations. The Judge, apparently an apparachnik of Eric Holder’s Justice Department, knows people like Dinesh D’Souza will not take the gloves off and fight. Mr. D’Souza’s Christian worldview recognizes sin and follows a scripturally based moral code. The left wing represents a humanist worldview, which does not refer to sin, heaven and hell, follows no written moral code, and relies on the egoic function “conscience” to choose between right and wrong on a case-by-case basis. Because of this spiritual dichotomy, Christian conservatives hold themselves to higher standards than humanist progressives, which unconsciously enables bias against them in every aspect of American life. Judges like Berman are influenced by that double standard, whether they know it or not.

D’Souza maintained the “great fork in the road” between himself and Judge Berman was only about the punishment he deserved. Imagine Lois Lerner saying the only fork in the road between myself and the law is how I should be punished. Anti-moral left-wingers avoid responsibility for their misdeeds. D’Souza hired a Democrat attorney, Benjamin Brafman, who was “reluctant to believe there was any political intent behind the prosecution.” Really? In the face of the Obama administration scandals and utmost bias of Holder’s Justice Department – “nation of cowards,” the IRS, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, etc. -- Mr. Brafman can’t imagine this government would have a political motive in selectively prosecuting a famous conservative? Maybe Brafman also needs to have his head examined. Maybe he and Berman can get a package deal with a Manhattan psychiatrist. There’s one on every corner.

The fact that D’Souza hired a Democrat lawyer betokens the Christian liability. Imagine Lois Lerner hiring Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ to defend her. That’s essentially what D’Souza did. He didn’t do it like a Dem. He didn’t “lawyer up” with a phalanx of operatives advising him to declare his innocence then take the 5th, stonewall, delay, destroy and lose evidence -- all while costing the taxpayers millions.

Mr. D’Souza does not need therapy. He needs to apply his faith to himself. He needs to repent, once and with a bleeding heart, for his mistake. That process takes about ten minutes on a rainy day, five when the sun is shining. It doesn’t rain much in San Diego. Then he needs to release the heaviness of his mistake 100%. Mr. D. needs to take a huge withdrawal of joy, freedom, and forgiveness from a draft signed by Christ. But here’s the problem: Christians tend to be spiritual hoarders. They love to make deposits into the account of praise and glory, but they don’t like to make withdrawals. If they take a tumble in weakness, even a small one like this financial matter, they don’t like to spend the blessings in the account. Instead, they go in for exegeses on the error of their ways. Don’t do that Dinesh. Be energized to save America like never before by the perfect forgiveness you have already received. Analyze that. And then, as they say in Judge Berman’s neighborhood, fuggedaboutit.

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