Identity Politics: Fool Us Twice, Shame on Us

The root cause of the major issues devastating America is Obama – an outgrowth of who he is as a human being, his lack of character, and what he believes.

Listing all of America's woes directly caused by Obama would take up far too much of this article – the flood of infected and unskilled illegals, the spread of ISIS, the devastating fatal consequences of Obamacare, Ebola in the U.S., over 90 million unemployed, the disappearance of the 40-hours-a-week job, our failing economy, and more.

Yes, I am going to be a bit tacky.  I tried to tell y'all back in 2008 – my black family, white friends, and associates – but none of you would listen.  I kept thinking, am I the one who is crazy?  Will anyone even consider looking beyond his race and taking a good look at Obama, the man?

Instead, you verbally beat me up and called me an Uncle Tom for not going brain-dead with you and making an immoral, racist decision to pull the level for Obama solely because he is black.

Well now look atcha.  We have an insidious liar who hates America as founded and a blame-everyone-but-himself narcissist running our country.  As our nation crumbles, everyone is running around asking, like in the Marvin Gaye song, “What's goin' on?”

Folks, Obama is what you get when you sell your soul to identity politics, placing surface appearances above character, substance, and properly vetting candidates.

And doggone it, it looks like many Americans are about to be manipulated into making the same stupid mistake again when Hillary Clinton throws her bonnet into the ring, running as the first female presidential candidate.  The MSM will ignore all her scandals and disastrous policy failures.  Hillary's gender will be the major qualifier for her to become leader of the free world.  Sadly, millions of Americans will go brain-dead and vote for her, suckered again by identity politics.

The same way O.J.'s defense team worked black Americans into a frenzy against white America, causing millions of blacks to rally around Simpson while ignoring the fact that he practically beheaded the mother of his children, Democrats and the MSM will play America's women against America's men.

Come election day, the Democrats and MSM will have low-info voters believing that any man not voting Hillary Clinton for president is obviously a Neanderthal, a wife-beater, an abortion clinic bomber, or a Christian throwback chauvinist who desires to keep women barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen (without a dishwasher).

Rest assured that there will be dudes guilt-ridden for being born with testicles who will become metrosexual brain-dead zombies and vote for Hillary to prove they are not who the MSM and Dems say they are.  It will be just like how a lot of whites voted for Obama to prove they were not racist.  Think my gender-guilt prediction is over the top?  The left has successfully brainwashed many white kids into feeling guilty for being white.

My fervent prayer is that the number of us “thinking” Americans – who will honestly assess who Hillary is as a person, her character, and the direction she plans to take our country – will outnumber the knuckleheads and low-info voters.

Could anyone have imagined the crazy political times in which we now live in America?  To look beyond surface appearances such as gender and skin color and select our leaders based on who they are inside and their vision for our nation is now considered extreme, racist, sexist, and hateful.  And yet, this is where the left's political correctness has taken us in America today.

Despite six years of Democratic Party and MSM slander, lies, and spin, at the heart of the Tea Party are decent, patriotic Americans who seek to elect honest, character-driven candidates who will place the best interest of our country and the American people above personal gain and secret agendas.

I have been screaming this for years, folks.  Character does matter!

My favorite teller at my bank is a middle-aged Hispanic immigrant.  She and her husband came to America over 20 years ago and love this country.  The other day, she expressed her sadness and frustration with the direction our country is going, with low-info voters and political corruption.

The bank teller said her son was doing very well in a local school for special-needs kids.  For political agenda reasons, the state closed down the affordable school.  Her options for educating her special-needs son are now priced through the roof.

I told her that the most disturbing and eye-opening reality I have learned since getting involved, traveling the country working to elect conservatives (as chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee), is that far too many politicians have agendas other than the best interest of We the People.

Call me corny.  Call me naïve for expecting otherwise.

I would be remiss in not mentioning that during my travels, campaigning across America, I have been blessed to have crossed paths with real deal honorable conservative candidates: Joe Carr, Chris McDaniel, Ken Cuccinelli, and Joe Miller, to name a few.  These are the good guys, folks.

Patriots, we must do everything in our power to educate low-info voters so they will not be played again by political correctness, conned by Democrats and the MSM into voting identity politics over character and substance.

I have faith that America is strong enough to recover after enduring eight years of a far-left radical empty black suit in the Oval Office.  I am less confident in our ability to restore our great nation back to the vision of our Founding Fathers after several years of a leftist empty dress at the helm.

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