Her Name Was Chaya

Her name means life in Hebrew but this Jewish Israeli-American infant had few precious days on this earth before the monster destroyed her and scarred her family forever. Her last moments were at the Western Wall, where this picture of Chaya Zisel Braun was taken. The three-month old girl was thrown from her stroller as the Hamas terrorist's car made "a [deliberate] hit-and-run terror attack" killing the baby and injuring eight others.

In the Bible, the Book of Judges is considered a particularly gruesome and violent book. In it one learns that the Canaanites burned children on altars as sacrifices to their gods. And as such, these actions needed to be halted. The culture of depravity would not change of its own accord and it was destructive to those around it as well as to the purveyors. 

And so the Israelites are told to "destroy every man, woman, and child." It is a chilling tale. In essence, why does the author of Joshua have God command the Israelites to destroy all the Canaanites whom they fought -- even the children? Surely the latter are innocent.

The following passage from the Book of Genesis explains.

Know well that your offspring shall be strangers in a land not theirs.... And they shall return here in the fourth generation, for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet complete (Gen. 15:16).

The name Amorites refers to all the inhabitants of Canaan, not just to the group officially called Amorites. And herein, lies the answer. The Canaanites will be conquered and lose their land because they are sinners. For they "even offer up their sons and daughters in fire to the gods" (Deut 12:29-31). And this tradition seems to have no end.

No one is held to a different standard. If the Israelites will sin, they too, will be destroyed. Thus, they are reminded that they must make moral and ethical choices of the highest order.

And, yet so many centuries later the conundrum continues. Present-day Israelis are continually dealing with the descendants of the Amorites who persist on destroying their own offspring and the little ones of other people.

The suicide culture that has enveloped the Palestinians, Hamas, Hizb’allah, ISIS, and any other jihadist group is based on the total annihilation of those they would deem unfit to inhabit space. No one is immune from their implacable hatred. A sleeping baby will be beheaded; a young infant will be run over. It does not matter to people who have no reverence for the sanctity of life. 

To the naysayers who see no difference between the victim and the victimizer, we need to consider the righteousness of an action. In the case of the Israelis, righteousness exists because

  • The Israelis wish to see an end to the evil; jihadists want to perpetuate it.
  • Living in peace is not a suicide pact wherein all Jewish prerogatives are to be subservient to those calling for the extermination of Jews. 
  • Israelis do not deliberately target the most vulnerable as the ancient Amalekites did and as the modern jihadist does.
  • Israel has not called for the total eradication of the Muslim world whereas the jihadist terrorists daily call for the genocide of all Jews both in Israel and abroad.
  • Even a youngster instinctively knows when one side plays unfairly and is a bully while the other side has to react to the provocations of the jihadist who eggs on its young to do its destructive bidding.
  • International law is on Israel's side while still showing concern for the Palestinians who, nonetheless, still refuse to accept the law.
  • To use a medical metaphor, one does not excise a part of a cancerous tumor; the entire tumor must be removed. As long as the Muslim world permits the destruction of their children's psyche, it needs to be exposed. It is child abuse of the worst form to teach a child to hate.
  • Israel has consistently made compromises and worked towards a peaceful resolution while the Muslim world spits on the efforts and calls for the massacre of the Jewish people, a refrain Jews have repeatedly experienced in history. 
  • Jews pray for peace while the jihadist exhorts the believers to "not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever among you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people."
  • Decent people cry when we see the utter waste of the potential of Ishmael's progeny as they are filled with sheer hatred and odium for Jews and Christians.
  • We are, sadly, only too aware of the Final Solution and cannot fathom this animus that is irrational beyond belief.  But we dare not ignore it.
  • We understand that there is a time for peace and we are allotted only so much time on this earth.  It is tragic to constantly be on the defensive when it is life, love and laughter that we seek.
  • We are willing to sit down and work out a compromise but we refuse to die at the throne of moral equivalence.
  • We understand that some belief systems are inherently destructive because they are morally unjust and hurt everyone.
  • We value freedom while the enemy endorses slavery of the mind and reduces people to instruments of destruction instead of working to uplift them to their highest potential.

Writing about the murder of little Chaya, Lieutenant Colonel Allen West asserts that

…this savage barbaric pestilence has to be defeated, destroyed, eradicated, and I mean with a wholehearted commitment to crush Islamo-fascism and jihadism.  Because not only do they care little for our children, they care even less for their own -- as ... reported here with Hamas’ commitment to use children and civilians as human shields. We also shared this interview with an Arab woman whose child’s life [had] been saved by Israeli Doctors -- yes, Jews -- yet she clearly stated she would be proud to have her son die to kill the same people who had saved her son.

What manner of sickness is this? How can we continue to dismiss this and seek to blame everyone else -- except the violent ideology of Islam and its jihadist followers?

So, explain to me how we 'coexist' with this? And don’t give me the fear mongering line or condemn me as an 'Islamophobe.' Anyone who can apologize or dismiss these attacks in Jerusalem or in Ottawa is just as bad as the jihadists -- you are an enabler for their despicable and heinous actions.

God bless little Chaya who had her sweet life taken away far too soon by an animal [.] And yes, God bless the children who are being taught hatred so they will be the next generation of jihadists -- that is, if they survive being used as human shields.

In Judaism, it is customary to say a prayer for the dead -- the Kaddish. And yet the prayer never speaks about death at all. It is a sanctification of God's name and a call for peace and life.


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