GOP: It's Probably in the Bag, but Stay Engaged!

For crying out loud, GOP, please, please, please stand for something!  There is a verse in the Bible that says, You are neither hot nor cold.  You are lukewarm, and I spew you out of my mouth.  Even God considers spineless, noncommittal, wimpy, lukewarm behavior distasteful.

Conservative-leaning media and pundits all over TV are predicting that the GOP will win big in a week or so; a majority in the U.S. Senate is almost a done deal.

However, I caution our side not to count our chickens before they hatch.  Polls show that we have shaky narrow leads in some states and are trailing in other states that should have been solidly Republican seats (North Carolina, Georgia, Kansas – plus we are struggling in what was thought to be the safe South Dakota U.S. Senate race). 

Why?  The answer is that the GOP does not stand for anything.  They have not proposed an agenda inspiring voters to select them.  The GOP is banking on winning solely because people are angry and frustrated with Obama and the Democrats.  Well, that approach is disgusting, weak, and simply not good enough.

That Bob Dylan song keeps popping up in my brain – “Gotta Serve Somebody.”  The lyrics are “it may be the devil, or it may be the lord. But you gotta serve somebody.”  The GOP refuses to commit to serving anyone, taking a liberal-lite approach on every issue.  Meanwhile, voters are clueless about who the GOP truly are and what they stand for.

Recently on C-SPAN, a North Carolina 82-year-old black woman named Joyce ranted about being a Democrat who was going to vote Republican.  Joyce cited statistics of unemployment, poverty, and more problems in the black community.  A second black Democrat caller from Kentucky chimed in, mirroring Joyce's rant.  He also said Obama has “morally destroyed our country.”  Then, a white independent from Louisiana called to say, “God bless Joyce.”  He said that he thinks both parties are run by communists, and he is going to vote for Maness.

Folks, the current widespread unrest is a huge opportunity for the GOP to seize the moment – to explain to Joyce and that white independent in Kentucky why conservatism is the miracle cure for all of their concerns.  As the Bible says, “the fields are ripe for harvest.”

While I pray and believe that the GOP will emerge victorious, please take nothing for granted.  Vote, and continue doing everything in your power to get others to the polls.

We must remain vigilant and redouble our efforts between now and election day, November 4. 

After the GOP wins the Senate, we cannot repeat the same mistake the GOP made after the Republican sweeping victory in1994 (Gingrich Revolution).  Republicans mistakenly assumed that the public understood and embraced conservative principles and values.  That was not the case.  Voters were simply POed at the Democrats.

We must launch a shock-and-awe effort to educate low-info voters on the virtues of conservatism – how it is the best and most direct path for all, regardless of gender, race, color, or creed, to achieve their American dream.

Democrats' heads will explode upon us exposing the truth to their traditional faithful voters that conservatism is real compassion, liberating their minds to imagine and explore the possibility of having much more than just-enough-to-get-by government handouts and a free Obama phone.  Imagine the boom to the U.S. economy.

Fellow patriots, beyond the rewards of winning new GOP voters, we have a moral obligation to share the good news of conservatism.  Failure to educate those who have been suffering for decades under liberalism on the blessings of conservatism is as cruel and morally bankrupt as not telling starving human beings that a bountiful banquet awaits them.  And yet, so many on our side have been intimidated into not defending conservatism, metaphorically and shamefully allowing the masses to starve.

Let's not allow pundits and polls to lull us into a false sense of a secured victory in this fast approaching election.  As my Viet Nam vet patriot brother Gerry Millhollen always says, quoting Cromwell, “put your trust in God and keep your powder dry.”

After we win, we must begin the crucial and honorable educational outreach to take our victory to the next level, blessing millions.