The Good Samaritan White Lady, the Kid, and Cory Gardner

A recent poll said 58% of Americans think “America is going to hell in a hand-basket.”  With all of the negative news – Ebola, ISIS, the corrupt Obama administration and liberals thinking it cool to produce a commercial featuring little girls cussing (content warning!), it appears we are racing down the road to perdition.

The left's little girls cussing ad tells you everything you need to know about the left's perverted interpretation of equality for women: humiliating little girls, lowering them to using language lower than drunken sailors.  These people are sick.

A burden that weighs heavy on my heart is the thought of us losing what it means to be an American; decent, hardworking, and self-reliant.  “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”  That's from President John F. Kennedy.

Man, have we swayed from that path, big-time.

The Democrats and mainstream media would have us believe that a majority of Americans feel entitled to the earnings of others, desiring government-enforced redistribution of wealth.  They would also have us believe that they have successfully brainwashed a majority to feel comfortable depending on government for everything, even making life-and-death decisions.  Remember when Obama suggested giving Grandma a pill to ease her pain until she died rather than government approving her operation?  Not too many folks seem to have a problem with allowing government to decide whether their grandma lives or dies.

Yes, it is easy to conclude that we have lost the country to the let-government-reign-supreme and “gimme” crowd.

But God has a way of giving you a cool drink of water in the desert.  A ray of hope.

Mary and I are in Colorado with our Conservative Campaign Committee team, working to secure a victory for Cory Gardner, who is running for U.S. Senate.

While walking to a restaurant for dinner, there was a white couple walking arm-in-arm ahead of us.  The white woman broke away from her date, knelt down, and picked up something off the sidewalk.  Then, she ran to catch up with a woman almost half a block away.  The white woman told the woman, “You dropped this” while handing it to the surprised woman.

When Mary and I caught up to the white woman's date, he told us, “That was a hundred-dollar bill.”

The white woman returned to her date.  I said, “That was awesome – really, really nice!”  The white woman smiled, replying, “It wasn't mine.”

It wasn't mine.  That was God's cool drink of water in the desert – His way of reminding me that not everyone is about taking everything they can get.

I still believe in my heart, by faith, that that good Samaritan white woman is representative of a majority of Americans.

My only reason for mentioning that the good woman was white is because there is a narrative widely promoted that whites are the source of all evil in America.  White privilege, and so on.

When Mary and I walked outside the restaurant around 8:30pm after dinner, we noticed that a young millennial bohemian-looking guy had set up his food cart.  His creatively designed sign read, “Wild Meat Sandwiches.”  He offered a wide variety of meats, breads, condiments, and drinks.

His cart was creatively lit, with cool music playing softly in the background, which created a nice vibe.  This kid was a small business owner trying to make a living.  I thought about his risky financial investment, all his prep work, the hoops he had to jump through with the city and the cost of his permits.

Obama demeaned entrepreneurs who risk everything to fulfill their dream of owning a business when he scolded them, saying, “You didn't build that!”  Obama and Democrats ignore the truth that these risk-takers bless others in the process.  Along with providing a service to his carnivore customers, the young sandwich guy will need to hire a helper as his business grows, blessing and providing a job for someone.

In typical Democratic Party fashion, assuming that their base is stupid, Hillary Clinton once again tried to demonize business owners by claiming that they do not create jobs.  Do you see her despicable attempt to inspire hate – haves versus have-nots?  Dems appeal to our base instincts, to the lowest common denominator.

I thought, I will never vote for any politician who thinks it is fair to demonize this kid to justify taking huge chunks of his hard-earned money to redistribute to deadbeats to win votes.

This is why I am a black American who has chosen the Republican Party.  The Democratic Party's philosophy is so demoralizing, built on creating victim mindsets, class envy, and hate.