Fighting Back against LGBT Fascism: What You Can Do

Since the story broke about the Human Rights Campaign's slanderous persecution of the very people their group was designed to protect – bisexuals and children of same-sex couples – I have received a great deal of support from people. 

While it was nerve-wracking to have the truth about the 26 months of harassment by GLAAD, the Human Rights Campaign, Scott Rosenzweig, Jeremy Hooper, and a host of other totalitarians circulate at my job, it has been healthy.  My colleagues and students had no idea about the extent of this campaign of suppression, censorship, and harassment.  Now they know the truth behind those equals-sign bumper stickers.

Many of my friends also had no idea about the coordination between the lower levels of the gay lobby – the snipers who troll the dark alleys of the internet, like Scott Rosenzweig and Jeremy Hooper – and the corner offices of Washington citadels such as the Human Rights Campaign.  The systematic and organized campaign to destroy three families led by same-sex couples – the families of me, Rivka Edelman, and Janna Darnelle – has left no doubt as to fact that "respectable" organizations like the Human Rights Campaign rely on the "dirty work" by lower-rung character assassins to impose silence on the children and women harmed by same-sex parenting.

People are seeing now the breadth and enormity of this fascist movement that has stolen the voices of gay people and co-opted them to advance a neocolonial, misogynistic, anti-human corporate agenda.  Many of us have divergent views on the morality of homosexual acts, but I think right and left can come together against fascism.  Now is a time to do just that.

I have found that some people on the gay and lesbian left, like Cathy Brennan and Frank Ligtvoet, have been heroic in standing up to Gay, Inc.  On the flip-side, there is no shortage of right-wingers, many of them anxious to be the new vanguards of free-market libertarianism, who have silenced the children of same-sex couples just as badly as the mainstream gay left has, perhaps from a primal attraction to all those corporate dollars orbiting around the Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD.

So if we are going to bust the LGBT racketeers, we have to set aside some of our political differences on other issues and focus on the values that make our democracy great: the freedom of citizens to be born without a price on their head, academic freedom, free speech, and the right of citizens to redress their grievances and speak their mind without living with the fear of state repression, mob violence, or blacklisting.

People are asking how they can help.  We know the LGBT corporate lobbyists are out to get us, but when do we stop complaining and start doing something about it?

I think we need to stay focused on the big culprits right now: GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign.  Other gay lobbying groups are a mix of well-intended and sometimes beneficial programs tainted by a few bad apples; we do not want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, and I do not want to interfere with useful programs that help, for instance, people with AIDS.  A honed effort against the serpent's head is the best strategy.

One past article I published in American Thinker might serve as a good opening guide.  This piece spotlights the four tiers of totalitarian control and racketeering that have characterized the advance of this peculiar form of fascism:

1. The academy

2. The press

3. The two-party political system

4. The courts

Let's call this the "Four-Tier Plan." We need to be coordinated and strategic and well-timed. 

Tier 1: Right now the academy is a long-term, very involved project, which will take many years to reform.  The good news is that I have finally heard back from the Modern Language Association, and they are going to confer about how to respond to the Human Rights Campaign's "Export of Hate" report, which is a blatant initiative to intimidate the translators and international researchers who are supposed to be represented by the MLA.  This is crucial, because both Rivka Edelman and I are English professors, so the MLA must respond, or else the group is essentially not being responsible for the working conditions for translators and language arts professionals.  For right now, classify this as a holding pattern.  Unless they are in the academy, readers and allies who want to help cannot do much on this front, at least for now.  I will update if that changes.

Tier 2: The press.  The press is an ongoing thing.  The more buzz we create about GLAAD and the HRC's corruption and violation of basic human rights, the better the chances that finally large media companies like Time Warner Turner, News Corp., and Viacom will feel pressured to explain why they have allowed these corrupt and anti-democratic organizations to dictate propaganda to them.  For right now the most important thing on this front is to keep creating buzz.  Forward articles about Janna Darnelle's case, Rivka Edelman's case, and my case.  Eventually a large media outlet will have to pick it up.  You may want to try forwarding these stories to British news sites like Brendan O'Neill's Spiked, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Independent, or Spectator.  And keep pushing for right-wing sites to cover this story with the same gusto with which they cover all those freedom of religion stories.  American Spectator, The Blaze, Breitbart, Daily Caller, Washington Times, Washington Examiner, Wall Street Journal, and a host of other right-wing sources still haven't devoted a full article to the campaign of harassment against children of same-sex couples by the gay lobby.  They may be waiting to see whether it is a real story or not.  Let them know that it is.

Tier 3: The two-party system.  This is urgent.  Election day is only a little more than a week away, but we need to hold accountable the candidates for office who have received campaign financing from the Human Rights Campaign.  The ties between the HRC and GLAAD surrounding midterm elections are easily documented; for instance, see how their coordination is trumpeted by GLAAD here.  GLAAD employs the editor of Good As You as a paid consultant, and it is in the comments section of Good as You that commenters have been caught conspiring about how to invade the privacy and destroy the careers of children of same-sex couples.  Hence, this is a network of racketeers who use various levels of corruption and intimidation to terrorize people whose free speech might jeopardize the election goals of the Human Rights Campaign.

Politicians who do not know that this is going on should know.

If they know, they need to be confronted for their complicity with serious fascism taking hold in our beloved United States.

if you follow the link to the Open Secrets page, you will see how much dirty money is flowing from the slanderous HRC to people of both parties hoping to win political office and then pay back the thugs with favorable votes.  The bribery ranges from big bucks going to Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) to smaller donations and favors, even to Republicans like Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, and Mark Kirk.

If you know anybody who is in a position to question candidates for this midterm election, pose these questions:

You have accepted __________ from the Human Rights Campaign, an organization that, along with GLAAD, has been complicit in slander and intimidation against children raised by same-sex couples.  GLAAD and its contractors have sought to retaliate against Robert Oscar Lopez, Janna Darnelle, and Rivka Edelman for providing truthful accounts of how same-sex parenting harmed them.  The Human Rights Campaign has been caught disseminating gross untruths about Robert Oscar Lopez.  All three of these people are touched by same-sex parenting and have encountered serious repercussions at their jobs and in their families because of GLAAD and HRC’s tactics.

Do you support harassing and invading the privacy of people who were raised by same-sex couples?

Do you support the targeting of professors of color?

Do you support slander and blacklisting of children of same-sex couples who do not have life stories that fit in with the gay parenting agenda?

Are you willing to return your donations to the Human Rights Campaign and repudiate this organization as well as GLAAD?

Tier 4: The courts.  There is a lot to do here.  Rivka Edelman, Katy Faust, Dawn Stefanowicz, and I all submitted amicus curiae briefs to the  Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, specifically the gay marriage case in Texas.  With the recent decision from Puerto Rico upholding male-female marriage and striking down the gay lobby's usual legal arguments, we have an opening, albeit a brief one, to change the direction of the judicial debate.

Rivka, Katy, Dawn, and I are all the products of same-sex parenting, and we presented very non-anti-gay arguments about why kids need a mother and father.  A central point that appears throughout these four briefs is that the research into same-sex parenting is unreliable, due to the demonstrably toxic climate and certain reprisal faced by any children in these homes who come forward with negative feedback.  The pro-gay marriage side tried to have our briefs thrown out on a technicality.  Without their famous claim that "all research favors same-sex parenting," they do not have a real argument against a state's "rational basis" for designing marriage to preserve a child's right to the mother and father the child was born with.

The fact that I am Puerto Rican might actually help, since Puerto Rico’s decision has now put same-sex marriage back in play at the federal court level.  One way that readers can help right now is to share these things with any lawyers who have an interest in the gay marriage cases: the evidence of HRC and GLAAD intimidating, tampering with, and retaliating against "informants" and "witnesses" – i.e., the children of same-sex couples who come forward with contrary feedback.  We now have an enormous trove of documentation showing that HRC and GLAAD have actively sought to retaliate against dissenting children of same-sex couples, which undermines the legitimacy of the social-science consensus.

Central to this issue here is Jeremy Hooper’s blog Good as You, where Mr. Hooper has been overt about insulting authors of amicus curiae briefs whose viewpoints he opposes.  In the comments he has published on his site from third parties, there has been a repeated pattern of gay activists brainstorming ways to retaliate against those who submitted such briefs to the court.

Robert Oscar Lopez edits English Manif and founded the International Children's Rights Institute.

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