Ebola: Truth, Lies, Human Error, and Common Sense

With daily headlines featuring the world “Ebola,” fear is in the air. Along with confusion.  Many Americans are worried about Ebola spreading and becoming a serious threat. And many of us are skeptical about what the Obama administration is saying on the matter. Which leaves a lot of people feeling uncertain. I’m one of those people and I set about trying to learn more about the virus and how it spreads, delving into areas where information has been lacking and/or has been conflicting. This is what I learned. Transmission: Airborne Many want to know if the virus can be transmitted through particles in the air. If it could, it would be a game-changer for a disease that is already spreading rapidly. First, what exactly does “airborne” mean? Does it mean sharing the same air as an infected person and inhaling microscopic droplets containing the virus hanging in the air? Does it mean secretions spewed from an infected person traveling...(Read Full Article)