Disease and Obama

When the Islamic jihadists struck on 9-11, it was clear that one of their main aims was to destroy the economic success that characterized American exceptionalism.  To that end, the airline industry was very adversely affected.   Thus:

... directly after the terrorist attacks on 9/11, the federal government closed airports, canceling thousands of flights at a direct cost to airlines. However, even when the airports reopened, passengers were wary of air travel, and airlines experienced at least a 30 percent reduction in demand during the initial shock period immediately following the reopening. In addition, business travel accounts for one of the most profitable segments in the airline business, and after the attacks, a significant number of businesses temporarily suspended non-essential travel for their employees. 

Now fast-forward to 2014, and once again the airline industry will be financially damaged, thanks directly to Obama's executive orders and obdurate stance on not keeping deadly diseases at bay. 

With the busiest travel season a mere month away, one could hazard a guess that many Americans are rethinking their travel plans and will not wish to travel over Thanksgiving.  How ironic that the holiday of thanks has been put at risk from our socialist president.  Listen to this YouTube 2011 interview of Allen West, particularly at point 6:15, where West calls Obama out on his never-ending harmful economic policies.  Yet it is apparent that Obama never swerves off his course to hurt the country.

The Centers for Disease Control directives change daily.  The idea that one is safe if three feet away from an infected individual ignores the fact that seats on airplanes are not three feet away from one another.  If someone is harboring the Ebola virus, it is not hard to fathom why people would shy away from using airplanes or, for that matter, any form of public transportation.

Thus, with commonsense recommendations being thwarted, we have a slowly emerging risk of enormous consequences.  John Hayward writes:

[W]hile city and federal authorities assure us the system is working, it very obviously is not, because the 'enhanced screening' for travelers arriving from West Africa involves testing body temperatures at the airport, and [Dr.] Spencer passed that test with flying colors.  Trusting him to self-isolate didn’t work, either. Nothing worked.  Now we’re just hoping that either his latest screening returned a false positive, or if not, we get lucky and Ebola finds no purchase in a densely-populated city that isn’t exactly the most inhospitable environment for a virus.

While the Ebola story is making the headlines, one must not forget an equally chilling story with far-reaching effects.  Jack Dennis reports that the CDC is admitting that "97  percent of the measles found in the United States this year could be attributed to 'importations from at least 18 countries.'"  Thus:

... [m]easles, respiratory illness, tuberculosis and other communicable diseases continue as a prime concern for the millions of Americans conflicted about the perpetual arrivals of illegal immigrants pouring into the country. While some diseases have emerged from the Philippines, Africa, Asia and Europe, the unprecedented [number] of undocumented aliens is a major issue.

Emergency rooms are reporting being "overwhelmed beyond capacity."  Most of these cases are confirmed to be Enterovirus D68.  But in the non-transparent world of Obama and company, this information is hard to obtain.  In Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, measles and Enterovirus D68 are quite common. 

If you check the article by Dennis,  you can get a state-by-state linkage "between the infectious diseases and the known immigrant activity."  In Florida, a county breakdown of how many illegals have entered is depicted.  In Arkansas, both senators, Democrat Mark Pryor and Republican John Boozman, called on Obama "to ban Ebola stricken [people] ... in West Africa from traveling to the United States."

Do you know whom your child or grandchild is sitting next to in his or her classroom?

And one can reasonably expect an increase in disease since, after the November 2014 election, it is quite apparent that Obama "is preparing a sweeping – and unconstitutional  plan to grant de facto citizenship to millions of people now here illegally by giving them green cards."  That will ultimately result in family members joining them.  We now have a situation of "give me your tired, your hungry... your infected masses," and we'll just wing it the best we can, whatever the consequences.

This is so typical of the Obama way as he continues to chip away at the country's resources and strength.

What better way to burden America and its various institutions than to drop all these people onto the country, thus overwhelming schools, hospitals, neighborhoods, and a myriad of institutions that will not be able to handle the overflow and sudden increase in people?  Perhaps Obama could take time out and watch this piece about "Public Health Service - Disease & Its Control - Immigrants, Ellis Island & Quarantine 1930s."  The introductory words say it all.

The advice 'In time of peace prepare for war' applies to the fight against disease as well as to that against a military enemy.  Disease has destroyed more people than all the wars in history.  Public health workers not only fight epidemics and diseases when they occur, but they must be ever alert and constantly working and devising means to prevent their occurrence.  The protection of the health of the people against the invasion of disease from abroad and the attack and spread within our borders is the purpose ... of the far-flung system of disease prevention.

And while Obama claimed he would "deport 'priority' immigrants with criminal records, he has fallen short in overall deportations."  Thus, in 2014, "ICE agents encountered 585,000 potentially deportable immigrants, but released 442,000 of them without ever bothering to even try to deport them." 

And to end the linguistic babble, let's make this perfectly clear: if someone doesn't want to be called an illegal alien, then he or she shouldn't come to the U.S. illegally.  One cannot expect that these illegals will be law-abiding when they broke the law in the first place, thanks to the law-breaker occupant of the White House.

It is a testament to the American people that panic has not ensued.  But the more Obama causes potential harm to this country, the more that people will respond.  Let's hope that the November elections will begin to put the brakes on the lawless and dangerous actions of this man.  To paraphrase Allen West, it is high time that Americans hold Obama and his actions up to the "same standards they would for a white president."  It is not merely our economy, our health care, or our way of living that are continually being put at risk; it is quite literally our lives that are imperiled if Obama continues to get his way.

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