The Utter Failure of Obama

Barack Obama is destined to be the greatest flop in American presidential history.  He is, in every sense of the word, an utter failure.

Consider first his signature achievement, Obamacare.  Not only has Obama had to delay implementation, creating a perfect precedent for his Republican successor to do the same, but the law is more unpopular today than it has ever been according to all polling data. 

Pew Research reports that 55% of Americans disapprove of Obamacare.  A clear plurality of Americans believe that they will be worse off because of Obamacare.  CBS News lists the “strongly approve” of Obamacare at 16%, while “strongly disapprove” is a whopping 47%.  Every polling organization, no matter how the question is worded, shows the same public disdain for this law.

The fear conservatives had that a new entitlement will create a permanent constituency may not happen this time, because Obamacare, unlike Social Security or Medicare, helps almost no one and hurts a lot of people.  Moreover, by foolishly rejecting a bipartisan reform, Obama and his party cannot claim broad support for his law.

This political hack, who had the power to do anything during his first two years, could think of nothing more imaginative than (1) spending federal dollars like water based upon the ancient and failed “stimulus” idea and (2) implementing an even greater failure – ask any Briton or Canadian – of nationalized health insurance simply, one suspects, because Barry had no keener mind or greater imagination than to pick up tired ideas of British Socialism eighty years old.

Obama, who “won” the Nobel Peace Prize almost as soon as he took office, is now officially a warmonger president – but one who leads from behind and rejects every attempt to form a national consensus policy, and whose utter haplessness in guiding national security is stunning.  Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Iraq – everywhere in the world, really – Obama’s foreign policy has been almost comic opera.

Obama's White House staff seems almost as incompetent as he is, as anyone who has listened to Ms. Harf for more than a minute quickly grasps.  Everyone around Obama simply reads talking points and denies, without any support at all, anything that challenges those talking points.

Has anyone around Obama, for example, confessed that the attack in Benghazi was not caused by an anti-Islamic film, and that any explanations to the contrary were simple invention?  Has Barry or his “Not Ready for Prime Time Players” ever acknowledged any failure beyond the ubiquitous and meaningless mantra “I accept full responsibility”?  Who truly trusts Obama anymore on national security issues, and who abroad relies on anything he says or any promises he makes?

Some presidencies that are successes in policy areas, like the Nixon presidency, are unwound by corruption and cover-ups.  Has any administration been as marinated in lies about important facts in investigations as this administration?  The IRS e-mail scandal surpasses anything Nixon did in Watergate.  The destruction of documents by a Hillary State Department to hide information from Congress relating to Benghazi, if true – who, really, doubts that now? – would surpass any misconduct in presidential history. 

Now Barry is on the verge of doing what no president has done: leading his political party into two consecutive midterm election debacles.  Eisenhower and Nixon suffered heavy losses in their second midterms, but not their fist.  Clinton did just the opposite.  Reagan actually gained Senate seats in his first midterm, but he lost the Senate in his second midterm. 

Even our worst presidents like their bright spots.  Grant was a truly noble character and a war hero whose memoirs of the Civil War remain great history.  Harding’s low-tax and pro-growth policies led to the Roaring Twenties, and Harding was a fierce champion of black rights.  Truman, a courageous combat veteran in 1918, helped birth Israel and preserve South Korea.  Nixon was brilliant, and his opening the door to China transformed the geopolitical world.  Carter was an honorable man, a graduate of the Naval Academy who served on a nuclear submarine, however dreadful the Carter presidency was.    

But Barry – has he really done anything at all?  Does Obama have the slightest ennobling quality?  Has he taken a single courageous stand on anything?  Does our president do anything at all, really, except savor the perks of office and read his notorious teleprompter?

Soon, very soon, the utter failure of Obama will be a truth known by all his countrymen.

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