Stop the world, Barack wants off!

Some have called it the worst summer ever.

This may or may not include the summer when an asteroid crashed near the Yucatan peninsula, almost extinguishing life on earth. But, with Labor Day past and the kids going back to school, it's time to reflect on the summer of 2014.

Terrorists announced a new caliphate in Syria and Iran, as Vlad the Shirtless warned of possible nuclear exchanges in Europe. All-out war erupted between Israel and Hamas, and the entire Middle East seemed to fall apart faster than an Obamacare promise. Rioting broke out in the Midwest. (For a while it was hard to tell if the video footage was from the Middle East or the Middle West.) An Ebola outbreak killed thousands in Africa. The U.S. economy continued to stumble...

But the controversy that caused the Twitterverse to explode was when Barack Obama showed up on TV … wearing a tan suit. (Best Headline of the summer-WaPo: The audacity of taupe) Maybe his clown suit was at the cleaners?

More serious news outlets were concerned about Obama's admission that he didn't have a strategy to deal with ISIL. Obama didn't have a strategy? This is news?

Speaking of which, over the summer some in the media actually began to question Obama's achievements in office. Although this may have happened only because their dictionaries finally ran out of superlatives to use.

On the subject of ISIL, is its name ISIL, or ISIS, or IS? All have been used. To quote Bill Clinton, I guess it depends on what your definition of IS is.

Regarding the Clintons, is it just me, or was it a little ironic that Hillary spent much of the summer promoting an autobiography of her time as Secretary of State. Curiously enough, it wasn't titled, "At This Point, What Difference Does It Make?"

Coincidence or not, Monica Lewinsky came out with a book at about the same time. It apparently did not include tips on laundering dresses.

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants swarmed across the country's southern border. Republicans called it a crisis; Democrats called it voter registration.

During the height of the controversy, Obama went to Texas. Not to view the crisis first-hand as he had been urged to do, but to attend a fund-raiser at the home of movie director Robert Rodriguez. Rodriguez may be best known for the movie, "Machete," which some considered so violent and anti-Texan/American -- it reportedly depicts a senator slaughtering illegal immigrants, for instance -- that the state rescinded its financial incentives. Good timing, Barry.

Texas's governor, Rick Perry, meanwhile, was indicted for, basically, doing his job. Obama was not.

In a brief return to Washington between swanky fund-raisers, Obama excoriated Congress for going off on vacation while there was work to be done. And, then, promptly … went off on vacation.

In sports, Obama played more rounds of golf this summer than Tiger Woods, reflecting either the status of Tiger's ailing back or Obama's priorities. Or both.

On the weather front, record cool temperatures were felt across much of the country. Tornado activity was low, the hurricane season almost non-existent. The polar ice caps are expanding . Mercifully, Al Gore remained quiet about Global Warming, in his 10,000 square foot, energy-guzzling mansion.

Gore, however, sued Al Jazeera for $65 million dollars in fossil fuels-based money he claims the network is withholding. Al Jazeera -- no familial relation to Al Gore, despite the identical first name -- is owned by the Qatari royal family. Qatar is widely regarded as the primary sponsor of Hamas and a source of funds and weapons to the Islamic State, or ISIL, or ISIS, or…. Glad you kept your hands clean after you left public office, Al.

The Internal Revenue Service claims that the hard drives of just about everybody and their dog involved in the targeting of conservative groups were destroyed. Eaten by the dogs, I guess. If as many hard drives crashed as the IRS purports, maybe Congress should be investigating the hard drive manufacturers, too.

The IRS's protestations have actually encouraged one group of the populace. School children across the country are returning to classes this fall with a new excuse for failing to turn in homework. Although it's unlikely that their teachers will be as accommodating with them as the media has been with the IRS.

On the subject of the media, NBC's David Gregory was paid to leave his job. Oddly, most other Washington journalists were not.

William Tate is an award-winning former journalist, who also was not paid to leave his job

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