Refocusing the war on women where it rightly belongs

The left is onto something. And with a little tweaking, we might all find common ground. Since “War on Women” is now a recognized brand, I suggest we adopt it and refocus it where it rightly belongs. In this way we can advance our message of human rights and save ourselves in the process. When the left speaks of a war on women, they are referring to things like denial of public funds for birth control, abortion, and most recently a call by some feminists that tampons be subsidized. Such demands are often placed within the context of dramatic accusations such as “denial of women’s access to healthcare.” “Rape culture” is another inflammatory phrase feminists throw around. It highlights the left’s investment in nurturing a victim mentality at all cost; no matter if it paints an exaggerated picture that insults American men. I’m not saying that rape does not occur in America. It does. And rapists need to be prosecuted to the...(Read Full Article)