Refocusing the war on women where it rightly belongs

The left is onto something. And with a little tweaking, we might all find common ground.

Since “War on Women” is now a recognized brand, I suggest we adopt it and refocus it where it rightly belongs. In this way we can advance our message of human rights and save ourselves in the process.

When the left speaks of a war on women, they are referring to things like denial of public funds for birth control, abortion, and most recently a call by some feminists that tampons be subsidized. Such demands are often placed within the context of dramatic accusations such as “denial of women’s access to healthcare.”

“Rape culture” is another inflammatory phrase feminists throw around. It highlights the left’s investment in nurturing a victim mentality at all cost; no matter if it paints an exaggerated picture that insults American men. I’m not saying that rape does not occur in America. It does. And rapists need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But I am saying that American culture is not a so-called culture of rape and to describe it as such is a disgusting lie.

The progressives’ claim that there is a war on women also addresses how women are “objectified” and only valued for their bodies. Uh-huh. Hey, I didn’t make it up, the woman at the 2:20 mark said it! I’m just sharing a taste of lunacy.

The left should be ashamed of their petty complaints and use of the word “war” in describing the treatment of women in America, while an actual war against women is being waged throughout the Islamic world, and beyond. The “pro-choice” “war on women” crowd needs to wake up and understand what lack of choice really means, what a war against the fairer sex truly looks like.

A war against women is raging -- in Muslim-majority countries and elsewhere as Sharia law is increasingly asserted around globe. Muslim and non-Muslim women and girls are routinely subjected to unthinkable horrors as they are brutalized, kidnapped, enslaved, forced into prostitution, raped, and butchered.  

And what deplorable crime did they commit to deserve their awful fate? They wore pants, drove a car, went to school, used social media, went outside without a male escort, did not do their chores correctly, fell in love, cooked the wrong meal, appeared too Western, questioned the morality police, committed adultery, were non-Muslim, or because they were sexually assaulted. To name a few offenses. There is no end to the list of what a woman can do wrong under Sharia law. The punishments inflicted are abominable acts that civilized people consider aberrant psychopathic behavior. But under Sharia law, evil is institutionalized. See here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here among an infinite list of examples. 

So let’s compare and contrast, shall we? On the one hand we have feminists the likes of Sandra Fluke calling for government subsidies for birth control, while on the other hand we have women and girls enduring unthinkable torture under the Sharia as described below. Put those side-by-side and a 2-year-old could tell you the difference. (Headline reads: Toddler Mocks Fluke, Discerns Reality from Fantasy)

Stoning:  Women and girls may be stoned to death for any number of so-called crimes, including the crime of being raped. If a woman is a victim of rape, her nightmare is only beginning as she may soon find herself buried up to her shoulders in a hole that is then filled back in with dirt, after which time a crowd of men will throw rocks at her head. Until she is dead. Stonings are performed in public, with multiple sub-humans taking part while crowds cheer them on.

Whipping/Flogging:  Women are routinely whipped, with multiple lashes cutting deep into the skin across their back, legs, arms, and/or feet. Like stoning, this brutal treatment is carried out in public with a cheering crowd. (Unless the woman is being whipped by her husband in the privacy of their home, which is another common occurrence.)

Hey, Sandra and all your feminist friends! Do you hear that? Do you get it? 


Wow. OK. Keep reading.

Acid attacks:  Women and girls are subjected to gruesome attacks when acid is thrown on their face or their entire body. Some endure multiple surgeries to try to repair burns that leave their faces unrecognizable and limbs all but destroyed. Some are burned to death; others die of complications from massive burns. Still others, in excruciating pain and abject despair, commit suicide.

Sandra, et al, still think you’re the ones who are “oppressed?”

Not sure? Holy cow. Alright, please continue reading. And after you read the next section, please chime in on “rape culture.” Because it seems a lot of Muslim men cannot control their sexual urges.

Rape:  Violent sexual assaults by Muslim men against women are common. Rape has become rampant in European countries where Muslim men involved with human trafficking kidnap girls, rape, torture, and groom them to be prostitutes. Although the Muslim population in Europe is still the minority, the majority demographic in positions of power cower in intimidation, leaving women and girls abandoned and unprotected. Recently we have seen the deplorable results of this dhimmitude as the police and social services in the United Kingdom, and other countries around the world, ignored (and continue to ignore) the plight of girls who have been kidnapped by grooming gangs, repeatedly raped, and tortured. And why the refusal to enforce the law, hunt down the barbarians, and prosecute them? Fear of appearing insensitive to other cultures. (Yes, you read that right.) In Sweden, one in four women will be raped while Muslim men comprise nearly 80% of the rapists. If the attackers are caught and if they are prosecuted their punishment is often light, as Sweden, like so many Western countries, has abandoned its moral and legal will to protect innocent civilians against barbarians. Rape has also become a form of institutionalized torture on a massive scale as ISIS and other terror groups sweep across the Middle East in their quest toward establishing the Caliphate.

Feminist/progressives of the world: Can you imagine a culture -- a Western culture no less -- so intimidated and so cowardly that it turns a blind eye to girls being repeatedly raped for years, some of them doused in petrol and threatened to be set on fire? Can you imagine living in a country where one in four women are raped and the culture is so lacking in moral fortitude -- no less a willingness to enforce the law -- that it avoids strong punishment (if any) for the rapist?

Think about it. That is what “rape culture” looks like. But if you still aren’t moved, imagine that after being raped you are then brutally murdered because you were raped. If you think that sounds sick beyond words, you would be right. Please read on.

Honor Killing:  Honor killings are another way women and girls meet untimely and brutal deaths. Honor killings are sanctioned -- even required -- under Islamic law. And what has the female done to deserve this terrible fate? As with other cases of punishment, she has done nothing more than live her life. And this is not just happening in Muslim-majority countries. It is also happening in America where the media and those in law enforcement often try to paint these deplorable acts as “domestic violence” or something “cultural” in nature. 

Ms. Fluke, do you see a pattern here developing?

A little bit?

Good, you’re starting to wake up. Keep going.

Enslavement/Human Trafficking:  Islam institutionalized slavery. One can find numerous verses in the Koran that sanction it. During battle (which is a central tenet of Islam), women are often kidnapped, raped, and sold as slaves. We see this today as women and girls are being kidnapped and enslaved as Islamic terror expands its reach around the world. Women living under Sharia law are also routinely enslaved as they are locked in their homes, forbidden to go out in public, unable to speak their minds, get an education, and so on.

Hey Sandra Fluke, Barbara Boxer, and all the rest who shriek that conservatives are anti-woman: Anti-woman is being locked inside your house or unable to express yourself freely without risking your very life. Anti-woman is treating women as chattel. Anti-woman is routinely torturing, maiming, raping, dismembering, and murdering women for one single reason: because they are female. That is a war on women! But if you still don’t believe me, by all means, keep reading.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM): Girls are forced to have their genitalia mutilated whereby the clitoris is removed (clitoridectomy). This barbaric act is performed as girls are forcibly held down, without anesthesia, using a shard of glass or a dull, rusty, and/or contaminated razor. In many cases, the labia is completely removed as well (infibulation), after which the vagina is stitched or held together in some primitive way (sometimes using thorns) with just a tiny hole to pass urine and menstrual fluid. Afterwards, the girls’ legs are tied together for several weeks to keep their vagina tight. In addition to the excruciating pain of this heinous act, genital mutilation causes lifelong physical and psychological health problems including chronic infections, an inability to have a normal pelvic exam, and PTSD. Additional trauma is brought to bear when a woman’s vagina is reopened for marriage, when she engages in intercourse, as well as uniquely blinding pain when she gives birth. For women who have been mutilated in this way, there are often complications during childbirth with an increased incidence of stillbirths. And that’s for those who survive. Many girls die during the procedure from blood loss while countless others die of sepsis from untreated infections that develop.

Child marriage:  As dictated in the Koran, girls reach maturity at the age of nine, at which point they can be forced into marriage. If the girl refuses to marry the man or tries to run away, she will be hunted down and killed. In addition, girls who are kidnapped by jihadists may be sold or given to men at ages even younger than nine.

And if all of that were not deplorable enough, women endure other forms of murder: Being burned alive, decapitated, intentionally run over by a car, bound and thrown in the ocean. Among a seeming endless list of inhuman acts.

Still thinking birth control? Still pounding your fists on the table about fair pay? Still complaining about being objectified? Consider having to submit to a dress code. And I mean a very serious dress code -- one that renders you invisible and one that is enforced by the Morality Police. And when the Morality Police expect you to submit, they’re not kidding around.

Dress Code:  Millions of women living under Sharia law are required to wear a burqa when they go out in public. A burqa is essentially a cloth coffin as black or drab blue-gray material envelops the entire body from head to toe. All that remains exposed are the eyes, where a tiny slit in the material is made. In some cases there is a mesh screen in front of the eyes. You cannot tell one woman from another, or even if the person is a woman. Wearing a burqa, a woman’s senses are muted. It is difficult to hear. It is difficult to see. The sense of touch is dulled if gloves are worn (and they often are). And it’s suffocatingly hot.  

Or what about this, Ms. Fluke and all the rest? What do you think of sexual jihad?

Sexual Jihad:  Muslim women may offer themselves as “comfort women” to boost the spirits of psychopaths waging jihad. In other words, women give their bodies to be sexually exploited by murderers. And that’s the best-case scenario on the sexual jihad front. Jihadists call on parents to bring their young girls to jihadist encampments to be used for sex. In addition, jihadists kidnap girls and rape them. And in some cases, murder them.

Suicide:  A disproportionately high number of Muslim women living under the tyranny of Sharia law kill themselves. Self-immolation is not uncommon as these desperate women decide that setting themselves on fire is preferable to living another dark and dreadful day.

In sum, the use and abuse of women in the name of Islam is pervasive and sick beyond words. And yet, the left has myriad ways they defend what amounts to institutionalized savagery.

I’ve heard people rationalize this thoroughly barbaric behavior by saying that we must respect the religious norms of other cultures.

Come on. Can we please be serious?

How can a person genuinely argue that it’s acceptable for millions upon millions of women around the world to be subjected to stonings, floggings, acid attacks, honor killings, and physical mutilation simply because they are women? Is there any other demographic group for whom such an absurd perspective would be indulged?

I think not.

And if I can briefly add: Many on the left express outrage when, for example, Americans oppose abortion or gay marriage. If the rule is to respect cultural or religious norms, why is that respect not extended in these cases? You can’t have it both ways. And anyway, no thinking person can compare a baker not wanting to bake a cake for a gay wedding to institutionalized barbarism whereby a woman will be tortured to death simply for being alive.

But more importantly, if a person is willing to defend or accept barbarism by saying it’s just another culture and we must respect it, then where do they draw the line? What happens when another “norm” of that “culture” is to commit genocide against people they consider to be non-believers? At what point does common sense and self-preservation kick in to override being an apologist for brutality?

And then there is this argument: Many on the left say they agree that the practices described in this article are horrible. But they are not common. Some claim, for example, that Ayaan Hirsi Ali has a personal story that is dreadful, but one that does not represent any kind of a norm.

To those who make that case I can only say one simple thing: You are wrong. The facts do not support your assertion. Shred your talking points and learn. The truth is sometimes hard to face. But it could save your hide.

From those stragglers who are completely dug in and refuse to face the truth, there is yet one more argument that is made to defend their defenseless position: That there are many interpretations of the Koran, including feminist interpretations. To which I say, that’s all very interesting except (1) Koranic scholars disagree with you, (2) it matters little if the people wielding the power, the stone, the whip, the knife, the flame, the razor, the rope, and the sword are the ones whose actions rule the day, and (3) beware of taqiyya which is religiously-sanctioned deception with the intent to mislead.

Those are the facts. So while leftists are busy reading about fantasy scenarios of empowered Muslim women and human rights and the Koran, Muslim women are suffering and dying in droves because they are living in the real world.

If, by this point, feminists, you still find yourselves unable to face the truth, I suggest you move to a Muslim-majority country -- perhaps Iran or Syria -- where you can experience first-hand the war on women. Then, by all means, come back and let us know how you fared. Assuming you survive to tell the tale.