Obama's Real Crime

It is no coincidence that much commentary on the Obama administration revolves around the crime analogy. Michelle Bachmann, on the House floor in 2009, said that the Obama Administration is guilty of “gangster government.” Even the normally circumspect Michael Barone echoed that very term a few years later. David Freddoso even has a book by that title, and throws in the term thugocracy for good measure. Similar references from Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and other talkers are too numerous to reference. Rush has been particularly eloquent on the issue of political money laundering by way of government unions. In a 2013 book, I submitted that “it is the grandest of larcenies and most perfect of crimes -- America is being stolen in broad daylight.” And it is.

Yet perhaps Rush, Levin, Freddoso, Barone, Bachmann, and I have undershot the proper charge that should be aimed at Barack Obama and his pals. Wayne Allyn Root has not. Mr. Root has elevated the indictment to first degree mass murder, and explains why in his new book The Murder of the Middle Class: How to Save Yourself and Your Family from the Criminal Conspiracy of the Century. Root calls it “a murder of the spirit, a slow agonizing death -- like being in a coma.”

He also defines the middle class attitudinally as well as literally, calling what is going on in America today as the “murder of ambition, work ethic, rugged individualism, self reliance, personal responsibility, opportunity and hope -- the very qualities that made America the greatest nation ever known.” His case is compelling.

Yes, this book is about how Obama hates the country as founded and hates the middle class, but Root also outlines what has been happening to our country with a full list of Obama’s accomplices, and even writes an eye-opening chapter on the unindicted co-conspirators. He provides motive and opportunity, and of course he cites ample evidence of the crime. The magic of the book is how he uses the crime analogy established by his title and connects the dots from Obama to the unions to the education establishment to Warren Buffet to the Democrat Party to the media and so on. The book is not just a well-organized case against Barack Obama -- it is an indictment of the entire liberal media political crony business education complex that produced Obama in the first place.

The most salient part of the book takes us back to Columbia University, where Root himself was a political science and pre-law major while Obama was ostensibly in the same major at the same school at the same time. This is the part of the book where Root unveils his counter-intuitive and astonishing “reverse birther” theory. In the name of avoiding spoiler alerts, will leave the readers to unpack this themselves.

The bigger point about Columbia is that Root outs this Ivy university as being ground zero for the planning and hatching of the murder plot. As he says, “it all started at Columbia.”  He buttresses his argument with the fact that Cloward and Piven hatched their evil scheme in the 60’s -- as professors at Columbia.

Root adds that “my classmates at Columbia didn’t just hate capitalism. They were also atheists who openly despised Judeo-Christian values… we spent our days learning, discussing and debating a plan to destroy America from within.” These memories are seared into Root’s psyche, as he was apparently “THE one and only conservative student” at Columbia. He says “Obama was groomed to be the ringleader” of this conspiracy, and that his “exotic” background -- perhaps fabricated in the first place -- was the perfect back story.

Overall, a little over a third of the book establishes the crime in a well thought out and organized presentation of all of the elements of the crime. The rest is focused on solutions. While the book is by no means a “self-help” work – though there are elements of that in Part Two – there are ideas you can apply to your family, your business, your personal financial situation.

There is also some much-needed advice for the Republican Party. It is important to point out that Root is no GOP automaton -- he actually ran for Vice President on the Libertarian ticket at one time. He has a very good understanding of how the GOP establishment is tone deaf, weak and ineffective. Root’s game plan for saving the country focuses alternately on the macro and the micro -- the political and the financial -- and the personal and the moral. The only way to describe Root is as an American, one who loves the country as founded -- the free enterprise, the opportunity, the charity and the liberty. It is a mistake to try and pigeonhole him into any particular political niche, though his passions are very coincident with Tea Party values.

As a successful entrepreneur, sports gambler and speaker/author -- and the son of a middle class butcher -- Root draws from a wealth of experience and experiences. The book is written in the same high-energy style Root employs as a speaker, panelist or interviewee. That is who Wayne Allyn Root is -- and he is classic Wayne Allyn in this book.

Another testament to Mr. Root himself, and to the book, is the incredible list of diverse endorsers who were willing to put their name on the book. From Ben Carson to Ann Coulter to Allen West -- to D’Souza, DeMint, Faber, Forbes, Schiff, Paul, Viguerie, and Bohannan -- the list of those who recommend this must read is impressively expansive. I believe you will agree with all of the above when you read this book.  I also think you’ll vote “guilty.”

The author is a contributor to American Thinker, Newsmax TV, Talk Radio Network and author of WTF? How Karl Rove and the Establishment Lost… Again.

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