Obama Sexual Violence Campaign Doesn't Apply to Him

President Barack Obama, a featured spokesman for the new “It’s On Us” campaign to combat sexual violence, has asked us to take the following pledge: “I promise not to be a bystander to the problem, but to be part of the solution.”

The official White House website says the onus is “on every single one of us” to do the right thing when it comes to sex crimes. “It's on me to make sure they know that if they see something that looks wrong, they need to get involved -- to intervene any way they can,” says Director of Economic Policy Jeffrey Zients.

The It’s On Us web video also asks visitors to provide their names, emails, and post codes. According to BBC.com, the information is collected by Generation Progress, the youth arm of the Soros-funded, far left Center for American Progress. Generation Progress in partnership with the Obama administration, will assist in developing prevention programs on campuses across the country. The Department of Justice’s Office of Violence Against Women will award $6 million in grants to 18 colleges in order to reinforce the “it’s on us” message that we are all responsible for stopping campus sexual assaults.

When Obama unveiled the new program on Friday, he made it clear we have an obligation to speak up and out against sexual violence. “It is on all of us,” he said, “to reject the quiet tolerance of sexual assault and to refuse to accept what’s unacceptable. We still don’t condemn sexual assault as loudly as we should. We make excuses. We look the other way. The message that sends can have a chilling effect on young men and women.”

But Obama doesn’t follow his own advice.

Far from condemning sexual assault, the president fired Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) Inspector General Gerald Walpin in 2009 after he uncovered allegations that Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson sexually assaulted young women at his St. HOPE school.

The “chilling effect” Walpin experienced was his own termination when he inadvertently found out during an investigation of Johnson’s misuse of AmeriCorps funds, that the man nicknamed “Little Barack,” may have been doing more than just misappropriating nearly a million dollars of taxpayer funds.

Michelle Obama, a former director of an AmeriCorps program, is believed to have been the catalyst in ousting Walpin when two weeks later she installed her chief of staff as senior adviser over at CNCS.

From House Oversight Committee’s 2009 report on the firing of Gerald Walpin:

On the heels of tough oversight by Walpin, and efforts to hold senior officials at CNCS accountable for treating lightly a friend and political crony of the President – Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson – for mismanaging charter school funds and exhibiting inappropriate sexual conduct toward students, Walpin was fired by White House lawyer Norm Eisen in contravention of the Inspector General Act.

“This firing creates a chilling effect on the efforts of Inspectors General to investigate waste and wrongdoing by those politically connected to this President,” said Rep. Darrell Issa.  “The appearance of cronyism stopping a serious investigation is deeply disturbing and will have significant consequences on future investigations.

The detailed account of Mayor Johnson’s inappropriate sexual conduct can be found here and on pages 14-19 here.

And if Kevin Johnson thinks Obama’s “it’s on us” sexual assault campaign only applies to colleges he’s wrong.

A White House memorandum outlining the establishment of a White House Task Force to protect students from sexual assault specifically states:

(c) Because rape and sexual assault also occur in the elementary and secondary school context, the Task Force shall evaluate how its proposals and recommendations may apply to, and may be implemented by, schools school districts, and other elementary and secondary educational entities receiving Federal financial assistance.

The two employees who took the St. HOPE student’s allegations came forward and related the details to Walpin and school officials; they intervened and did not look the other way -- both ended up resigning. Little did they know how high up Johnson’s connections went -- all the way to Barack and Michelle Obama.

These are the same ones now schooling us to take sexual assault seriously -- the same ones who questioned IG Walpin’s sanity when he submitted his 29-page report about their good buddy Kevin Johnson, and they subsequently fired Walpin for bringing the young woman’s complaints into the public record.

And what about the young girls allegedly groped and fondled by Johnson? It’s been 8 years. I wonder how they are doing? Obama doesn’t name them like the others in his Friday speech.

And what about 16-year-old “Mandy” from 1995 when Kevin Johnson was playing for the Phoenix Suns? Read her story here. Has she recovered from the alleged abuse?

This campaign isn’t about protecting young men and women from sexual predators on college campuses. If it was, the Obamas could never have thrown Walpin and his findings under the bus.

This is misandry, Rousseauian collectivism, and an autocrat’s tactical propaganda to consolidate more power through extralegal measures like task forces.

M. Catharine Evans writes at ExZoom.net

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