Lives for Votes

If we should be attacked by terrorists who come across our unprotected, undefended southern border, and should Americans die in any such attack, we would do well to understand for what those lives were lost. They would have been spent for the ability of illegal aliens to cast illegal votes for politicians doing illegal things. While both parties are to some degree to blame for the porousness of our southern border, the party that has the singular ability to solve the problem via the levers of government, the Democrats, is ensuring that the problem becomes so pervasive and vast that it will be virtually unsolvable by generations of future elected representatives.

We witnessed the jarring spectacle of the president this past weekend absurdly blaming our recent influx of illegal aliens on the aliens themselves, as if he was powerless to stop them and knew nothing about his own policies ensuring both reward and opportunity once across our border. They came for the protections and rewards he explicitly promised them. It seems odd that one who professes surprise at their arrival had so many buses and buildings ready and waiting to transport and house them. While this misdirection hid the president’s own express enticement of illegal aliens to come for amnesty, it also falsely isolated the problem to the small time period in which they came. The president and his party, primarily, have purposefully declined to protect our border or enforce our immigration laws for years, choosing instead to seed the country with so many future Democrats that nothing like a fair or honest election will ever again be seen in the lifetimes of these illegals and their offspring. Or yours and mine.

Of course, if the border is open to Central and South Americans, it is open to everyone, since selective anarchy is a lot of work, and we can’t be checking the papers of probable terrorists if we aren’t checking the papers of anyone else. If little children can figure out how to get across our open southern border, so too can ISIS, and Al Qaeda, and anyone who wants to kill Americans in large numbers.

Now comes word from Judicial Watch that ISIS is staging just across our border in Ciudad Juarez, and that increased chatter has authorities alarmed that an imminent attack, possibly against Fort Bliss in El Paso, is coming. Oh, and Thursday is 9/11. Perhaps, as in Benghazi, we will be visited by Mrs. Clinton’s mythical bunch of guys out for a walk who decide to strike at America, sans the video.

The president has signaled that he will delay his executive grant of amnesty until after the mid-term elections, which would be a politically prudent thing to do, even if only for Democrats’ self-protection in light of public opposition. But what if the president knows more than he is letting on, and his decision is motivated by the threat he has facilitated of terrorism via the open border? How much worse would it be for Democrats seeking reelection if Obama granted amnesty illegally, and terrorists then came across the open border Democrats love so much, and blew up a shopping mall, movie theater, or sports arena? Indeed, given our total lack of men and means to protect our southern border, hasn’t the president made this event almost inevitable? 

Should such an attack come soon, which seems likely given that even terrorists know a gift when they see it, the president will come to the microphone and blame those bad terrorists who don’t understand that theirs is a religion of peace. But the truth will be far uglier, and should be self-evident. The president has purposefully traded the national security that comes with a defended border for illegal votes, and when American blood is spilled, illegal votes will be all we have to show for dead Americans on American soil. Regardless of the seemingly sincere belief by liberal citizens that anyone who crosses our borders deserves prizes just for coming, the president and his party are playing a much longer game. They are planting seeds that they believe will grow into a reliably Democratic bloc for generations to come, with no sign of a comparable transplant to help Republicans.

In the process, however, the president and his enablers have gambled that with an entirely open border, and a coordinated plan to relocate as many illegals as can be quietly planted around the country, nothing worse will happen before Obama checks out, especially a terrorist attack. They can’t claim to base this hope on facts or logic, because both tell us that Islamic terrorists will exploit our weaknesses and vulnerabilities to kill us here, as they kill us elsewhere with much greater trouble. What’s worse, the president seems fully willing to lose that gamble, since the lives taken are not likely to be his or his children’s.

Once the terrorists are here, having established their bases, networks, and protectors, they won’t be going anywhere without a fight. How many more American lives will be lost rooting out these murderers, and for how long? How much time will be lost, and how much more deeply will they implant themselves, while as a nation we debate whether our fight against them is legitimate, or a violation of the constitutional rights they will claim, like the illegals, just for sneaking in?

Though it will not come as a surprise to those of us who foresaw the weakness, vulnerability, and inevitability of what the Obama presidency would bring upon us, the president’s continued refusal to fight our enemies where they live, along with his dedication to open borders, amnesty, and voting rights for illegal non-citizens, will ensure that his greatest legacy will likely be chronic battle against the relentless tide of global jihad, and the needless deaths of thousands of Americans, at best, and many more than that at worst, on our own soil, as well as abroad.

Our president has surrendered our security, our sovereignty, and our peace, all for the fraudulent votes of people who will protect him and his kind for generations to come. Since that was a price he was willing to make us pay, shouldn’t we be asking the obvious question: just how many Americans must die so that President Obama and the Democrats can cheat, rigging our future and depriving the nation of fair and legal elections for the rest of our lives? The answer, unfortunately, will not be capable of quick calculation once the menace is here. The number will simply grow until we win, or they do.

President Obama seems determined to be the first modern president under whom war finally comes to the homeland of the United States. Though he doesn’t know it yet, that appears likely to be his lasting legacy.