Islamophobia? Hell Yes!

On a recent family trip to Santa Monica, an evening walk on the Third Avenue Promenade felt as if we had been dropped into a Middle Eastern country.  90% of the people strolling down the bustling walkways and lounging at the cafes were Muslim. Women were dressed in either burqas, niqabs, or hijabs and the few younger women who were not, were speaking Arabic.

This experience followed a trip to Maine where we found ourselves encountering an unusually large number of Muslims on the streets of several cities and learned of the mini-Dearborn into which the Lewiston/Auburn area had been transformed.

Portland almost resembled midtown Manhattan where the Muslim population has been growing exponentially over the past several years.

The left commands us to believe that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance.  And yet, despite the fact that we have welcomed these vast Muslim communities into our country with open arms, the reality is something quite different. After I left Santa Monica I recalled that a Pakistani hotel owner there was sued for throwing all of the Jews out of her hotel. She told her staff to “Get the [expletive deleted] Jews out of my pool” and that “no one who was identifiable as Jewish was so much as ‘allowed to dip their feet in the water.’”

Dennis Prager’s recent column discussed a Muslim woman in Winooski, Vermont whose complaint over the “offensive” use of the word bacon in an advertisement led to the restaurant taking down the ad.  Pointing out that religious Jews who do not eat pork have never even considered advertising bacon as offensive, Prager wrote:

The woman who wrote this totalitarian drivel is the worst combination of fake victimhood, political correctness (which itself is a PC euphemism for "that which offends the left"), and Muslims who seek to impose sharia law on non-Muslims….

Would that the intolerance end there, perhaps I would feel safe with all of the hijabs that are appearing across America. But this summer we were treated to ugly pro-Hamas protests across the country.   From San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle to Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, Muslims screamed “Death to Israel,” called for a third intifada, chanted “Jews go back to the ovens,” and compared Israel to Nazis.  And two weeks ago on NYC’s Upper East Side, people in cars flying Palestinian flags yelling anti-Jewish statements attacked a Jewish couple.

Perhaps the upcoming Muslim Day Parade will afford an opportunity for the PC leftists to open their eyes.  At the 2012 parade a flyer was distributed proclaiming that “Islam is the future of America, and depicting the White House with the black flag flying over it.”

[A] Brooklyn-based imam called for global laws against “insulting” Islam.  Speakers urged sharia for the United States.  The imam called out “Takbir!”, which means “expand”; in other words, expand the “house of Islam” (Dar al-Islam) against the “house of war” (Dar al-Harb).  At one point, the crowd shouted “Allahu akbar!” while people raised their right hands in fascist-style salutes.

In 2013, the black flag of jihad and white flags signaling the caliphate adorned the entire parade. Perhaps ISIS members will be permitted to march this year.

Across Europe, Muslim violence has been lethal.  In addition to taking to the streets in Paris, burning buildings and cars, and throwing Molotov cocktails, Muslims murdered Jews in Brussels and pro-Palestinian protests turned ugly in cities from Frankfurt to London.

And those believing that Muslim beheadings in the UK – of a British soldier on a London street last year and an 82 year old grandmother last week – are an anomaly are simply naïve and ignorant. In a recent column, a British-Canadian journalist addressed those who refuse to admit the truth about the connection between Islam and terrorism:

There are in fact four stages involved in the denial of Islamic terror. The first is where we empty our heads. The second is where we bury our heads. The third is where we bow our heads. The fourth is where we lose our heads.

The first three are metaphorical, the last is literal.

So where is Obama on this existential issue? I believe he bypassed stage one having never emptied his head of a bizarre and blind allegiance to Islam. He has continuously sounded like someone in the second stage refusing to admit that we are at war with radical Islam. We saw him in the third stage throughout his first term as he literally bowed his head to world dictators including the Saudi king. And tragically, American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff paid the highest price entering the fourth stage due to Obama’s failed leadership and abysmal foreign policy decisions.

Despite these events, the PC police are still out in full force – they remain entrenched in one of the first three stages. A city official was recently criticized as being hateful and dangerous for posting a tweet stating:

I know that there are many Muslim leaders who denounce violent Islam, but can someone please explain why “the religion of peace” is so bloody? Why is Islamic terror so widespread – -without a worldwide equivalent in any other religion today?

Her tweet included a graphic listing the following Muslim terrorist attacks:  the shoe and underwear bombers, beltway snipers, Fort Hood, U.S.S. Cole, Madrid train, Bali nightclub, London Subway, Moscow theater, Boston Marathon, Pan-Am flight 93, Entebbe, Iranian U.S. Embassy, Beirut U.S. embassy, Kenyan U.S. embassy, Buenos Aires, Munich Olympics, Saudi, Khobar Towers, Beslan Russian school Bombay and Mumbai India, Achille Lauro, first World Trace Center and 9/11. The list does not include all of the attacks on Israel or Arab on Arab murders and genocides committed across the Mideast/North Africa.

And yet, we are continually told that Islam is a religion of peace. Notwithstanding the fact that it is commonplace now to read and hear about Muslim extremists committing beheadings, crucifixions, rapes, burying woman and children alive, sexually enslaving children, female genital mutilations, and honor killings, the PC police and the Muslim lobby label those of us willing to voice our concerns racists and Islamophobes as an attempt to silence and embarrass us.

Radical Islam is growing by the day.  From ISIS, al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezb’allah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Al Nusrah Front, and Boko Haram, we see barbaric violence and genocidal orgies with long-term goals of establishing an Islamic Caliphate and hopes to impose Sharia on infidels the world over.  Young Islamic children are indoctrinated to kill infidels and textbooks teach hate. Photos abound of Muslim children parading with severed heads, dressing up in faux bomb vests, holding AK-47s, and celebrating death.

Addressing the recently discovered abuse of over 1400 British children, Raymond Ibrahim explained the “centuries-long, continents-wide account of nonstop sexual predation” endemic to the culture of Islam and pervasive throughout the world in both Muslim and non-Muslim countries.

These are homophobes, sexists, anti-Semites, anti-Christian, and simple haters intolerant of anyone who is not a Sharia compliant Muslim. They are seventh century barbarians with 21st century weapons. And it is only a matter of time before these “jayvee teams on the run” get their hands on WMDs. Their killing is not indiscriminate and, as everyone from Chuck Hagel to the Saudi King has warned, they will not stop at the borders of Iraq and Syria.  

Last year I reviewed Steven Emerson’s Jihad in America: The Grand Deception observing:

A disturbing lesson from the film is that the U.S. government -- from the Departments of Homeland Security, Justice, and State to the F.B.I. -- has full knowledge of the MB's intricate network and agenda [in the U.S.]. In the face of that knowledge, the officials whom we have entrusted with national security and protection of our freedoms and values have either willfully turned a blind eye or been utterly complicit in furthering the nefarious goals of radical Islam.

One of Eric Holder’s first acts upon entering office was to drop all charges against the Holy Land Foundation unindicted co-conspirators including the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim Brotherhood off-shoot.  CAIR and other MB members have been invited to the White House and counsel the administration. Mohamed Elibiary, who believes that the U.S. is an Islamic country and that the return of the caliphate is “inevitable,” rose to the ranks of serving on the Homeland Security Advisory Council before recently resigning.

It is also disturbing to recognize the extent to which American courts are recognizing Sharia as the governing doctrine in their decisions.  In 2011, the Center for Security Policy identified 50 examples (representing just a fraction of the total number of cases) in 23 states “where Muslim-Americans had their cases decided by Sharia Law against their will.”

The NYPD was forced to terminate a program designed to root out terror in area mosques where it is known to begin and foment.  The PC police discovered the program and even New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie jumped on board the PC condemnation. And if anyone thinks that the mosques in the U.S. are attended by Muslims of the moderate variety, it was recently reported that the mosque attended by the Boston Bombers has a virtual who’s who list of terrorist attendees including a top ISIS operative.

The DOJ is not the only Obama department to abet the PC police in concealing the dangers of Islam in its current 21st century machination.  The FBI has scrubbed training materials of references to radical Islam, Obama ordered that the term “War on Terror” be changed to “Overseas Contingency Operation,” and at no time during his almost six year reign has Obama uttered the words “Islamic fundamentalism” or acknowledged that we are in fact at war with radical Islam.

If we are going to defeat the terrorists, we must become Islamophobes, (aka, non-Muslims who know more than they are supposed to know about Islam). I am happy to take my shoes and sweater off to board an airplane, but every hijab-wearing woman should be required to take her headscarf off as well. As David Cameron has required in the UK, the passports of every radicalized American who joins ISIS should be revoked so that they cannot return to commit terror on American soil. And yet, in the face of hundreds of Americans fighting with ISIS in Iraq and Syria, the State Department announced that, “being a member of a terrorist group [is] not enough to get your passport automatically revoked.”

Our borders must be secured so that Koran-carrying, prayer rug-toting Islamic terrorists can no longer sneak in. The FBI, CIA, HHS, NSA, and TSA should work to prevent future terrorist attacks, and not worry about offending a group of people who are the only ones committing acts of terror across the world today. Not all Muslims are terrorists but substantially all terrorists are Muslims and until people are permitted to say that without the hypocrisy and irony of being labeled dangerous themselves, we will not be safe.