How Illegal Immigrant Juveniles Will Serve the Democrat Party

As thousands of illegal immigrant juveniles cross the southern border of the U.S., the knee-jerk response of media has been to either support the migration as benefiting those who are fleeing violence of Central American countries, or to complain about the potential health risks and costs of the movement. Neither of these perspectives explains the real reason the illegal immigrant juveniles are being brought into the U.S. They are being brought into the country to serve the Democratic National Machine. 

Throughout recorded history governments have used their power to bring people into their countries from neighboring areas. This was done by the Egyptians, Romans, and many other superpowers throughout history. Only government has the organizing capacity to bring millions of people over their borders. 

President Obama is using Federal agencies to make this happen at every step of the process. Federal dollars are being used to bus and fly immigrants from the border to locations throughout the United States.  Ft. Sills in Oklahoma has been filled with these so-called refugees. This movement is coordinated and happening very rapidly. Now there are thousands, soon there will be tens of thousands.  Estimates of the total run to 100,000 or more.

The governments of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador have been consulted and apparently have agreed to participate in this mass movement of young humanity. Mexico is also complicit in allowing passage through their normally strict southern border.

The best way to see how the Democratic National Machine is served by illegal immigrants is to review the facts of recent history. Illegal immigrants, as I have explained, have been welcomed into the U.S. since the time of Lyndon Johnson and supported  Democrats like to flee from their responsibility for this by blaming it, through your tax dollars, by local, state and Federal benefit programs. on “big business” but this is the tactic they always use to deflect blame from themselves.

These programs have been established by the Democratic National Machine to create a political economy that benefits the Machine.  And the most profitable employees of the Machine are those who are, in the eyes of Democrats, what I call “human political capital.”

The best way to understand how the recent wave of illegal immigrant juveniles will benefit the Democratic National Machine (DNM) is to review how the DNM benefited from illegal immigration from 1980 to 2010, the decades of the greatest growth in their numbers. 

According to the Census Bureau, from just 2000 to 2010 the U.S. Hispanic or Latino population grew by 15 million.  This amounted to a growth rate of 43% in just ten years and produced 30 Congressional Representatives.  It is crucial to understand that this government-promoted invasion was done by the DNM to benefit their public-sector unions and maintain the populations of their cities.  The Brookings Institution reported that if not for illegal immigration 20 of the 100 largest cities of the U.S. would have lost population from 1980 to 2000.  Also, 97% of the growth in the Latino population from 1980 to 2000 took place took place in established Metropolitan areas. 

In summary, just three metro areas, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, dominated the Latino metro growth from 1980 to 2000. This is why Obama flies and buses them to metro areas. 

What is obvious about these children and adults is that they are not refugees from a war. There are no reports of military invasion. The children are not wrapped in bandages being carried on stretchers. It is not an emergency situation. The juveniles are being brought here as proxies of citizens. They are entitled to many of the same benefits as those born in the country and some that citizens are not. As they reach age 18 they will be able to vote in some states even though they are not citizens. This is why Democrats fight voter ID laws. Each juvenile is worth 1/450,000 of a Congressional representative. There is a long-term electoral benefit. But that doesn’t explain the immediate utility they have to the DNM. For now they serve a more definite and useful function: they help maintain the campaign contributions of the DNM.

Illegal immigrant juveniles are not seen by the DNM as a burden. Rather, they are a source of public sector union support.  Each juvenile will bring up to $3,000 in Federal block grants alone to the city, County, and State where they will live. Numerous Federal benefits will fall upon the specialists in English as a Second Language programs, WIC food support, rent subsidies, free health care, and other benefits. 

What they will find in the U.S. may at first appear very appealing. Free food, free health care, and free education. But soon they will realize they are being kept under confinement.  Not behind barbed wire fences but the invisible fences of Hispanic barrios. They will be assured by their Hispanic leaders that all needs will be taken care of, that their dream of attending college will be assisted by the Dream Act. For the first time in U.S. history, bilingualism has been promoted by the Federal government in preparation for their arrival.  Labels on almost everything you buy today are in Spanish and English.

Research by the Pew Hispanic Center shows that those who come here will slowly succumb to the social ills of gang membership, dropping out of high school, teenage pregnancy, and dependency on the Federal government. Only with extraordinary talent and hard work will they be able to escape their environment. They will be expected to do low-paid manual work no one else will do, to live only with people who speak their language. To have low expectations because the Democratic National Machine has conditioned them, in the soft language of concern, that they are not capable of blending into American society. 

And of course this will all be for their own good, for the good of their families. If there are any liberal journalists who are truly humanitarian, they will expose this oppression, but that is unlikely. 

And that this is happening now, after 60 years of Civil Rights, is quite astounding and is a tribute to the effectiveness of the DNM at oppressing minorities with rhetoric. The proof of this is the fact that there is no Hispanic civil rights movement on the horizon. 

And the juvenile illegal immigrants are a new, quick source of campaign cash funneled through public sector unions to the DNM. This is needed at a time when the president’s favorability rating is at an all-time low and the November elections come closer. But these costs will multiply for decades and be a permanent drag on the real economy, the economy in which the citizens must survive. 

The real story is that President Obama cares not for the welfare of Hispanic juveniles.  His only concern is to keep the Democratic National Machine in power. He himself was placed in the White House to rewrite Immigration Law and preserve DNM campaign donations and electoral support.

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