Democrats Unfazed

Obama doesn’t look very happy these days.  His face is drawn, his hair graying, his voice a monotone.  To keep going he needs a lot of luxury vacations, therapeutic golf with low-level lackeys, and non-stop fawning from billionaire Democrats at fundraisers.  He seems to have tuned out so completely that he hasn’t a clue what’s happening.  Despite a year of briefings, ISIS was a complete a surprise to him.  The only outside stimulus that got a reaction from the commander in chief was his abysmal poll numbers. It’s tough be to a pathological narcissist when the applause stops.  The destruction of American prosperity and power that Obama has purposefully wrought isn’t as fun as he thought it would be.  The evil results are being tied to him for the first time, and that wasn’t supposed to happen. The puzzling piece of these developments isn’t Obama.  His performance is what conservatives expected,...(Read Full Article)