Democrats Unfazed

Obama doesn’t look very happy these days.  His face is drawn, his hair graying, his voice a monotone.  To keep going he needs a lot of luxury vacations, therapeutic golf with low-level lackeys, and non-stop fawning from billionaire Democrats at fundraisers.  He seems to have tuned out so completely that he hasn’t a clue what’s happening.  Despite a year of briefings, ISIS was a complete a surprise to him.  The only outside stimulus that got a reaction from the commander in chief was his abysmal poll numbers.

It’s tough be to a pathological narcissist when the applause stops.  The destruction of American prosperity and power that Obama has purposefully wrought isn’t as fun as he thought it would be.  The evil results are being tied to him for the first time, and that wasn’t supposed to happen.

The puzzling piece of these developments isn’t Obama.  His performance is what conservatives expected, given his life story, his psychological problems, and his radical record. 

The puzzle is the other people at those fundraisers.  Surely some of them care more about the country than whatever favor they are after?  Obama hasn’t lost one single billionaire donor.  They are holding firm.  It is only independents who are running away from the Democrat disaster – citing Obama’s record on terrorism, foreign policy, immigration, the economy, and health care. 

The puzzle is that 84% of Democrat voters are completely unfazed.  They are averting their eyes from Obama’s creepiness and bad press and getting happy about Hillary.  The current polls aren’t good news for them, but that is only because Islamic beheadings make bad TV.  Ordinary Democrats I talk to are not worried about anything – not ISIS, not politics. 

We can’t explain it by black race loyalty.  Yes, 84% of blacks told a New York Times/CBS poll yesterday they would vote the Democratic Party line in the upcoming congressional election.  But the percentage among all Democrats is exactly the same: 84%.

Democrats like this path. 

So while Obama is the nightmare we knew he would be, our problem is bigger than Obama.  Hillary will not be different.  She lobbied for the pro-jihadi policies that pushed out Mubarak and Gaddafi, destabilizing the Middle East.  She sacrificed our personnel in Benghazi.  She appeals to the same voters who wanted Gitmo shut down, even if it meant we stopped the capture and interrogation of terrorists.  Hillary personifies the liberal mindset that it is preferable to coexist with jihadis rather than to call them what they are and annihilate them. 

She’s a female version of Obama in each and every major policy.  Government takeover of medicine, open borders, big government, the nanny state, the culture of victimhood – she’s on board.  So are her voters.

Who are these people who still live the Democrat dream?  Like Obama, they haven’t questioned their vision or their superiority for a minute.  It’s somewhat odd, because they elected Obama based entirely on lies, and you’d expect some sense of betrayal and disillusionment. 

He pretended he would set new records for bipartisanship, and he set new records for partisanship.  He promised to heal race relations but intervened to inflame them.  He promised to help the economy, and he harmed it.  He promised to care about the poor, and he abandoned them.  He promised to make us safer from the jihadis than the cowboy Bush, and he has brought the entire Middle East to flames, while throwing open our border to terrorists.  He promised he would act like a pragmatic, conciliatory centrist, and he has been the opposite.

These were not the results that Democrats expected from the implementation of liberalism.  They thought their electoral sweep would bring world peace, help the poor, heal the nation, and grow the economy.  Yet they don’t seem to mind getting the opposite.  

The root of the problem is now clear: Democrats don’t face negative consequences, so they can’t learn from them.  To talk politics with Democrat friends is a study in all the defense mechanisms available to the human mind.  In a brief conversation, you can observe every mental trick in the book – denial, projection, rationalization, avoidance, and the Democrat’s favorites: blame and scapegoating.  Anything but face the civic, moral, military, and economic failures of liberalism.  They do not admit for one second that their political ideas have wrought havoc.

Democrats are actually much less depressed than conservatives, who are grief-stricken, enraged, and scared by what progressives have done to our country in six very long years.  How do Dems manage this?  Partly through denial of the scope and source of the problems, but mostly because they are not all that disappointed.

Democrats didn’t like that Bush eventually won in Iraq.  His accomplishment was historic and important: he learned from his initial errors, succeeded in bringing the Sunnis on board, and for the first time anywhere, kicked the terrorists out.  He did it through war.  Democrats don’t like that.

Democrats preferred failure.  They didn’t want to consolidate our gains with a normal wind-down in Iraq or Afghanistan that would leave a troop presence.  They loved, loved, loved total withdrawal.  They now have the failure they wanted. 

Democrats never admired Bush’s 100% record in preventing another terror attack on our soil.  Democrats still believe that the war on terror was unnecessary.  There would be no problem with Islam if only we didn’t support Israel and attack perfectly nice, reasonable, peaceful Arabs.  They agree that the real battle is to fight Islamophobia.  Open borders are fine with them.  Terrorism is a Republican-manufactured bogeyman.

Democrats don’t mind that we have shrunk our military and our options, allowing Russia, China, and Islamic imperialists free rein.  Shockingly, they even rationalized lifting sanctions on Iran and signaling that we can live with an Islamic bomb.  They just pretend it’s not happening.  They avert their eyes and ignore the dangers around us.

As one friend boasted to me, “the money we save on the military, we can spend on education.”  “Beheading Christians in Iraq is not our problem,” says another.  In the next breath she tells me: “We’ll just have to get used to living with terrorism like other countries.  Like London with the IRA in the 1970s.”

“This fighting has been the same for thirty years,” says yet another deep-thinking liberal.  “Old men always want to send young men to war.”  When I reply, “Young heroes are always willing to die defending liberty,” he asks if I grew up in the United States or Israel.  He can’t imagine a normal American believing that the war against resurgent Islam is necessary and just, and that we must defend ourselves.      

Turning victory to disaster in the Middle East is based on Democrat values, not Obama’s personal history.  It is not a mistake due to incompetence.  It is popular with his base.

No foreigner is an enemy to Obama, Hillary, and their two hundred million Democrat supporters.  Obama doesn’t want to defeat ISIS; he wants some painless way to bomb himself a few positive headlines, because he knows his Democrats.  That’s all they want, also.  Only Republicans are enemies.

You know – Republicans – the Enemy.  Racist, moronic, Islamophobe warmongers, who want us to send young men to die in the sands of the Middle East for no good reason at all except that we like war, not peace.  Only Democrats like peace.  Only they know how to create peace.  Just don’t turn on the TV.