Changing the Climate, One Mansion at a Time

As concerned climatics infested New York and other centers of first-world self-concern on the day before the first day of autumn to express their worries about seasonal change, night into day, and other climate/weather cycles they displayed their usual hypocrisy, selfishness and oh yes, ignorance.  

Listen again as gazillionaire elitists such as Robert F. Kennedy Junior (son of/member of the fabled, extremely wealthy Kennedy clan) and actor Leonardo DiCaprio babble about saving our planet.

"Climate change is compromising the very livability of our planet," the actor, sporting a long, scraggly beard and long hair pulled back into a bun, said as he accepted the Clinton Global Citizen Award for philanthropy.

That reducing carbon emissions might compromise the very livability of millions, denying them electricity, clean water, adequate food, heat and other luxuries -- or else making them very expensive -- seems to be irrelevant to DiCaprio, Kennedy, and their acolytes who will not suffer the consequences of their policies.

Gaze upon the homes -- yes, wastefully, surprisingly DiCaprio has more than one – that he and Kennedy will return to after a hard day of protesting. 

The actor owns properties on both coasts. His Tinseltown compound lies in the Hollywood Hills, comprised of two adjoining land parcels (one purchased from Madonna ) and touting a massive basketball court the movie star built. He also owns two Malibu beachfront homes, including a seven-bedroom Malibu Colony home asking $75,000 per month in rent. In New York City, DiCaprio inhabits a apartment in eco-chic Riverhouse, a Battery Park City condo that pumps out twice-filtered air and filtered water to residents, who include Tyra Banks.


Riverhouse [Leonardo DiCaprio]


The New York Post reports: "The “WELL Certified” building includes amenities such as vitamin C-infused showers, purified air and water, a circulated aromatherapy air supply, posture-supportive heat reflexology flooring and “dawn simulation” provided by a circadian lighting design. Donna Karan’s Urban Zen is even providing a “wellness concierge to curate and coordinate your daily wellness experience.”

We’re told Leo -- who owns a $100,000 Fisker Karma hybrid car — can even use a $1 million parking spot, the first at that price, which comes with another of the building’s units, an 8,000-square-foot duplex penthouse, until the apartment is sold.

No need for a sarcastic retort -- hypocritic reality can't be beat.

Meanwhile, DiCaprio isn't suffering in California either.  

Photo by:  Zillow | 

Leo purchased his Malibu Colony estate for $6 million in 2002. After offering the home for rent at $75,000 a month in May 2012, he put the property on the market for $23 million in November of the same year. UPDATE: More than a year and several price cuts later, Leonardo DiCaprio sold his Malibu home for $17.35 million in December 2013, according to Zillow. 

The recently rejected Oscar nominee Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly bought a six-bedroom home in Palm Springs for $5.2 million. First circulated by the Desert Sun newspaper late last month, the sale was bound by confidentiality agreements signed by the listing agents and sellers.


Fellowship of the Minds has more pictures of DiCaprio's other homes.  Yes, they are large. Yes, they are expensive.  And oh yes, not so incidentally they are environmentally wasteful.  

As are the private jets and yachts of his friends, Saudi oil beneficiaries, wouldn’t you know, which he is not shy about using and enjoying.  


After several exhausting days of protesting, DiCaprio rested at one of his multi-million dollar residences in New York where he prepared for his speech on Tuesday warning about "accelerated climate change" at the United Nations' Climate Summit.  

To be clear, this is not about just telling people to change their light bulbs or to buy a hybrid car. This disaster has grown beyond the choices that individuals make. This is now about our industries, and governments around the world taking decisive, large-scale action.

I am not a scientist, but I don’t need to be. Because the world’s scientific community has spoken, and they have given us our prognosis, if we do not act together, we will surely perish.

Now is our moment for action.

We need to put a pricetag on carbon emissions, and eliminate government subsidies for coal, gas, and oil companies. We need to end the free ride that industrial polluters have been given in the name of a free-market economy, they don’t deserve our tax dollars, they deserve our scrutiny. For the economy itself will die if our ecosystems collapse.

Then DiCaprio departed for one of his multi-million dollar residences in New York to prepare for his next carbon emitting jet trip. 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. also does not live in a small eco-friendly log cabin hut. Until his second wife committed suicide there two years ago, the couple lived in a large, certifiable eco-friendly mansion.  

The Kennedy Green House showcases cutting-edge technologies and eco-friendly material. The classical and elegant 4 bed, 6 bath home sits on twelve acres and enjoys a thirty acre private lake in the rear of the home. Some of the features include: radiant heat, geothermal power (sustainable, low-cost, and eco-friendly), passive solar power, high-tech lighting, newspaper and soybean sealant insulation, hybrid hot water heater, LEDs, low voltage, passive Solatubes and fiber-optic lighting, frameless eco-friendly maple custom kitchen cabinetry, Electrolux energy star rated appliances, and a three-bin recycle center.

But, again not so surprisingly, DiCaprio's and Kennedy's followers  are not about to deprive themselves, albeit on a smaller scale, if the environmentally unfriendly mounds of garbage they left behind for others to clean up after their temper tantrum protest demonstrates. 

The following is one of my screamingly hypocritical favorites -- note the saying on the nonrecyclable cup.  

Monday, the climatics, who obviously don't have such mundane time-consuming concerns as work and/or school, "marched" on Wall Street to "flood" it and express their anger at the scapegoat rich. As Weasel Zippers noted: Pics From Today’s Leftist “Flood Wall Street” Protest A Sea Of White Faces, Stunning Lack Of Diversity…

Ok, maybe it’s not all that stunning.

Yep, they're ra-a-acist too!  

Is that environmentally okay?  

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