What Does the Town of Ferguson See in the Mirror?

Based on the stories that the media and civil-rights leaders blow up, guns seem to naturally zero in on all the decent, respectful, and law-abiding teens in rough neighborhoods. Strangely, that has never been the case among the young people I know who live in an incredibly dangerous town. Every kid I know personally, or that I have a close connection to, who has been shot has always been involved in something criminal or dangerous -- period.  None of the kids I know about were armed at the time of their shootings. I do not believe they deserved to be shot for what they were doing, but rational people accept that crime and counterproductive choices have everything to do with these kids’ bullet holes. Unfortunately, many of the boys merely amp up their commitment to self-destructive behavior after being shot. Their criminal scars are trophies they can brag about.  Let’s just be blunt. The kids who avoid those bad choices rarely ever end up shot. Maybe that...(Read Full Article)