The Biggest Issue in 2016

Every day, more damning evidence oozes out of the festering carbuncle of the persecution by the Obama IRS of conservatives.  The latest two fetid secretions are these: (1) Lois Lerner’s lost e-mails were never “lost” at all, but have been archived, and (2) Lois Lerner’s BlackBerry, which also contained all the lost e-mails, was scrubbed and destroyed one year after her hard drive crashed.

Judge Sullivan shows no intention of letting Obama’s underlings off the hook, and at this point a full-scale judicially ordered independent prosecution of the crimes committed seems to be in the works.  This prosecution may not even begin until after the November 2014 elections, which means that the left can keep trying to kick the can farther down the road for a while longer.

The problem with that strategy is that even if the leftist establishment media continues to ignore this scandal, that will not stop indictment and conviction of those creeps who worked for Obama, followed his orders, and now will be left holding the bag.  We do not know today just who has been involved, but it seems likely that the trail of wrongdoing stretches right into the White House.

The longer they stonewall and lie, the greater their criminal culpability.  Already it seems certain that the criminal misconduct includes not only conspiracy to abuse the power of the IRS, but also conspiracy to obstruct justice.  This crime of conspiracy to obstruct justice is a very wide net indeed.  It could easily include Eric Holder and other Department of Justice officials and presidential advisers in the White House who knew or should have known about the cover-up and continued deception of Congress and the federal judiciary.

In the two years between November 2014 and November 2016, there is increasingly the probability that Lerner (recall that she has already taken the Fifth Amendment, recognizing her possible criminal misconduct) and a gaggle of other high-level lieutenants of Obama will be both indicted and convicted before the 2016 presidential election. 

When that happens, Democrats will face the same sort of problem that Republicans faced in Nixon’s Watergate.  The scandal, in both instances, involved offenses that occurred before the president’s re-election, and the scandal, in both instances, involved not simply crimes like burglary (Watergate) or abuse of power (IRS), but of bald-faced lying to Congress, to federal courts, and to the American people.  It also involved not just criminal conspiracy under the law-book definition, but conspiracy to hide wrongdoing and the like to the American people.  If officials in Obama’s Justice Department are involved – and this too becomes more likely all the time – then the impact on America could be overwhelming.

What was Watergate really about?  The three politically toxic elements were (1) lying to Congress and to America, (2) conspiracy by high-ranking government officials to hide wrongdoing, and (3) the involvement of the Nixon Department of Justice as a vital element of this criminal conspiracy.  The more certain the punishment of the wicked became, the more Republicans insisted that Nixon resign. 

These leads to another striking parallel between this Obama scandal and Watergate: Obama, like Nixon, is an isolated personality whose only real loyalty is to Obama and no one else.  He seems congenitally incapable of confessing any real sin.  The more the posse closes in on him, the more likely Obama seems to get petulant, to hide at Martha’s Vineyard, and to compound past lies with more lies. 

Nixon resigned only after Goldwater and other key Republicans went to the White House and told Nixon that he must.  Are there any Democrats – any at all, really – who can be reasonably seen with the intestinal fortitude to go to Obama and say that he must resign?  Would Hillary be able to do that?  Would Biden, who would take Barry’s place in the White House?  Could Reid or Pelosi? 

More and more, it looks like the final chapter in the IRS Scandal will be played out before a disgusted America before the 2016 election.  Politicians fear, most of all, issues ordinary Americans can understand easily.  This is just such an issue.  Moreover, if Americans rightly perceive the Obama administration to have been dishonest, dirty, and dissembling, then it will be easy to convince voters in 2016 that this corruption is the prime cause of all the other miseries which the nation faces today.  The IRS scandal, currently ignored by much of the media, could be the biggest issue in 2016.