Obama's Mess: Regional Jihad in the ME

Since the start of this administration, Obama has plotted with jihadist forces in the Middle East to stir up conflict -- not, repeat not, to build stability. That is an essential point to understand about this administration. This column (and others) have covered the evidence for that shocking fact in great detail.

The first and worst example of Obama’s irresponsible meddling was his public attack on Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, who kept the peace between Israel and Egypt for four decades, ever since Anwar Sadat was assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Instead of backing the peace party in Egypt, Obama actively supported Sadat’s MuBro assassins in taking over Egypt -- until, by a miracle, mainstream Egyptians themselves rose up in protest against a reactionary, anti-democratic, women-hating jihad regime. Egypt fears the jihadist past. They’ve seen it. They don’t want to go back to it.

Today, General Al Sissi, who desires peace with Israel, is in a war-to-the-death with the Muslim Brotherhood, the fundamentalist party that spawned Hamas. Israel and Egypt now have Hamas in a military nutcracker, Egypt destroying 1,600 Hamas tunnels going into Gaza from its territory, while the recent IDF campaign destroyed more than thirty attack tunnels under Israel. Egypt enforces an arms blockade against Hamas in Gaza, while Israel tries to block the flow of arms and terrorists to the best of its abilities. Meanwhile, there are reports that Hamas is hiding the leadership of the MuBros, fleeing from Al Sissi’s revenge in Egypt.

Repeat that: Obama knowingly pushed over the government of Egypt, the greatest pillar of stability and general peace in the Arab Middle East. As a direct result, the shifting kaleidoscope of Muslim alliances and enmities simply shattered. The Saudis freaked, because the U.S. defense guarantee against a nuclear Iran was callously betrayed by Obama. They prepared to import nuclear weapons to counter the Shi’ite fanatics of Iran. Using their huge oil wealth, the Saudis have supported nukes in Pakistan, which are now available to ship to them off the shelf. The Saudis also funded mainstream Egypt against Obama’s good buddies of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Saudis are now trying to buy Russian support through oil swaps, because America has betrayed their trust.

The more Obama meddles, the less influence we end up with. No sane regime trusts the United States anymore, simply because we have betrayed them.

The kaleidoscope of shifting alliances keeps rotating, and so far the ready-to-explode Middle East has not found a new, stable state. It is teetering precariously on the edge of something much worse.

The Qaidist cancer that started in the 1990s with Osama Bin Laden is now metastatizing into a self-proclaimed “caliphate” run by one Abu Baghadi, a Guantanamo recidivist, now called the Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq. IS is being denounced by Al Qaida -- of all gangsters -- as “extremist,” believe it or not, apparently because it’s torturing too many Christians and Yazidis on YouTube. Al Qaida hates competition.

The Saudis are now afraid of both Shi’ite Iran and Sunni IS -- all of which is a poetic reward for Saudi sponsorship of Al Qaida itself.

Jihadi terror financing has come back to haunt the House of Saud, threatening its very life. God moves in surprising ways his wonders to perform.

The Middle East kaleidoscope keeps flipping into new crystalline patterns, click after click. Obama keeps trying to meddle, always with disastrous results. But every other player is also trying to push new alliances and enmities in their own direction: the mullahs, the Europeans, Russia, and now even China. Obama prefers to meddle using Turkey and Qatar as proxies. The terrorized Christians, Yazidis, Kurds, and other traditional victim peoples keep trying to escape Islamist murder squads, who are now tweeting decapitated victim pictures to the whole world in real time.

The Long Jihad War is the first twitter war, meaning that things are moving too fast and too dangerously for anybody to control. Certainly not Obama, who keeps wandering off to the golf course to shut out the daily horrors he has triggered.

After the failure of Obama’s meddling in Egypt he made matters worse by unilaterally invading Libya, crashing the fragile tribal confederacy run by Muammar Gadaffi. Libya is now trapped in a bloody civil war, and Gadaffi himself was assassinated by the ancient method of anal impalement, apparently to the satisfaction of this administration. In Benghazi Ambassador Christopher Stevens was murdered by Al Qaida gangs, some of the worst butchers in the Middle East. Crazily enough, Stevens was trying to smuggle vast quantities of Libyan arms, including MANPADS, to the Qaidist rebels in Syria -- the so-called “moderate Sunnis” who were trying to overthrow the dictatorship of Assad in Syria. Obama tried to buy Al Qaida to fight Assad in Syria, and in return the AQ’s brought us Benghazi. This may surprise the average voter who believed Obama’s Big Lie that Osama was dead, Al Qaida was defeated.

Some defeat.

So Obama destabilized Egypt, followed by the sadistic overthrow of Gaddaffi, followed by armed support of the Qaidist murder squads in Syria. Notice that Obama always stirs up trouble by arming and paying rebels against stabilizing regimes. The war against Assad has now notched up more than 150,000 dead in Syria, with no end in sight. (No wonder that Vladimir Putin laughs at Obama’s criticism of his piratical actions in Crimea and the Ukraine.)

And now the “moderate” Syrian Qaidists have morphed into something called the Islamic State, slaughtering and gang-raping Shi’ites, Christians, Yazidis, and any other infidels in Syria and Iraq. IS is now drawing enthusiastic volunteers from Britain, Norway, France, and all the rest, soon to go home to blow themselves up in Europe’s capital cities.

Thank you Mr. Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and John Brennan, who have all been conniving at this human catastrophe from the very start.

The United States has never had an administration as malignant as this. Never. This is an un-American administration down to its very roots, which are in Marxism and Islamism, not in our political tradition at all. There is nothing Jeffersonian about Obama’s policies.

In every single case, Obama has backed the morally ugliest forces in the Middle East. This is not just by Western standards of moral behavior -- the outrage against Obama is now shared by the “Arab Street” in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. Obama has even managed to unify the quibblesome Israeli politicians against him.

Things are so bad that Obama’s biggest fans, hardcore Democrats and Eurosocialists, are expressing their shock and horror. Their messianic hero of yesterday is turning into the scapegoat of tomorrow. Hillary is already blasting the very policies she carried out with the help of Muslim Sister Huma Abedin, her “closest aide.” However -- Hillary is as deeply implicated in the Arab Catastrophe as anybody else.

The Saudis are frightened to death by another salient of Obama’s reckless meddling, his surrender to the Khomeinist suicide regime in Iran -- on the small matter of nukes for mullahs. The Saudis also supported mainstream Egypt against the radical Muslim Brotherhood, but the Moobers are still embedded in the Obama administration, still manipulating the United States for their own ends -- that being to build their own radical superstate in Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

For 1200 years warlike Muslims always want a caliphate, an empire -- and today the Turkish regime openly wants the Ottomans, the Moobers want the Abbasids, the Iranians want the Fatimids, and the sheikhs of Qatar want anything the Saudis don’t want. (Really: See here.)

To Muslim fantasists, a “caliphate” is an empire of religious unity that never was. Dozens of mutually warring caliphates have lived and died over the last 1200 years. None of them actually unified Muslims under one central command, and the Islamic fantasy state run by Abu Baghdadi is crumbling even now. This expanding gangster state is hated by every single Muslim regime in the world, by all the world’s Shi’ites, most of the Sunnis, and even the Qaidists themselves. Even Obama has decided to drop a few bombs, hopefully allowing some of the threatened civilians to escape. But by now he’s totally lost the plot, and is running an ad hoc war that he promised to end years ago. Obama is losing a world war that was only declared by our jihadist enemies around the world. The West never even declared a defensive war, not even after 9/11/01, and Obama keeps pretending he is making “Peace, peace!” But there is no peace. Just the opposite.

The kaleidoscope keeps turning, and we are now seeing the Middle East fracturing along its greatest historical fault lines: The Sunnis against the Shi’ites, the Persians against the Arabs, the Turks against the rest, all Muslims against Christians and Jews.

That little nagging dispute between Israel and the Palestinian refugees of 1948 is only a tiny crystal in that monstrous kaleidoscope.

Today’s Gaza campaign is not what liberals think it is -- it’s not just another nasty chapter in the long war between Israel and the phony “Palestinians.” No. Gaza is a proxy war between the Saudis and Egyptians on the one side, closely allied with Israel, and Iran and Qatar on the other. The majority of self-declared Palestinians are hoping that Hamas will be beaten by Israel and Egypt, so that the kleptocrats of the Palestinian Authority can stay in power.

As the scorpion said to the drowning frog: This is the Middle East.

The Muslim world always splinters into fragments in the face of these geopolitical quakes, sometimes down to tribes against tribes, cousins against cousins, brother against brother. When the cost of war and the advantages of stability become clear again, a new kaleidoscope can click into place.

So far we have not seen stability following from Obama’s ruthless meddling.

The biggest geopolitical shift triggered by Obama is a new alliance, believe it or not, between Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia on the one hand, against Iran, Syria, and Qatar on the other.

Qatar has paid billions for Hamas to build its underground tunnel city, copied from Iran and North Korea. The purpose was to make trouble for Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, and to boost their enemies. The ancient logic still works: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

(In fact, the Qataris are close desert cousins of the Saudis they are fighting against, just as you might expect.)

In response to the Iranian threat, Israel and Saudi Arabia are openly talking for the first time since 1948. For the last four decades Israel has been quietly making deals with Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, and Lebanese parties. Miraculously, the Saudis are now signaling open acceptance of Israel, being much more afraid of gruesome alternatives like Iran and IS. Soon we will see a double cheek kiss between Benyamin Netanyahu and Saudi King Abdullah.

Even Al Qaida has been telling Abu Baghdadi to stop being so “extreme.” Apparently Allah sets a limit to the supply of virgins in the hereafter, all reserved for the smoky embers of suicide bombers who kill infidels.

The only good news from the Obama years is that it’s now clear that nobody -- except the worst radicals -- wants an all-out war in the Middle East.

Yet Obama keeps talking to the most malicious characters on the block. Turkey is Obama’s closest “friend” in the region, run by a kleptocrat neo-Ottoman regime. Obama is also working with the barbarian oil sheikhs of Qatar to influence the war in Gaza -- to no avail, of course.

Now we see a whole new full-scale Qaidist reign of terror in the Middle East, the Christian-children-killing “Caliphate” (empire) run by a released mass-murderer from Guantanamo, who calls himself Abu Baghadi. (Like “Jim Jones” in English).

By now you’ve lost track of the players, as violent Islamists are peeling off and realigning from day to day. Forget the ancient desert names. Just think about colored crystals in a freely rotating kaleidoscope. It is a Hobbesian war of all against all, splitting and merging from day to day.

Here is the bottom line:

1. This administration has constantly made things worse rather than better, seeking to stir up regional instability, on the theory that it could then reshape a Middle East according to Obama’s liking.

This is what community agitators do in real life. It is not an accident. The results are easy to see in the City of Chicago and its infamous murder rate, in the State of Illinois under Obama’s political mentor, Emil Jones, and in the Obama years, at the national level. As Dr. Michael Barone has pointed out, the United States is now run by a national mafia. Better face it, or we’ll never be able to change it.

2. All of Obama’s moves so far have failed miserably at the cost of hundreds of thousands of Muslim lives. Just count up Syria, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia, and all the rest.

The Muslims of the world should hate this President of the United States for very good reasons. He has conducted aggressive imperialism of the worst kind, and he keeps doing it. He never learns to stop subverting the Middle East. (Which also happens to be his domestic politics).

Obama is the most radical and brain-locked president in American history, and all our true friends in the world are hoping we will get over his political Ebola virus real soon. No normal Americans support Obama’s meddling at the cost of thousands of human lives abroad.

3. But here is the kicker. Obama is a rigid revolutionary type who keeps gambling with other people’s lives and also keeps failing to achieve any of his goals. For Obama everything goes wrong. The fundamental reason is his cult delusion, the heritage of a hundred years of Marxist governance all around the world. The Russians and Chinese are laughing at our hapless clown-in-office because they can spot all the rigid neurotic mistakes he keeps making. But the Western Left never learned the lesson of the end of the Soviet Union. The Boomer Left was bound and determined to March Through the Institutions until they controlled our culture, our educational system, our judiciary, legislatures and now the Presidency of the United States. Nothing they have ever tried has worked, but they have been able to escape the consequences -- Until Boomer Lefties gained the Presidency. Carter, the Clintons, Obama, and soon, phony Indian Liz Warren are utterly stuck in Obama’s mental rigidities. So are many European socialists. But countries that actually suffered under Communism were forced to learn or die. In the West, Marxoids stayed stuck in delusional fantasies.

Obama is the logical outcome of the Boomer Sixties. If the world can learn from his irrational actions and policies, we may yet be able to correct their consequences.

Which means that Uncle Sam wants you for the upcoming elections.

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