More Bad News for the Middle Class and Their Health Care

The biggest “unforeseen” issue arising with the poorly named Affordable Care Act is its effect on affordability of care.  The typical middle-class family, in order to afford the broader coverage necessitated by ObamaCare, is having to choose a higher and higher deductible insurance plan.  This is having a huge impact on a patient’s decision even to go to the doctor, much less survive the increased cost if he does find himself needing care. In the not so distant past, the doctor or hospital would provide a service for the patient and submit a bill to the insurance company, and the insurer would pay the bill.  The patient was usually responsible for a small, affordable deductible.  If the patient was uninsured, the doctor or hospital would try to arrange some sort of payment plan, although state and federal programs did cover some needy patients.  Many patients’ bills were simply written off as charity, as the cost of pursuing the...(Read Full Article)