Just Moseying Around in BHO Land

Last week when I went to peruse the shelves at Barnes & Noble and used my educator card for a purchase, I was asked to show a photo ID.  The next day, when I went for a planned medical procedure, I was required to display a photo ID.  And finally, when I cashed a check at the local A&P, the cashier requested to see some identification.  Even at a local Goodwill store, I had to show a photo ID in order to buy an item. 

In addition, I needed to show my driver's license to get a new library card.  It would be easier just to wear the ID around my neck; I am sure that will soon be coming as well.

Then, recently waiting to board an airplane, I was told by the TSA agent to extend my hands.  He wiped my palms to see if I had any explosive material on my extremities. 

Didn't have to take the shoes off this time, though.  Perhaps we are going TSA lite on the lower extremities.

Then I sat down to read the Wall Street Journal, only to learn that "backers of the health care law say they are rushing to make sure tens of thousands of people provide more documents to prove they are in the U.S. legally and therefore entitled to the coverage they obtained through HealthCare.gov."  I am not a gambler, but this would be a windfall for anyone who bets against the government getting this one right.

In fact, this Washington Times piece highlights the many times one needs to show a photo ID.  But in the inverted world in which we currently reside, "asking for I.D. before voting is 'racist,' but you need a government I.D. to buy drain cleaner."

Late at night, I ponder why thousands of illegals are coming through the southern border and disappearing into the country, and I, a citizen of this country, need to prove that I am who I am on a daily basis.

Let us review the double standards now de rigueur in Obama/Holder America. 

Holder, the only attorney general ever held in contempt, mandates that "all schools must enroll illegal immigrants as students, citing 'troubling reports' that some districts are discriminating against the children of undocumented parents." 

Obama and his minions have dumped foreign illegal immigrant children into many school districts.  Apparently this administration is relying on a 1982 Supreme Court decision that "says children of illegal immigrants have a right to a public education."  The ACLU maintains that "school districts must adhere to this guidance, and meet their constitutional obligations to ensure that no child is locked outside the schoolhouse door."  

Funny how that Constitution is conveniently ignored when it doesn't suit Obama.  As of July 18, 2014, we are currently up to 42 changes to ObamaCare, with "at least 24 that President Obama has made unilaterally."  Talk about ignoring the constitutional separation of powers.

Obama's "orchestrated" influx of these illegals will now "force American taxpayers to pay the huge cost of providing schooling to every illegal immigrant under 18 [as well as 18-plus] who [has been] dropped inside the U.S." 

Will the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) or local teachers' union chapters be up in arms as teachers are asked to take on increasing workloads to accommodate this influx?  Is this how Obama will thank the AFT for their blind support?  On the other hand, and more likely, will Obama create a new cadre of teachers who have had their college debt forgiven, courtesy of the prez, as long as they give back to the community?  And what happens when local communities simply refuse to pass school budgets because of the increased costs?

Is this how public schooling will be completely controlled via Common Core?  What a ready market of automatons, both behind the teacher's desk and in front of it.

Furthermore, how will educational testing centers deal with the new rules for students taking SATs and ACT exams?  In the spring of 2012, new guidelines were issued that required students to "upload their photo when they register for the exam."  They will also have to "identify their high school, their birth date, and their gender.  And the photo IDs will be attached to the test results." 

By golly, how to get around this ID issue yet again – just eliminate SATs.

And the mother tongue, aka English, will take a hard hit.  Years of sub-quality bilingual education and incoherent English language teaching skills will now be topped off with a student body with "limited English language proficiency."  Mix in the continuing lowering of standards in education, and this is a perfect template of a people comfortable with despotism.

Furthermore, in order to accommodate the illegals, Obama will increase the alphabet soup of government agencies and drain more taxpayer money from the middle class. 

And dare I ask, as Judi McLeod has, "[h]ow long before the terrorists flowing in to the United States unhampered across its southern border get to crow over beheadings conducted right on American soil?"

It is one long train of deceptions, crooked dealings, and manipulation in order to achieve Obama's political transformative goal of hurting America.

Will the people's ire build sufficiently in November 2014 to push back as this government continues its overreach with every move of this administration? 

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