Does ISIS Have Black-op Backers?

The bloody-handed butchers of ISIS behave like the worst Islamofascist gang we have seen so far -- worse than the Taliban, worse than Hamas and Hezb’allah, worse than Al Nusra, worse than the Muslim Brotherhood, worse than all the little maniac gangs of cutthroats who have been practicing Jihad on innocent men, women and children for decades. In addition to which, ISIS has better PR, spreading its graphic images of human butchery of Christians, Yazidis, and Shi’ites, and other “infidels” around the world with amazing speed.

On top of that, ISIS has engaged in Blitzkrieg warfare, overwhelming the defenses of Mosul, capturing and then retreating from the Mosul dam, stealing oil from Iraqi fields to pay for their depravities, grabbing half a billion dollars from a Mosul bank, and crossing the border back to Syria, using American tanks and artillery stolen from the pathetic Iraqi Army, launching sophisticated drones for recon, and now capturing the Syrian Tabqa airbase that potentially controls access to the Mediterranean.

It seems as if in the pseudonymous Al Baghdadi the Islamic fascist movement has found its Field Marshall Erwin Rommel.

What’s wrong with this picture? Almost everything. None of it makes any sense. Nobody knows who is financing and controlling ISIS. Nobody knows how the royal mess in southern Syria suddenly emerged into a real army, moving at Blitzkrieg speed, knocking over all the armed groups in that treacherous part of the world by classical surprise tactics, and using a sophisticated PR-social media operation to breach the usual censorship of the Western media to reach worldwide notoriety. That instant fame has drawn would-be jihadis from all over the world to join the fabled march of Islamic fundamentalism to the ultimate Caliphate, the world-conquering utopian tyranny Muslims have imagined -- but never achieved -- in 1,200 years.

In fact, this looks like a movement backed by unknown but radical sources, and somehow able to command the capability of a regular army, the logistics, planning, recon, real-time command and control, high-tech maintenance and use of advanced drones, tanks, tactical and strategic coordination, terror PR, as well as the usual screaming maniacs riding on pickup trucks with a 50 caliber machine gun precariously mounted on the truck bed. The Arabian desert of the 7th century has suddenly combined with a modern high-tech army.

I do not believe this happened by accident. I think it could be an operation with tacit CIA support, in active collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood, financed by the billionaire sheikhdoms of the Arabian Peninsula like Qatar, Doha, UAE, and some Saudi billionaires off their dog chains. Turkey is clearly a major enabler.

If you think the CIA would never collude with the primitive head choppers of ISIS, consider what John Brennan and Obama have already done. In Benghazi we now know the CIA colluded with Al Qaida gangs in Libya and Syria to smuggle advanced weapons from Gadhafi’’s huge stockpile to the Sunni rebels in Syria, the precursors of ISIS.  In Afghanistan, Obama is negotiating to surrender to the throwback Taliban. In Egypt BHO tried to turn the country over to the sadistic Muslim Brotherhood, the same people who assassinated Anwar Sadat the peacemaker forty years ago -- and who haven’t changed one little bit since then.

It is a perverse strategy of this weird administration to flip sides: From the Bush-Cheney strategy of trying to stop mullahs with nukes, the US has turned into a cynical enabler of Iranian aggression. From a supporter of Israel, we are colluding with the superrich but tiny oil regime of Qatar to pay for Hamas and its ilk to attack civilians in Israel. Flipping sides and stabbing allies in the back is what BHO does best: Consider how he got the Democrat nomination by tarring Bill and Hillary as racists. In Alinsky language, this is  “acting outside the experience of the enemy” -- the American middle class. Obama does it every day, in every way. Backstabbing allies works, according to this doctrine, because the “enemy” never expects it, can’t even recognize it when it happens, and has no prepared weapons to fight it. It is also treacherous and often evil, but that doesn’t stop these folks.

If this hypothesis is correct, what is Obama’s purpose with the CIA-Qatar-Turkey tacit backing of ISIS?

Here is a guess.

1. Obama owes a big debt to the Saudis for flipping on the nuclear issue with Iran. Iranian nuclear weapons, which they are now free to develop, endanger Israel (and Europe) but they also endanger the major Muslim Sunni powers, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. When Obama publicly surrendered to the Iranian nuclear program the Saudis went ballistic.

How does ISIS make a difference? As a Sunni terror state-in-the-making, ISIS is a radical threat to Iran. That is why the Iranians have just been reported as sending tanks against ISIS in Iraq. If ISIS can occupy territory -- a big if -- in what is now northern Syria and western Iraq, it can act as a buffer state between Iran and the Sunni powers of Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

ISIS is therefore a useful wedge to insert between Iranian aggression and Saudi control of the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Iran has always wanted to capture those two glittering jewels of the Muslim world, but the Shi’ite “heresy” of Iran is only followed by about 20% of Muslims in the world, if that. Eighty percent of Muslims are Sunnis, and with its oil power it is Saudi Arabia has been sending Wahhabi imams to control mosques all around the world.

2. ISIS is deliberately using horror photos of its crimes against humanity through the uncensored social media, notably the one called Diaspora. This is a deliberate propaganda strategy. It unifies the more “moderate” Sunni terror groups like Al Qaida against ISIS, and allows them to claim a kind of middle ground -- they only kill infidels and women under the control of Shari’a courts, whereas ISIS deliberately kills wantonly. There are even degrees of human evil in some people’s eyes.

3. ISIS is a magnet that draws in would-be jihadis from around the world into what could become a killing field in Iraq and Syria. That was essentially the Bush-Cheney strategy after 9/11/01, the flypaper strategy. Remember, 9/11 presented the United States and the West with a shadowy, widely scattered enemy, including radicalized Muslims in the West, who went on their own killing sprees. The brilliance of the Bush-Cheney strategy was to draw those self-indoctrinated militants into Iraq, where the US Army, Air Force, and Marines made mincemeat of them. (Naturally our media never figured out that strategy, or chose to obfuscate it even when it worked.)

The “war porn PR strategy” employed by ISIS is consistent with the concept of drawing jihadis from around the world into a killing field. ISIS has had no air power until a week ago, and are therefore vulnerable to conventional battle tactics, employed either by the US or whatever allies we have remaining. Turkey still has by far the biggest conventional army in the region, other than perhaps Iran, and Turkey’s Erdogan is constantly boosted as Obama’s “best friend” in the region. If the US and the Sunni powers combined against ISIS it could soon disappear.

4. Obama has notoriously been unable to control Iraq’s Al Maliki, who has failed to unite Iraq, instead setting Shi’ites against Sunnis. The threat of ISIS has forced the Iraqi regime to fire al Maliki, and the current regime may be able to unite Iraqis more successfully. This is important, because Al Maliki’s Shi’ite regime would naturally fall under the power of the mullahs next door.

The ISIS strategy therefore looks like a classical balance-of-power play. If ISIS kills and enslaves minorities like Christians and Yazidis in the process of rising to prominence, who cares? As Obama’s Katherine Sibelius put it a few months ago, “People live, people die.” Obama is not a sentimentalist. His native cult is the hardest of the hard-left, going back to the Stalinist CPUSA. (His childhood mentor Frank Marshall Davis was the CPUSA rep in Hawaii during the Stalin period, and an embittered race hater as well.)

ISIS therefore looks like a major black operation directly manipulated by the neo-Ottoman fascists of Turkey, financed by tiny but superrich oil sheikhdoms like Qatar, and backed, behind the scenes by John Brennan’s CIA. This is not dissimilar from the CIA strategy in Nicaragua against the Sandinistas, or CIA recruitment of Laotian tribes during the Vietnam War. The great difference is that Vietnam was backed by a major US and Western consensus that Soviet and Chinese imperialism had to be stopped in buffer states like South Vietnam and South Korea. We felt a strong moral imperative to stop the mass-killing regimes spread by Soviet ideology in Cambodia, North Vietnam, North Korea, Mao’s China, Eastern Europe, and in the Soviet Union itself.

If the ISIS hypothesis is correct, the Obama strategy in Iraq and Syria has no such moral rationale -- just the opposite -- and it certainly has no widespread US and Western consensus backing it. It is another Obama narcissistic gamble.  Making things worse is a necessary step for the “good guys” to take over and make things better. That is the nature of Marxist-Leninist revolution. It kills whole classes of people for a purpose -- to destroy existing power balances on behalf of a new ruling class.

5. In this view, ISIS is a pawn that can be sacrificed when it is no longer convenient. Nobody would object if the US trapped ISIS and bombed it into oblivion, complete with all the Europeans, Americans and other volunteers who are drawn to fantasy of a new Islamic Caliphate, along with the usual butchery, rape, and torture that ISIS loves so much.

6. It is always essential to remember that Obama and his cult followers have a fixed and false idea about the Middle East -- namely that its central problem is the existence of Israel. That is why Obama has consistently brutalized and pressured Prime Minister Netanyahu since the beginning of this administration. But of course the very idea that Israel is the source of all the strife in the snakepit of the Middle East is utterly twisted, a typical piece of ideological idees fixes that characterize this president. But Israel turns out to be the most stable country in the region, a model of what human beings can do if they focus on constructing a viable society rather than taking revenge for imagined wrongs. (Among Arabs, Palestinians have a reputation of being “like the Israelis” because many of them have indeed followed the path of education and modernization.) Israel is not the problem; it is the solution for the Middle East. That is why, after all the chaos of the “Arab Spring,” it is Israel that is left standing while all around the old regimes are crashing.

Pressuring Israel to make lethal territorial compromises is therefore still Obama’s major policy objectives. Together with Turkey and the phony “humanitarian” front called IHH, there is another black stunt afoot to send a Mavi Marmara “peace flotilla” to Hamas in Gaza to “break the Gaza blockade.” But there is no Gaza blockade. There is a constant supply of food and civilian goods going across the border to Gaza from Israel and Egypt. The ‘blockade of Gaza” is an arms blockade, and Egypt is enforcing it as vigorously as Israel, because Gaza is run by the Muslim Brotherhood that tried to overthrow the current regime in Egypt. General Al Sissi is determined to stamp out Hamas and its parent, the Muslim Brotherhood, because they are in a war to the death. It’s either the modernist regime of Al Sissi, which is generally peaceful, or it’s the throwbacks of the Moo Bros, who want war with Israel. And Obama has constantly been allied with the Moos.

Is that complicate enough for ya? Yes, it’s a snakepit. But the major players always show up in light disguise, wearing false mustaches and Groucho glasses. The most ancient division is Sunnis vs. Shi’ites. Then there are national divisions, with huge natural resources and strategic geography, like the Gulf oil regimes. And then there is the most important difference, between modernist Muslims, who want to live a normal life, and primitive fanatics who want to go back to the desert habits of the 7th century.

The obvious goal for the West is to support Muslim modernists against throwbacks, who are morally indefensible by our values. They kill people for being gay, or in the case of women, being caught leaving their homes without a male escort. They brutalize and whip human beings, they bury them in the ground to be stoned to death, they kill animals sometimes with great cruelty at the ‘Eid holiday at the end of Ramadan. They pit brother against brother, cousin against cousin, tribe against tribe. That ancient war theology rewards martyrs who kill innocent people with car bombs for the sake of Allah. It is the Muslim Brotherhood that assassinated Anwar Sadat forty years ago for making peace with Israel. It is the offspring of the satanic Moobs, Hamas, that is bombing civilians in Israel every single day. It is the Iranians and their proxy terror group, Hezb’allah, that swears every single day to destroy the United States, the Great Satan, as soon as the Little Satan of Israel is nuked to a smoking ruin.

These are the people Obama has consistently sympathized with and actually empowered. The future of the world depends on Americans’ ability to spot and repudiate the perverse immorality of this administration, both domestically and abroad.

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