Darren Wilson is a Hero!

As morality wanes in modern America, so too does clear thinking on the sensational issues of the day that distract us from what is truly important in the lives of a free people.

I'm seriously concerned for my country when my fellow conservatives begin to jump the tracks whenever the police clash with evil individuals or the rampaging hordes that often follow.

We should all be concerned about the loss of our freedoms, our liberties, the disregard for our Constitution by the elected, the rise of the police state, the lack of due process of citizens and the favoritism of the criminal illegal, and the lack of common sense we so often hear and see, but none of that is even in the same zip code with this Ferguson, Missouri. shooting of gang banger Michael Brown.

Anyone who rushes a police officer -- who is in the process of barking instructions, like "freeze" -- needs to realize that doing so can and will and most often should result in a bullet turning your coconut into a canoe. There is no reason whatsoever for the public to be second guessing what happened in Ferguson, Missouri. None!

When conservatives and libertarians start sounding like the race hustlers and the Occupy Wall Street crowd while commenting on the blogs and on the opinion pages, America is in trouble. Some conservatives are starting to sound like the radical progressive college students of the 1960s. Are we now looking up to Bill Ayers? Will we resist with bombs of our own? Will we get the attention of the Leviathan with a little property damage? This thinking is not only dangerous, it is as immoral as how the state deals with a free people with abuses of its own.

We need to rise above this. We take our country back or lose it -- by our ability and determination to change hearts and minds -- through ideological change and at the ballot box, period.

Ferguson's discontent reminds me of Rodney King, OJ Simpson, Duke Lacrosse, Tawana Brawley, and Trayvon Martin. Michael Brown is no different and the situation is being exploited by black racists and liberal race hustlers -- and conservatives should be nowhere near this. We support the military, why not the local sheriff?

No one seems to be talking about the daily threat to life and limb that police officers endure. There is almost no reporter attempting to discuss what is really going on. This huge man, a thug, having robbed a store and beaten up the clerk, was resisting a police officer's repeated verbal commands. A thug who obviously thought the police were on to him and his criminality. It ended the way Michael Brown wrote the script of his life. There lies the blame for it all -- in a pool of his own blood. Thank goodness it wasn't the other way around, with another officer gone, trying to do his job in service to the community.

The police have every right to turn these neighborhoods into militarized zones with curfews and crackdowns. And more than that, an obligation to bring order to these inner-city cesspool plantations created by Democrat policies. Entitlement programs give rise to feral living and immorality -- especially after the people turn against law and order, equity and justice, civility and right, and stampede the businesses of others and take that which is not theirs. What do you do with an entire community of thieves?

Conservatives should be rallying to the side of the police in Ferguson, Missouri, not nitpicking and making this into anything other than what it is -- a criminal and a thug who met his match. Do we so quickly forget that police officers have families too? They have spouses and children who expect them to come home every night as well. This wasn't some MMA fight where one guy pulled a gun. This was good versus evil. It isn't the man who puts his life on the line to uphold the law and civility that should be under the microscope -- it's the man who caused it all to happen. And that responsibility cascades down to his next of kin -- his family and the neighborhood from which he came.

Blacks kill blacks and no one seems to care. An officer (who happens to be white) does his job and takes down a dangerous criminal thug who would have likely taken the officers life as quickly as swatting a fly -- and some still hesitate at the clarity of the truth of the events that day.

Is the life of a man who goes into law enforcement sworn to protecting the community or the feral underclass "children of the state" -- living off the backs of the taxpayers -- more precious and valuable?

We rail at the police state and then seem to overlook the criminal state that was given rise by the very same political class that created an entitlement plantation from which these thugs are born and bred and churned out in greater and greater numbers. The anger here should be at the system -- not for protecting itself or the people around them -- but for the rise of the sub-classes of uncivilized who while looting and burning and killing will shout "No justice - no peace."

The lawman behind the gun has a great responsibility for sure, but the criminal -- no matter his circumstances, does as well. The streets are becoming more and more like the OK Corral, and what is important in this equation is that in life and death we should always be on the side of life. But given who should live and who should die, let the man who is doing the evil be hurled into eternity and let the lawman doing right live out his life knowing that it was not his actions but those of the criminal that caused the pain and the sorrow, the loss and the discontent.

There are hundreds of Michael Browns in neighborhoods in every large metropolitan inner city across America. The tragedy is that we allow the contamination to continue (as if it was a right) and expect more and more of the men and women who attempt to turn these mini war-zones -- places filled with fear, ignorance, gangs, drugs, crime, single motherhood, AWOL fathers and lack of education -- into places safe to travel through, visit, and live in.

The media and others keep saying it was only a box of cigars -- is that really worth a life? A great question, but it must be asked of the man who stole them, Michael Brown, not the police officer or the public he was protecting.

God bless those who protect and serve!  God bless Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Missouri police officer who so courageously protected his own life as well as the lives of so many in his community. He should be thanked and treated as a hero!

David is a deacon at his local church and a perpetual student of religion, politics and American history. Author, speaker, blogger, David lives in Southern California with his wife and their three children. You can follow him on Twitter @cogitarus or online at cogitarus.wordpress.com. He's available for speaking engagements upon request.

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