Dangerous Times: ISIS: The End of Denial

The Vietnam War was won by American forces in the field, together with South Vietnamese, but it was lost in the media.  Even forty years ago the media were largely penetrated by the hard left, which has its real sympathies with Marxist internationalism; it is ideologically anti-national, as is plainly stated in its founding works, like Marx's and Engels’ Communist Manifesto of 1848.

The left won the Vietnam War using photographic images of the horrors of war, but very selectively, showing only one side of the carnage.  The most memorable image showed a little girl, naked, fleeing toward the photographer in horror.  In a sense, that image defeated America and South Vietnam.  Dramatic images go straight through our verbal defenses, which is why both movies and “news” photography focus on emotive images rather than rational thinking.

The Democrats deprived South Vietnam of American aid, and the result was another classic image: the last helicopters lifting off the roof or the US Embassy in Saigon, with desperate Vietnamese trying to cling to the undercarriage.  They were doomed to be executed by the North Vietnamese invaders.

The media never cared that hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese Boat People were rescued by American vessels for years afterwards, fleeing Ho Chi Minh’s concentration camps and mass executions, economic mismanagement, and starvation.  The American left always caused the morally most cruel and destructive side to win, just as they supported Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot.  The left always claims compassion and covers up mass murders.  It is standard operating procedure.

But now the tables may be turning.  We are finally seeing the sadistic cruelty of Islamist terrorfare, and we are seeing through social media that are difficult to censor.

The criminal monsters of ISIS like to show their killings on a social network called Diaspora, which is less controllable than Facebook or Twitter.  The result is what critics call “war porn” – but it means that after six decades of monopoly control of the media by the left (and by Saudi and Qatari money), we are seeing the true horrors of the worst ideological murderers in the world.

At this point, no one in the “mainstream” (left-controlled) U.S. media denies the horrors of Islamist terrorfare anymore.  Last year they were still accusing truth-tellers of “Islamophobia” --- but you can’t have a phobia of some bloody-handed Nazi type charging you with a suicide bomb.  That single image – and we are now seeing hundreds if not thousands – explodes the very idea of “Islamophobia.”

No normal Westerner can stomach what really goes on during the slaughter of animals in the ‘Eid holiday that ends Ramadan every year.  Mr. Obama may invite Muslim Brotherhood money bundlers to the White House to celebrate ‘Eid, but that celebration of blood sacrifice to Allah will soon fade when Americans learn what really goes on.  You can be sure that PETA is closing its eyes tightly to the animal butchery performed by a billion Muslims every year.  But let one photographic image escape the liberal censorship machine, and everyday people will start to wonder.

I believe that the explosion of ISIS photos is finally putting an end to decades massive Western denial of Islamist horrors.  For thirty years, the West has been in denial, ever since Jimmy Carter surrendered to Ayatollah Khomeini in the mass kidnapping of our embassy personnel in 1979.  Since then the OPEC cartel has simply bought up Western politicians and media owners, until the average American can no longer think straight about the clear and present threat of jihad war.

Democratic nations are very averse to war, and rightly so.  And yet, as we know so well, there are many times in history when murderous ideologies come to seek out peaceful peoples, so that they must defend themselves or die.  Islamic fundamentalisms harbors a war theology – Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia indoctrinated the 9/11 hijackers; Khomeinists in Iran killed some 200 U.S. Marines on a peacekeeping mission in Lebanon; the Pakistani secret service called ISI sponsors regular killings and bombings in India; the Taliban in Afghanistan persecutes women and modernists trying to liberate themselves from savagery; the Chechnyan terror squads killed Russians in the Moscow Theater massacre and children in Beslan.  The list is endless, and the West has never yet been able to mobilize itself  to ward off the danger, because our political classes and media have betrayed us by censoring the real danger.  Obama is perhaps the worst pro-Islamist proponent of Western denial so far.

Instead, the Left-Islamist Axis has assaulted our true allies and best defenders, including the U.S. Armed Forces, Israel, and sensible people in Europe.  The Left-Islamist Axis must be defeated, and the best way to do that is to tell the truth – with images of reality to break through the walls of mental denial.

I believe that is now happening.

As a result, as Churchill said in strikingly similar times,

“Now this is not the end.  It is not even the beginning of the end.  But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

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