America's Military: How Did Your Father Dream?

In a suburb of our nation’s capitol, I learned that most kids’ fathers were not Marine Corps fighter pilots, but mine was. My dad told me that when I was born, he was deployed overseas to hunt down communist aviators and to rain down terror on America’s enemies by lighting Ho Chi Minh’s soldiers on fire. My dad had this patented-daring side that often made light of dark subjects and traumatized morally superior Americans like Jane Fonda. But my dad’s equally austere side taught me to respect the danger, sacrifices, and valor of warriors who have served our country honorably. Ultimately, my dad’s courage inspired my older brother and me to become Marines, as well, yet we were never sent to the hell of war.

Today, my appreciation for what America’s warriors voluntarily sacrifice for others makes it hard for me to watch the nation’s commander-in-chief pursue a delusional fantasy of creating some Utopian society by decimating national security and replacing it with social welfare. Anyone who thinks that the size of our entitlement state is not already a counterproductive disaster is ignoring reality. Certainly, our military has areas that could be eliminated, but it remains one of the few successful and essential government institutions.

Meanwhile, only 0.5 percent of the country’s population is currently serving in our armed forces. Generally, Democrats treat other minorities as victims in need of special privileges. Of course, noble characters repudiate pity and special treatment. Our veterans would simply like to be treated with dignity. Instead, Obama’s administration is so eager to increase entitlements and to cleanse the world of our military’s intimidating power that it is shamelessly willing to notify combat leaders now serving in Afghanistan that they will be terminated from the army when they come home. What sort of commander in chief permits such despicable treatment of his most loyal warriors? Within days, even more combat leaders will receive these separation notices.

The president never served one day in the military; he appears to have little to no genuine appreciation for what these men, women, and their families endure. Likewise, 81 percent of Congress has no military experience. And not surprisingly, Democrats comprise the smaller percentage of that meager 19 percent of Congress that has served. With dilettantes like this meddling in military engagements, is there any wonder why it often takes longer than necessary for America to win a war, or why many of our troops die unnecessarily as a result of hand-wringing rules of engagement that these sanctimonious public servants impose?

Nevertheless, the world’s stability is unraveling before our eyes, and these egotistical elitists press forward, stretching the duties and sacrifices to the limit for those few Americans who will continue to serve in our military. By doing so, the left aims to reward a mass of idle and dependent supporters trained to accept abysmal lives in exchange for the left’s addictive handouts.

Basically, America has a new inverted kind of indentured servitude of hardworking, productive people. And within that group is an incredibly small percentage of selfless citizens that are willing to put their lives on the line to protect what remaining freedoms the rest of us still have, but frequently take for granted.

The president and his comrades in Congress emphatically declare that they value our troops as much as anyone else. But the president has made an art form out of saying things that are blatantly untrue and  then later denying that he said them. His obedient and loyal supporters quickly fall inline and back him up. Even his media provides him cover. When was the last time you heard the body count of America’s troops who have died or been wounded in Afghanistan? At this point, how can any decent American believe him? Our enemies, as well as allies, certainly do not.

Islamic terrorists and Vladimir Putin are flaunting their resurgence of power through elevating acts of violence. Undoubtedly, our own president inspires them through his determined effort to lessen the daunting reputation America’s military has earned around the world. However, sanctions will most likely never replace the fear of death. Face it, as the president continues to demoralize our own troops by firing the best trained and most dedicated among them, normal people should naturally  wonder what side the president is on.

History clearly shows that the progressives’ obsession to take from the military in order to give to entitlements comes at an incredibly dangerous price -- global instability. Yet when it comes to pay that price in blood, the nation will call on a shrinking portion of society who is willing to pay it. At some point, the left’s gamble for buying votes over protecting the nation is sure to fail. Then again, that will absolutely accomplish the president’s quest to change America -- but it definitely does not provide much hope.

Of course, as Americans become more disenchanted with the president’s performance, it might help to keep in mind that he too had a far different kind of father than most of us.

A former United States Marine Corps officer and recovering high school English teacher, Lee Culpepper is a contributing writer at and Lee Culpepper has shared his passions for writing and wrestling to motivate and mentor youths across the country. Lee Culpepper always fights to plant a flag for America’s empowering spirit of self-reliance, competition, and persistence among the many young who are part of his life. Email Lee Culpepper at or follow him on Twitter @drcoolpepper.