When Obama voters apologize

A good friend of mine apologized to me today.  You see, he voted for Barack Hussein Obama in the 2008 election and he lives in a so-called “swing state.”  He told me that he had not voted for Obama in the 2012 election, but that he realized that by supporting him in 2008, he had help unleash a deadly virus onto the American scene.  He simply said he was sorry.

I think a good many Americans feel much the same as my good friend.  They know that they were seduced by the very slick presentation that Barack Obama made in the 2008 campaign.  They bought into the promises that he made about deficits and transparency and ethical government.  They also know that there is a vast constituency of the Democratic Party that is entitlement bound.  These welfare “victims” never thought through the implications of America’s fiscal crisis.  They believed everything and anything that Barack Obama was slinging their way.  And most of all, they loved hearing what Obama was going to give them.

So, my more aware friends who knew the true nature of the crisis were, nevertheless, seduced by the rhetoric and became the deciding swing vote in an election that did “fundamentally change America.”  When 2012 came around, the welfare “victims” and the hard-core union and liberal base of the Democrats still hung onto the belief that Barack Hussein Obama was driving America in the right direction.  And so, Obama was granted another four years to hammer America into something of his own liking.

Now, with 2 ½ years to go in Obama’s second Administration, I think most folks, including many in the solid core union and liberal base of the Democratic Party, are beginning to see the light.  Many now suspect that Barack Hussein Obama is an empty suit.  In Texas, people refer to someone who has no true experience or accomplishments as a person with “all hat and no cattle.”

But now our greater fears about Mr. Obama are confirmed.  He has made his way through this world by lying and deceiving.  There are no childhood friends recalling their growing up together.  There are no college classmates reminiscing about dear old Occidental, Columbia, or Harvard. Obama is a manufactured fraud.

There is only the Chicago political machine and the Reverend Wrights of this world to partially fill in the many blanks where Obama was and what was he doing.  Mr. Obama didn’t even write his famed Dreams from My Father.  He simply has no documentable accomplishments to justify his political rise to power.  Yet, the American people twice elected him to the highest office in our land.  How did this happen?  

Barack Hussein Obama has used his smooth public manner and a web of deception to gain a political foothold on the American landscape.  But, as Lincoln said, “You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time.  But you cannot fool all of the people all of the time”.

What do you call a person whose statements turn out to be false and it becomes known that he knew his statements were false at the time he made them.  That, my friend, is the definition of a liar. 

Liar is a word that rarely pops up in the media.  It is considered too harsh and not appropriate for modern discourse.  In a legal setting, a liar can be subject to imprisonment.  In those instances, we call it perjury. 

But the man occupying the White House is plainly and simply just a liar.  From Fast and Furious to the IRS targeting of conservative groups to the shame of the Benghazi killings, what we have is a liar in the White House who has surrounded himself with many of his same ilk. 

Putin, too, knows that Obama is not a man of his word.  Rather, Putin recognizes a feckless President that can be bullied and manipulated to serve Putin’s ambition.

Once America fully comes to grip with the fact that Barack Hussein Obama and his henchmen (women) are liars, then maybe we can begin to unravel the mess of false promises and economic “snipe hunts” we have been fed.      

Maybe we can regain our stature on the international scene.

As regards my good friend, apology accepted!  What else could I do?   


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