The 20th Century Rise of The Democratic National Machine

President Obama’s domestic agenda seems to pursue a variety of disparate goals, but in reality he was put in office to achieve one goal only: to support the Party by supporting its infrastructure, what I call the Democratic National Machine. 

Most Americans are aware of the Democratic Machines that ran large cities such as Chicago, New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. Of these, the Chicago Democratic Machine had the longest history and its strategies are still practiced by President Obama. Those local Machines have been united into a national infrastructure I call the Democratic National Machine.  The DNM’s sole purpose is to act to maintain the Democratic Party’s domination and control of national politics. 

The DNM has been made possible through two major governmental political structures: the Federally funded benefit programs and public sector unions. Public sector unions -- PSUs -- support the Democratic Party at local, state, and national levels through their financial support of campaigns. 

The PSUs consolidate power through a nationwide network of political operatives placed in government offices. These vary from SEIU and AFSCME employees, to teachers union employees, to college professors, to Democratic mayors, congressmen, and governors. These operatives not only administer public policy at all levels, they literally write public policy.

President Obama’s use of the pen and phone reflect that attitude of the DNM that political power is a “winner take all” situation.  That the winner of an election, be it the mayor of Chicago or the president of the U.S., has complete control over the budget and all policies and regulations.

When Obama supports schools he is supporting two things: the campaign contributions made by public sector unions and their teaching of the ideology used by the DNM to control voters and create new taxation. And in Illinois, Obama’s home state, the two biggest contributors to state campaigns are the two teachers unions, who exclusively support Democratic candidates, a pattern repeated in other Democratic states.

The PSUs funnel money to the DNM primarily at local and state levels. Members of public teachers unions, for example, contribute up to $1,000 per year to the union/Party and this money is spent on DNM political campaigns. There are nearly 4 million members of the two big national teachers unions.  So while every four years presidential candidates may spend two billion dollars, in four years up to 16 billion dollars are available to support local, state, and national elections. 

The viciousness of the national teachers union attacks on Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker proved how important public sector union campaign donations are to the DNM. They saw it as a serious existential threat, one that had to be crushed.  Nationally financed protest groups came out in droves and spent millions trying to recall Governor Walker, but failed. However, the DNM will never quit, since the teachers union money, which the DNM forces teachers to contribute to the Democratic Party, is essential if the DNM is to sustain itself against all opponents.

Additionally, teachers instruct their students in both traditional and new DNM concepts such as climate change. Through teachers the DNM indoctrinates school-age children in DNM policies while they are still in their formative years. And there is no policy diversity: the two teacher unions give virtually all of their national campaign money only to Democrats. As Orwell wrote in 1984: “…power is power over human beings. Over the body -- but above all, over the mind.” 

President Obama, more than any other president, has given direct financial support to the DNM. His QE3 plan restored the values of securities on Wall St. and readers should not overlook the fact that teachers unions and the other government employee groups have huge investments in securities. California’s Calpers public sector fund recovered in 2009 “as a result of a global stimulus provided by governments.”1  All U.S. public pension funds benefitted from Obama’s 4 trillion QE3 program. This government debt will be paid for by future taxpayers. It is this imposition of taxation upon the middle class that enables the DNM economy to run.

Recovery Act money was also used to support local DNM groups throughout the nation. There is a trickle-down effect to all this money: local officials hire politically connected building contractors, book sellers for public schools, etc. All of these hundreds of thousands of politically dependent transactions support the DNM.

The DNM is heavily dependent upon what I propose to call “human political capital”, a term used because of its explanatory power. Human refers to persons, persons who receive government benefits. Political refers to the fact that these benefits are based upon government programs. Capital refers to the fact that programs bring money to the DNM. This money doesn’t have to go to the beneficiaries themselves; its primary purpose is to supply jobs to public sector workers. So the DNM has created its own shadow economy, which has become increasingly dependent upon HPC as a source of jobs and Federally distributed  dollars. 

Federal safety net programs are used by the DNM to create voters. This is no different in principle from the patronage worker concept used by Democratic Machines located in cities. However, the DNM has taken it a step further and since the New Deal have based their urban electoral support on dependency. 

The most recent group of persons used by the DNM as human political capital are illegal immigrants, who were encouraged to migrate to Democratically-controlled American cities, in defiance of Federal immigration law, for the sole purpose of serving as proxies for citizens and voters. But it is shortsighted to assume that illegal immigrants are only in the U.S. to provide votes. They are primarily here to bring state and Federal benefits to their communities, which in sanctuary cities are Hispanic supermajority communities.

Juvenile illegal immigrants are the most lucrative source of human political capital. Each one in Chicago, for examples, brings $15,800 to the public school system, and $3,400 in Federal block money to the county and state.

Public spending supports and perpetuates DNM growth, since it is immune from the constraints of private sector growth. Obama’s focus is not on job growth but borrowing money to support the DNM. It reflects his priorities.

Obama’s presidency also unveiled a new strategy pursued by the DNM. Since the GOP took over the House, legislation is proclaimed through Obama’s Executive Orders. This way, he can make fundamentally new changes in policies that extend the power of the Democratic National Machine, without the Democratic Party taking the blame. Senator Reid has shut down the Senate as a legislative body. Pelosi and Reid cooperatively stand by allowing Obama to act autocratically. There has been no struggle over the Party’s legislative agenda. Obama will apparently leave the White House as a willing scapegoat.

Republicans should stop blaming Obama for things such as ObamaCare and immigration, and start blaming the Party, since Obama’s low poll numbers will leave the headlines with him.  The GOP must blame Obama’s policies on the Party if they want voters to see a distinction between Parties.