Reality vs. Political Correctness: Amnesty and the Fight for America's Soul

Dr. Ben Carson once made the observation that “political correctness” acts as a “muzzle” to quell legitimate dissent against the status quo.  That is undoubtedly a true statement.  But to drive in the stakes and build our intellectual ramparts on this point is little more than ceding coveted ground in an argument against a completely unfounded doctrine that presents falsehoods as facts.  There is a more fundamental observation upon which we can mount our legitimate defense against the doctrine of “political correctness,” and it lies in the simplest inspection of the phrase “politically correct.”  Inherent in those two words’ juxtaposition is a certain insidiousness and intellectual dishonesty.  For if something is “correct” from an objective point of view, what need is there of the qualifying descriptor?  This phrase, “political correctness,” exists only to substantiate...(Read Full Article)