Politicians, Feminists, and Birth Control

Amidst the liberal and Democratic hysteria concerning the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision, it is time to look at where these harpies want to drag the American mainstream on health care issues.

I can recall in the 2012 presidential primary debates how George Stephanopolous brought up “contraception” as an issue. Romney rightfully said “there's nothing wrong with contraception, it's working fine, leave it alone”. A perfectly sensible position, but it ignored the import of the moderator's having brought it up at all. This was the thin end of the wedge to justify opposition to a mythical conservative “war on women”. Dopey as that was, they plowed ahead and now it is a presence in the political universe.

Liberals can turn on their wailing at a moment's notice to support their claim that Republicans and conservatives are somehow anti-woman. The closer you look at this contention, the more you realize there is no “there there”. Particularly when you are trying to make a mountain out of the contraception molehill. Some groups are wholly against contraception. For example, in America many Catholics feel this way, but don't press those beliefs on others. As an American woman, I am a free person, I can respect the opinions of others and accept the positive elements of their social ideas while leaving out the bits that hold me back.

It is particularly shameful to portray this power grab as having anything to do with opposing assaults on women's wel-being. The fact is that the United States is the best place in the world to be a woman right now.

To really see the triviality of the "war on women" concept, consider the condition of many Muslim societies. In America, we view women as full-fledged people that have the added ability to have babies; in Muslim countries, the ability to have babies is the only justification for the existence of women at all. If you look at Sharia rules, they are designed for women to do nothing but stay at home and have as many babies as possible. Substantial effort is devoted to making sure they have no other behavioral outlet.

You think this is an exaggeration? That it is limited to primitive backwaters controlled by Boko Haram? Consider this study from the modern, enlightened western country of Sweden. The study refers to conduct among its immigrants

“Up to 60 cases of genital mutilation among elementary school girls have been discovered in Norrköping in eastern Sweden since March, local media reported....Twenty-eight of these girls were subjected to the most severe form of genital mutilation, when all external genitalia is removed and the genital area is sewn together, with a small opening for urinating left. “

It's not like the Swedes didn't try to do something about it.

“The practice has been illegal in Sweden since 1982 and can be punished with up to four years in prison. As the summer holidays arrive, many girls travel with their parents to their parents’ home countries, where they are at a higher risk of being subjected to this brutal practice. However, since 1999 it is also an offence under Swedish law if the surgery is performed in a different country.“

Whenever you tell one class of person, in this case men, that they are better than another class, in this case women, the tradition that sustains this benefit dies very hard indeed. This superiority always has to be reinforced and demonstrated to both the better and the lesser parties. This leads to anything from mere disdain to holocausts. The lesser parties often need to be forced to participate in their own humiliation. The tradition of mutilation permeates many societies -- it is the women relatives that do the cutting and women relatives that hold the girls down.

Further evidence of disregard of women as humans can be seen in India and Pakistan where rape is tragically common.

“Early Thursday, two teenage Indian girls, aged 14 and 15, cousins, were found dead, hanging from a mango tree, in Uttar Pradesh, where their heartless gang-rapists had left them. Both are Dalits, formerly considered “untouchables...In India, rampant, public sexual harassment of girls and women (known as "eve-teasing"), rapes, and gang-rapes are as pandemic as they are in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Indian police are corrupt, the rape victims hesitant about ruining their own and their families' reputations and marriage eligibility. Rape victims do not want to be raped again by the police, many of whom are easy to bribe and who may share the same view of women-as-man's-natural-prey that rapists believe in.”

If a woman in this country is craving to show her support of the sisterhood, there are plenty of sisters out there that need some backing. 

Huge progress has been made in our country to improve opportunities for women and the lot in general of women. The availability of pregnancy prevention changed our society in many ways and empowered women greatly. No one is trying to take that away. Medications for this purpose are universally available and they are inexpensive -- in addition, free pregnancy prevention is available for virtually any woman that wants it. I am totally supportive of any woman that wants to have sex and does not want to be pregnant -- I am glad she has alternatives. This doesn't mean I want to finance the hobbies of promiscuous coeds--they can go get in line at Planned Parenthood like everyone else.

Escalating the rhetoric of “contraception” to “birth control” to “reproductive rights” is no more than a political ploy to include products and procedures that are inappropriate for public financing in the American mainstream on health care. Doomsday rhetoric is now being employed by feminists to describe their sorry lot after the Supreme Court decision; in the larger scheme of things this is unintelligent, unserious and unworthy of the responsible modern American woman. Read the news and get a life.

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