Obama the Blamethrower

Is Obama the most pathetic president in American history? That was a rhetorical question.

Barack Obama promised so much: to heal our racial divisions, slice the deficit, provide health care that was cheaper, more widely available and that would not add one dime to the deficit.  More grandly, he promised to stop the rise of the oceans and heal the planet. He was so cool. He was transcendent –an enlightened being -- a “Lightworker” and a “sort of God.”

Yes…well...how did all that work out?

Critics have judged him by his own words and he has been found wanting. The meaningless chant “Yes We Can,” hypnotic to so many during the Obama hysteria, now reads like a high school motivation poster curling at the edges because actually he can’t do (fill  in the blank).

The cascade of failures are too numerous to list but a good proxy for all of them is the judgment of Americans.  They consider him incompetent; think he is untrustworthy  and lies about major issues, and that he cannot be trusted to make the right decisions. People increasingly are blaming him for the border crisis, the civil war in Iraq, the IRS scandal, our poor standing in the world and much more (and there are still over two years to go).

A recent Quinnipiac poll found Obama is regarded as the worst president since World War Two. And now blame him for the sorry state of the nation.  This is divine justice, since he has since the early days of his presidency been blaming others for his mistakes and record of incompetence.  Indeed, no president has ever dodged responsibility for his own failings as has Obama. But the ruse can only last so long and the expiration date has been reached.

Obama can already be considered a failure as a president.

So as the Obama presidency (along with America and much of the Free World) spirals down the drain, how has he responded? Has he stepped up his work habits?  Perish the thought! He has done the exact opposite.

Recently, there have been a spate of reports that have noted he has all but checked out of the Oval Office, as Matt Lewis writes in The Telegraph (maybe preparing for this mansion in this ritzy Southern California enclave of the rich and famous).

 But he checked out long ago. Even liberal Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus astutely commented years ago that Obama was consistently AWOL (Obama’s Where’s Waldo Presidency) and consistently passive and missing in action when work was calling (see also my 2013 column “ Barack Obama, Derelict). Charles Krauthammer commented on the Vacant Presidency.

There is no there, there; but there never was.

So how does Barack Obama deal with his failure as a president?

There is denial and lying. Hence, his press secretary announced just recently that the world is more tranquil because Obama is president. Does it feel tranquil? Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Afghanistan, all disintegrating as the blood flows. Al Qaeda controls more territory than ever before. Even former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright says the world is a mess.

American borders are more secure than ever before, according to the White House. Is it really?

 Obamacare is working exactly as it should, according to Barack Obama. There is not a smidgen of corruption at the IRS.

One could list a litany of false self-congratulatory claims made by Barack Obama because the Don’t Worry, Be Happy President lives in a Wonderland and thinks he can tell Americans stories they will swallow since Americans are stupid.

There are of course many tricks up Obama’s sleeve: distraction (all those pivots); stonewalling until the media and people lose interest; sending out the tweets; hashtag this or that issue -- to satisfy the superficial; claim scandals are phony scandals whipped up in Washington; the stifling of criticism; claims of ignorance until the media alerts him to a problem (a lie based on his recent boast that he doesn’t watch the news because “whatever they are reporting about, I usually know”).

However, the strategy that makes him the most pathetic president in history is the blamethrowing.

The Lightworker has become the Blamethrower.

No president has so routinely engaged in the canards, the whiny scapegoating, the name-calling and the petulant insults that Barack Obama has for years. He always blames others for problems he has created. Obama’s blamethrowing began very early in his presidency and has proceeded apace with increasing intensity as his failures multiply.

That is juvenile; that is pathetic; that is not presidential.

In the real world he would have been fired long ago. No one has confidence in someone who constantly blames others for his mistakes. As John Boehner plaintively asked , “When is Obama going to take responsibility for something?” The same question has been asked many times over the years.

Barack Obama has been blamethrowing so many straw men over the years it has been hard to collate all the burning they have suffered. As Scott Johnson of Powerline wittily writes in the Weekly Standard, calling his claims straw men is an insult to straw men everywhere.

But for Obama all his mistakes are someone else’s fault. And he always imputes bad motives to them.

Among the targets of his blamethrowing: greedy doctors; greedy insurance companies; greedy one-percenters; greedy fat cats; greedy banks; and  greedy businessmen (who aren’t responsible for their own success).

The IRS scandal? Blame a couple of low-level employees in Cincinnati.

The VA scandal? Obama responds by making a scapegoat of the man he selected to head the agency, though Obama had been warned for years of deep-rotted problems.

Then there is always George Bush. As Ira Stoll wrote recently:

On foreign policy as on the economy, President Obama and his team kept blaming George W. Bush for problems so often and for so long to the point that it became a laugh line for Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto.

It’s not funny, though, when a president does not man up and instead blames a predecessor for his problems. Presidents, good ones anyway, do not whine about past presidents.

Bad economic numbers? Blame Mother Nature: bad winters -- and that has been every winter of the Obama presidency, according to the White House -- are blamed for a weak economy; Hurricane Sandy gets the same treatment meted out. Then it was the Arab Spring; then it was economic upheaval in Europe-all derailed the oft-predicted and never-happened Summer Recovery. No president has ever passed the buck like this one..

Even ATMs get some blame. Why should they be immune from his blamethrowing?

A stalled climate change agenda? Blame skeptics  who are derided as members of the Flat Earth Society who believe the moon is made of cheese.  His inability to work with others –or just work, for that matter -- is the fault of their stupidity.

Of course, Obama blames conservative media for his failures…over and over . But Obama now blames all the media for not spreading all the good news about his accomplishments

The Supreme Court has been blamethrown  -- repeatedly and disgracefully (especially his lambasting of them at the 2010 State of the Union address for its Citizens United decision  affirming the First Amendment) -- for the times it has defended the Constitution from Obama’s depredations.

Slow progress of his agenda? Poor job numbers?  Mock and blame Republicans as people who would make meanwhiches and stinkburgers, who hate Hispanics so much they would build a moat on the US-Mexican border and fill it with alligators to eat them as they cross the border (indeed, he blames Republicans for the border crisis); who don’t do their work; are racists and misogynists ; and obstructionists who stand in his way.  They are people who have blocked every serious idea to strengthen the middle class.

Republicans “have no agenda other than making government not work.”


And so they obstruct, and they obfuscate, and they bamboozle, and they sometimes don't tell exactly what's true--that was a euphemism.

Obama says that whenever things go wrong, it is the fault of Republicans in Congress, writes Victor Davis Hanson. The blamethrowing never stops -- and never will.

Obama has even blamed our Founding Fathers and the Constitution for his failing presidency. George Washington University law school professor Jonathan Turley took Obama to task for blaming the Constitution for blocking his agenda. Obama finds fault with each state being accorded two senators:

Obviously, the nature of the Senate means that California has the same number of Senate seats as Wyoming. That puts us at a disadvantage.”

Turley writes, “the Constitutional structure was given to us by the Framers and has served us well. It has certainly served us better than our leaders.

In other words, what is “obvious,” Mr. President, is that it is not the Constitution that is the problem.”

Finally, Obama blames you for his mistakes. Americans are not only poor listeners who cannot comprehend the story he is trying to tell them but have disappointed him in so many ways.

Barack Obama does not hold Americans in high esteem.  We are bitter people that cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them, gripped by xenophobia; we are certainly not exceptional; we are a fearful and frustrated people who listen to and are controlled by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh; we were reluctant to vote for him because his face did not look like the faces on dollar bills and he had a funny name; Americans have gotten “soft” and “lazy” and are consuming way too many resources compared to people in other nations. Barack Obama blames us for his failing presidency.

Obama’s incessant Blamethrowing displays weakness that our adversaries and enemies are exploiting all over the world.

As Obama’s presidency becomes even more of a failure in the years ahead, Hitler’s experience in the bunker during his final days comes to mind (Obama is not Hitler -- so just don’t go there; but he certainly is insular and egomaniacal-and increasingly bitter and brittle). Hitler increasingly blamed Germans for failing him and came to believe Germany deserved the disaster that had befallen it.

We don’t need invading foreign armies to damage our nation; that is one job Obama is doing quite well on his own.

Maybe the only one.