Obama: Dancing Barefoot on the Embers

I can remember several times when Obama just started to laugh in public at various disasters triggered by his policies.

Happy laughter now seems to be the official White House reaction to domestic and international chaos and human suffering. You could call it leading with Obama’s big strength --  a great smile on TV -- while avoiding the worst of his weaknesses -- his inability to actually solve anything.

About a year ago when painfully high black unemployment figures were mentioned, especially among young black men, Obama gave a happy smile in response. Then when “NATO” (i.e., the U.S.) started to bomb and overthrow the stabilizing regime of Gadaffi in Libya in a plot to arm Syria’s Al Qaeda rebels with American weapons, including MANPADS, Obama gave us his fabulous movie star smile after being asked whether U.S. Presidents should not ask Congress for authorization to go to war. Now those weapons are being used by ISIS to kill people in Syria and Iraq, as it is marching on Baghdad and el-Maliki, our supposed ally. When the administration is asked to stop the march of barbarism in Iraq, it just gives a collective shrug. What, me worry?

Now the ISIS has a reported 88 pounds of enriched uranium and half a billion dollars stolen from Mosul banks, but “administration officials” are telling us not to worry.

Our southern border has been openly breached by our good neighbor Mexico and Central American corruptocracies, working hand-in-hand with the Sinaloa Cartel, La Raza, people smugglers (including children) and Valerie Jarrett, who has met with the Children’s Crusade organizers --- who are not allowed to talk to the media. Obama only shrugs --- the situation is beyond his control, it’s just a human flood of poor kids being let in without parents, but with a lot of teenage thugs grabbing their crotches for the cameras. And Obama just keeps smiling as he runs fundraisers only hundreds of miles away from the crisis.

Who me? I din’t do nuthin’!

Obama has a nasty, devilish streak, part of his oppositional-defiant disorder. Since he has two and a half years left in the most powerful political office in the world, how much more damage can he do? Quite a lot. And how long will it take for the U.S. media to actually tell the plain and obvious truth? Because Obama the “community disorganizer” has finally torn off the mask. A psychiatrist might be worried about this process of dropping the mask.

Last week Obama “joked” that a White House cake “might have crack in it,” and Michelle looked suitably shocked, but crack cocaine is no joke for the millions of blacks and whites who are hooked on it. This is like joking about slavery, because purified cocaine is the slave-maker of our times. But come to think of it, this White House has done nothing about literal slave-taking of African children by Boko Haram Islamists in Nigeria, hundreds of little girls and boys sold by the ancient Muslim slave trade, in a grim imitation of the Atlantic slave trade that ended 150 years ago -- in the West, but not in Africa or the Middle East.

“Inappropriate laughter” describes the president’s behavior. The last time I remember that was Bill Clinton breaking up with the giggles at Ron Brown’s funeral. Ron Brown was the bag man who had died in a suspicious airplane crash from a suspiciously round bullet hole in his skull. Another occasion for presidential laughter.

Washington looks increasingly like a piratical madhouse. But we are not alone. In Europe, the imperialistic socialists of Brussels have rendered their own voters just as helpless as we are, while taking massive amounts of loot from such civilized folks as the Saudis, Iranians, Gadaffi, and Saddam. In the latest outrage, our sometime ally Britain is turning its parliamentary freedoms over to Brussels, allowing a Eurocrat from Luxembourg -- a tiny duchy best known for money laundering -- to take on the new presidency of the European Union, without the benefit of a single popular vote. The new gent in charge is significantly named Jean-Claude Juncker -- like the goose-stepping Junckers who ran Prussia before Bismark unified Germany into one, single, Europe-conquering Empire.

The European Union is another Bismarckian effort to turn Europe into a centralized empire, the political fantasy of every conqueror from Julius Caesar onward. And the EU is doing it by deliberately creating an unelected ruling aristocracy without a single popular vote. To keep the German currency strong, all of the weaker economies in Europe are being sacrificed, and Mr. Juncker has boasted that “we will just ignore them” if the voters ever object.

Obama is a Eurosocialist of the Third World variety, taking us on a course to centralized planning and crony capitalism without the consent of the governed. He is doing it using the Alinsky method of making things worse to make them better. That suicidal strategy has never worked. Today there is not a shred of evidence that it will work this time around. Obamanism is much pain with no gain.

The only hope is that the media-numbed American people will come to their senses before it is too late. So far, the voters have failed just as badly as our political/media power players.

Abe Lincoln’s last, best hope of mankind is failing, and the ancient tyrannies of the world are smelling blood. Two and a half more years of Obama, in a world where terrorists now have nuclear materials, and Washington tells us to put on a happy face. Richard Cheney was right, and our political leadership is sailing the ship of state straight onto the rocks.

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