Amnesty: The Death of America

The left wing ideologues currently in control of America want us to believe that they care about all the “children” at our border.  It isn’t the first time they have used children to push an agenda.  They have even been using Jesus as a propaganda tool.  Playing on our emotions, and appealing to our kind nature has worked.  No doubt some of the low information crowd who blindly support the left believe they are being compassionate by welcoming lawbreakers “who just want a better life” with open arms.  Many just believe the left is pro illegal immigration because these immigrants are natural Democrats.  After all, they come from countries with large centralized governments and are used to government involved in every part of their lives.  But this is too simple.  Perhaps the reason for the push for amnesty is something more sinister.

Traditional America is being diluted, deliberately, in two ways, the public school system and illegal immigration.  It should not be news that our education system has been and is currently controlled by “experts” with a worldview 100% opposite the worldview of our founders.  Today’s left, and likely even our president, would say that the way many of us were taught American history was a lie.  For generations public education has not fostered pride in America.  Nowadays, the products of the public school system believe America has a shameful past and is racist, sexist, homophobic and more. 

The classroom is a place where the focus is on one’s “home” country, and that country is not America.  In fact, if you identify as being American, you are questioned about your ancestry and background.  Many kids will come up with another identity.  While our children are learning about their “home” countries, they are not learning the truth about America’s proud history and brave founders.  They are also learning that America achieved success, not by allowing people the freedom to dream and create, and rewarding them for their efforts, but by exploiting the poor and the downtrodden.  In this manner, young Americans are being programmed to abandon traditional American values, history and beliefs.      

The same sort of people who have controlled education in the cities for so long are now in charge of a standardized national curriculum, Common Core.  Teacher evaluations are a big part of these changes as well.  In our schools, for example, one of the criteria used to evaluate teachers in some districts is whether they have ”created a classroom that embraces other cultures”.  God forbid, they put America first or comment that English should be the national language.  It could be grounds for termination, or at least a poor rating.  Teachers who do not follow the script, or who believe in American exceptionalism may be rated “ineffective” or face termination. 

It is great for children to be proud of their ancestry and to be bi-lingual, but our classrooms have become places where there is celebration of any culture except American.  It’s as if we announced that we had no culture of our own except for the principle of non-discrimination toward people of other cultures.  By doing this we are defining our own culture out of existence.  Now, why would our government want that?

If you have been watching the promised “transformation,” you would notice that every day more and more of our freedoms are taken and there are more and more questionable things done by our government, things we wouldn’t have imagined possible just a few years ago.  Strangely, it seems that the more this government does to us, the less most people seem to notice.  Some of us are standing up and fighting but it appears many people are preoccupied with modern day bread and circuses (EBT and Dancing with the Stars).  Many more just have thrown their hands up.  They just can’t keep track of all this commotion (“change”).

Illegal immigration brings an inevitable cultural transformation.  There is no requirement that the illegal immigrant assimilate or even prove that they want to be American.  The children among them are thrown into the public school systems.  These new immigrants are blank slates.  They do not know the rich history of America and they will never be taught it.  They will not understand that our founders were under the control of Great Britain and fought tyrannical King George for freedom.  They will not question what our current government does because they don’t know American traditions and history.  An over-reaching government can get away with whatever it wants.  Bring in more people who are not American, and there are fewer and fewer of us questioning anything.  Very soon, government “by the people, for the people” is gone. 

Like all of our ancestors, people should be welcome to come to America, legally. Once here, learn English.  Respect and admire the struggles of our founders.  (As a former history teacher, I can tell you, it can be done.)  It’s time people realize what the left’s plan has been all along.  They can’t defeat traditional America.  Freedom loving Americans don’t “do kings” as Sarah Plain recently said, and they cling to their guns and their bibles.  When they see government getting too large, they speak up.  So the left has been moving entire populations of non-Americans (talk about exploiting the poor and downtrodden) across our border in an effort to overwhelm us, dilute us, and break us down.  There is absolutely no other explanation for what has been going on and we can’t afford to ignore it any longer.

Our founding fathers believed that We The People should be skeptical of big government.  They believed this was necessary to maintaining a free republic. As an American I am doing my part.  It is the least that I can do.  It just amazes me how much damage has been done to this country in the last six years and how I feel like I have been watching America die.  Amnesty is the final nail in the coffin.

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