The West's Last Stand -- a Review of The Camp of the Saints

All those engaged in the debate over illegal immigration should find Jean Raispail’s The Camp of the Saints a challenging summer read. Otto Scott calls it "one of the most famous of the underground books." Lionel Shriver believes it is a "novel both prescient and appalling." The book became so notorious that the December 1994 issue of the Atlantic Monthly investigated many of the questions it raised. The Camp of the Saints was published first in 1973 in France as Le Camp des Saints. An English translation by Norman Shapiro was published by Scribner in 1975. Since then, the book has been republished and described as a "controversial and politically incorrect novel," and "a Fascist fantasy." It is not unusual that The Camp of the Saints would originate in France. Much of what we experience today in the United States in regard to the political justification for illegal immigration also originated there. In fact, waves from the...(Read Full Article)