Reform Math Must Be Destroyed Root and Branch

The Education Establishment went way too far, and this has presented the country with a unique opportunity for real improvement of the public schools. As never before, parents across the United States will tell you emphatically that they hate Common Core, and they especially hate Common Core Math. The Education Establishment will try to maneuver around this revulsion.  Compromises will be offered.  The same dumb ideas will be repackaged as something new and wonderful.  The challenge is to refuse to compromise.  Sometimes a good thing, compromise is now the biggest threat to genuine reform.  Our Education Establishment has been selling inferior goods for more than half a century.  They know how to bait and switch, and how to lie.  Ordinary citizens stand little chance against these cunning maneuvers.  So let’s keep it strategically simple.  Go for total victory.  Reform Math should be discarded, inane root and goofy...(Read Full Article)