Obama's Bergdahl Swap Puts Americans in Danger for Photo Op

Did Barack Obama flout federal law, and free dangerous, committed enemies of this country for a PR stunt? The White House now admits that it failed to notify Congress before freeing five Taliban leaders from Gitmo in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's release. Those five jihadists will soon be loose to once again plot and execute attacks on America and Americans. Obama administration officials claim they had to bypass congressional oversight and rush a deal because of concerns about Bergdahl's health and "a window of opportunity." That window, and the hurried nature of events, was almost certainly Barack Obama's current trip to Europe. It's impossible at this point for outsiders to ascertain the status of Bergdahl's health. But questions about the Obama administration's description of his ill health quickly arose from those who should know, such as Senator (R-Georgia) Saxby Chambliss. "There’s no indication of that other than what...(Read Full Article)