Is Tony Blair or Islam to Blame for Iraq?

I have no love for Tony Blair (or for Barack Obama or the “neo-cons”). Nonetheless, what has Tony Blair got to do with Nigeria, Somalia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, southern Thailand, Yemen, the Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, and all the other hells Muslims are creating for themselves in the world? What's surprising is the amount of people on the Right who are falling into the Leftist/Muslim trap of blaming others for Muslim violence and Islamic fanaticism -- or at least they've done so in the case of Iraq. Has everyone bought into the Leftist “narrative” (a favorite word of Leftist automata) on Iraq? Take Son of Dave Sparts (i.e, Owen Jones) recent article on the events in Iraq ('We antiwar protesters were right') From the beginning to the end it is a perverse example of the blame-game. And guess who's to blame. That's right, not ISIS or Iraqi Muslims generally. Not in the slightest. Not in any way whatsoever. Muslims are...(Read Full Article)