American Nazi gives Hitler Salute from Rose Garden

No, it didn’t happen exactly that way this week. But hippie jihadist Bob Bergdahl got his chance to stage a classic agitprop stunt (“spontaneously,” of course), by twice reciting the jihadist credo in Arabic as a public signal of surrender to the Haqqani terror network in Afghanistan --- a bunch of evil killers who rival the Taliban in their militant hatred for the United States.

And Obama just gave our American jihadist a little smile. But what does Obama know? He’s just a passenger on this cruise ship to hell.

The Hitler salute meant something so cruel and dangerous that Americans still get it today. Heil Hitler! is an unambigous salute to evil. But half of America -- including our deeply corrupt media -- are committed to cover up the meaning of Bergdahl’s symbolic surrender to the most dangerous war theology in the world, in the middle of the Jihad War, in front of the world’s cameras in the Rose Garden.

So Bergdahl with his terrorist chic beard chanted “Heil Hitler! Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer!” And the American media said nothing.

When the black Al Qaida flag was shown on the major front pages, flying over the U.S. Embassy in Cairo on 9/11/12, while our ambassador in Libya was being burned to death, the media were silent as the grave. They knew what that black flag meant on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11/01, in Cairo and Tunisia and Benghazi. Just as a billion Muslims knew it instantly. But hey, it was six weeks before the second Obama election, and Obama’s cronies who own the media wanted another four years of easy pickin’s at the United States treasury. So they said nothing.

Today the corporate media are still covering up their complicity in Obama’s worse-than-Watergate criminality. Former SecState Hillary is still denying her own betrayals in Benghazi, sacrificing our people to protect the personal careers of big Democrats with a lifelong history of anti-American sabotage.

No wonder our former allies are enraged at us today. No wonder Putin and the Iranians are drunk with laughter. No wonder the Taliban are celebrating the coming Muslim Dark Ages, now visibly beginning to descend again over Afghanistan.

We can now see Obama’s version of the Knockout Game against our allies, always favoring our deadliest self-proclaimed enemies. Here’s the game:

First, Obama says nice things about defending our allies, like endlessly repeating the conscious lie that “Iran will never possess weapons of mass destruction.”

Then he stabs our allies in the back, and does a victory lap, applauded by the bloody-handed mullahs, the Taliban, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Nusra in Syria, the whole gangland world of theological criminals.

Repeat that pattern of “flattery and betrayal” over and over again, and you have BHO’s foreign policy from the beginning.

Here is a partial list of former allies who now hate us, knowing how Obama  betrayed them. 

1. Egypt

2. Israel

3. Saudi Arabia

4. Afghanistan

5. Libya and Syria

6. Ukraine and its neighbors

7. Poland (as Lech Walesa said last week)

8. Japan --- which just lost vast seabed minerals to China, while the U.S. did nothing.

9. Philippines - ditto

10. South Korea - ditto

11. 236 years of American idealism, values and traditions, as enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of

Independence, backed by hundreds of thousands of American military dead in cemeteries from Normandy to Hawaii.

In Europe the anti-EU parties made major election gains last week. The French National Front is desperately trying to clean up its Nazi-linked history, and Marine le Pen is seriously discussing making a French alliance with Russia. France is now selling two modern aircraft carriers to Russia, because Putin may be a thug, but he is more reliable than the United States under Obama.

Obama has trashed our moral standing among the world’s nations. Putin snatched the Crimea, and is now sabotaging Eastern Ukraine. But Obama backstabbed Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, who kept four decades of peace with Israel, and contemptuously destroyed Muammar Gadaffi, thereby triggering a full-scale civil war in Libya with unnumbered casualties. When some intrepid reporter asked Obama if he shouldn’t ask Congress for authorization to go to war with Libya, as required by law, he merely smirked. Laws don’t apply to Obama.  Last month Putin asked, “Who is he to judge me?” Obama’s war-made body count is at least as high as Putin’s. They are both irresponsible narcissists who value their own glory above the lives of innocent human beings.

Americans in general have trouble understanding who the worst jihad warriors really are, even a decade after 9/11/01. Our voters are still deluded, with the full-throated collusion of our oil-bought corporate media. But there’s a simple way to explain it. Whenever some jihadist killer yells “Allahu Akhbar!” tell you friends it means “Heil Hitler!” When they recite the jihadist credo at the Rose Garden, as hippie terrorist chic dude Bergdahl did this week, tell them he shouted ‘Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer!” Because the American people are still sound asleep to the present danger, and the Nazis are the only thing they still remember.

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