Psychological Warfare for Dhimmis

An Islamist religious judge recently sentenced a Christian woman to hang for being a Christian. Militant Islam has declared war on the entire civilized world, which it calls openly the Dar-el-Harb (House of War). The Harbis, the inhabitants of the Dar-el-Harb, are dhimmis, who have no right to own property, govern their own affairs, or even live. How can the “dhimmis” respond?  By joining forces to take out the world's trash. There exists a weapon of war it is legal for anybody, whether civilian or military, to use during peacetime. This weapon is psychological warfare, and its deployment involves three steps. Identify our objectives. Our goal is to totally discredit and demonize militant "Islam" throughout the Western World, and convince its adherents to self-deport if they won't assimilate into their surrounding societies. Identify the Propaganda Men, or the audiences we wish to persuade. These include people in our camp, neutrals, and...(Read Full Article)