Muslim Council and Electoral Corruption in the UK

It's quite hilarious really: a Guardian (Britain's leading “progressive” newspaper) article about election fraud throughout the UK lists all the places in which such fraud has been a serious problem. All those places have large Muslim populations. The problem is that the Guardian, of course, never once mentions that fact. After all, facts and realities are secondary (or even dangerous) to International Socialists (or “progressives”). Obscure theories and righteous causes, on the other hand, are primary. And if facts get in the way – then such people simply reject them because the (self) righteous cause (underwritten by ideology) demands that they should do so. Or, as Michele Foucault once put it: “[The Left is] obliged to stand behind… facts that are totally beyond credibility.” So what, exactly, did the Guardian say? The following: “Officers in Manchester, Bradford, London and Birmingham have begun inquiries...(Read Full Article)